Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa and Area

Surrender Contract
(Complete one for each ferret being surrendered)


Name _________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________

Home Phone Number _____________________________________________

Email Address ___________________________________________


Name ____________________________ Colour _______________________

Date of Birth _______________________

Male  Neutered  Descented  Biter 
Female  Spayed  Deaf 

Where did you get this ferret __________________________________________


Name __________________________________________________________

Clinic Name ______________________________________________________

Phone Number ___________________________

Whose name are the ferret’s medical records in? ___________________________


Has this ferret been vaccinated for Canine Distemper? Yes  No 

CD Vaccine Brand ______________________ Date of last vaccine ___________

Has this ferret been vaccinated for Rabies? Yes  No 

Rabies Vaccine Brand___________________ Date of last vaccine ___________

Has this ferret ever had a reaction to a vaccine? Yes  No 

What was the vaccine brand? _________________________________

Describe the reaction:



Has this ferret ever had any illness/surgery? If so, please give details.




What type/brand of food has this ferret been eating? ________________________

What sort of treats does this ferret prefer? Ferretone  Ferretvite 

8 in One fruity  8 in One Peanut Butter  Other _____________________

Does this ferret prefer a water bottle or a bowl? ______________________

Is this ferret accustomed to being caged? Yes  No 

What does this ferret like to play with? _________________________________

How often does the ferret use the litter box? _____________________________

What is this ferret’s preferred brand or type of litter? _______________________

Does this ferret like baths? ________ Having claws trimmed? ________________

Does this ferret have a good temperament? ______________________________

Is this ferret a biter? Yes  No 

If yes, when does the ferret tend to bite? ________________________________________________________________


What other animals has the ferret lived with? ______________________________

Is this ferret comfortable with strangers? _______________ Children? __________

Reason for giving up the ferret?