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Title: Help - Lost Ferret
Post by: kitaye on May 01, 2011, 05:48:18 PM
Freya managed to escape today. We are guessing she got out as we were leaving for a meeting so she has been missing for 6 hours. We've scoured the neighbourhood from highway to highway but haven't found her.

She responds to her name and a squeaky toy. She is also very people oriented and I am terrified she made it to the gas station and someone picked her up. I only hope they turn her in to the SPCA as a lost pet.

We are in South Lancaster, Ontario. I have sent an email to the OSPCA local branch with some photos. Please keep a look out in your local papers, SPCA offices, and anywhere else you can think of that a lost ferret may turn up. You have my permission to post this anywhere that may be able to help us locate her.

Title: Re: Help - Lost Ferret
Post by: Ferrettaxi on May 02, 2011, 04:34:13 AM
Sorry for the loss, hopefully the little one will be found safe and sound. Remember to put our a carrier with some blankets, food and water to entice her to come home. Also, let your neighbors know as they may be her first contact. Please give us a description of her, or feel free to post a photo here,  or email the FRSO so that we can post not only post the info on our forum but as well on our Facebook page and email our members.

Good luck,
Jen L.