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 on: May 02, 2011, 04:34:13 AM 
Started by kitaye - Last post by Ferrettaxi
Sorry for the loss, hopefully the little one will be found safe and sound. Remember to put our a carrier with some blankets, food and water to entice her to come home. Also, let your neighbors know as they may be her first contact. Please give us a description of her, or feel free to post a photo here,  or email the FRSO so that we can post not only post the info on our forum but as well on our Facebook page and email our members.

Good luck,
Jen L.   

 on: May 02, 2011, 04:23:47 AM 
Started by ladygekko - Last post by Ferrettaxi
Thanks for the post Kim! It just goes to show what brushing can do?! What a good Ferrent you are, the kids are lucky to have you both Grin

 on: May 02, 2011, 04:21:46 AM 
Started by Ferrettaxi - Last post by Ferrettaxi
Quick UP-DATE:

  Due to the ever changing world of adds on Kijiji, and the fact that the add needs to be re-posted which changes the number, John has asked that those of you interested email him directly at: furryface47@yahoo.ca

  As a side note, he has also mentioned that response has been poor so unless more of you are interested in attending the event, it will be canceled. Please let him know if this is something that you had planned on attending or you may miss-out.

 on: May 01, 2011, 05:48:18 PM 
Started by kitaye - Last post by kitaye
Freya managed to escape today. We are guessing she got out as we were leaving for a meeting so she has been missing for 6 hours. We've scoured the neighbourhood from highway to highway but haven't found her.

She responds to her name and a squeaky toy. She is also very people oriented and I am terrified she made it to the gas station and someone picked her up. I only hope they turn her in to the SPCA as a lost pet.

We are in South Lancaster, Ontario. I have sent an email to the OSPCA local branch with some photos. Please keep a look out in your local papers, SPCA offices, and anywhere else you can think of that a lost ferret may turn up. You have my permission to post this anywhere that may be able to help us locate her.

 on: April 27, 2011, 07:29:25 PM 
Started by ladygekko - Last post by ladygekko
When we started fostering Tibbles, his mouth looked disgusting.  After a few solid months of brushing every two days, not only has his plaque been reduced (scrapped off after a bit broke), a nasty tooth fell out and his gums and breath are a million times better.  Please enjoy the following slightly graphic but happy pictures!

Teeth brushing; sometimes, you gotta scruff em, tuck their back paws in your arm pit and just do it.  Wink

ps: The phase two is just after brushing, which used to be a bit bloody because his gums were so irritated.  He now no longer bleeds at all on most brushings.

 on: April 16, 2011, 09:11:25 AM 
Started by Fuzzie_fan - Last post by FuzzyWuzzy
Sorry to hear that. Sad It's always hard to lose one of these guys.

 on: April 16, 2011, 06:54:06 AM 
Started by Fuzzie_fan - Last post by Fuzzie_fan
It is with deep sadness that I report Toby's death on April 14, 2011.

He will be missed not only by his foster mom and all his ferret buddies - Liberty, Taz, Bob, Margaret, Frank, Koda, P.B. and Joey but by his neighbours who loved to greet and cuddle him on his frequent walkabouts and car trips with his foster mom.

Rest in peace my little friend, give some kisses to Wiley for me.

Rainbow Bridge listing to follow soon.


There's something missing in my home,

I feel it day and night,

I know it will take time and strength

before things feel quite right.

But just for now, I need to mourn,

My heart -- it needs to mend.

Though some may say, "It's just a pet,"

I know I've lost a friend.

You've brought such laughter to my home,

and richness to my days.

A constant friend through joy or loss

with gentle, loving ways.

Companion, friend, and confidante,

A friend I won't forget.

You'll live forever in my heart,

My sweet, forever pet.

(poem by Susanne Taylor)

 on: April 03, 2011, 05:51:13 PM 
Started by Ferrettaxi - Last post by Ferrettaxi
Thanks to one of our Members: Erica, the FRSO was nominated as one of the local charities to benefit from this fundraising event. So please check out your local Pet Valu during the month of April. You will not only be helping the FRSO but other local dog and cat rescue in the Ottawa area.

(as posted on the Pet Valu website, for more info and to view their flyer, please visit: http://www.petvalu.com)

Helping Homeless Pets

All proceeds will be donated to pet charities and shelters in our communities

Our goal is to raise $250,000!

Here's how you can help:

* Buy a 'PAW' for $1 in April at a Pet Valu store
* Check out our April flyer for amazing BOGO and Free with purchase product offers and donate your items in-store

  As a side note, the FRSO board members will be present at the Merivale location, ferrets in hand, on both April 9 and 10 for the "Pet Appreciation Weekend" event. Please come in and hug a fuzzy!

Hope to see you there!
Jen L.

 on: April 03, 2011, 05:24:31 PM 
Started by Ferrettaxi - Last post by Ferrettaxi
Come one Come all!

One of our local ferret enthusiasts is looking to organize a small ferret outing for those of you who may want a day in the park. Andrew Haydon Park to be precise.


If you are interested or can lend a helping hand please visit his add on "Kijiji" to show your support and for more info:


Hope to see you all there Grin
Jen L.

 on: March 29, 2011, 01:55:03 PM 
Started by ladygekko - Last post by Ferrettaxi
Hey Kim!

  LOVE the pics of the kids! Too cute!! Thanks for posting them and joining. I also took a peek at your "flicker" page. Very nice cross stitch work you've done, I'm impressed. I think that the "New Moon Rabbit Rescue" would love the red one with the bunny. Keep up the good work on Tibbles' teeth, I know I appreciate his new and improved breath when he gives kisses Grin

Thanks again for giving these two a second chance Cheesy
Jen L.

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