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Title: Lyra and Tristan The story and pictures
Post by: Lyra on February 14, 2011, 08:05:31 PM
My Boyfriend and I adopted 2 ferrets off of kijiji almost a week ago.

Lyra is the Girl and Tristan is the boy. I think there original names were Dakota and Viper. I defiantly was not going to be keeping those names. The people that owned them before had the same old story " I cant take care of them any more" " I am allergic" "i bought them for my son and he isn't taking care of them any more"  all three excuses he told me in our email conversation.

We went to their house to make sure the ferrets would be suitable for us, i didn't want to get sick ferrets. He said the ferrets are about a year 1/2 old. to be quite honest he was a little sketchy and I caught him in a few lies.  they are fixed and de-sented so i am sure originally they came from a pet store.

I am happy they came with a Ferret Nation cage. however it has no wheels on it, (can I order new ones?)  and i spent a good part of the night cleaning it when we first got them. The poor dears had no hammocks or liners in there cage, just ratty old sticky towels with ferret doo doo on it. OHHH and not to mention their nails looked like they were never cut. So We took them home with us.

they now have a room all to them selves, a nice clean awesome cage! lots of toys. I don't know if they are just super over whelmed or never had the chance to have fun, but they don't do the normal Ferret dance or dooking thing for us. They kinda just walk around, explore things, tunnel under the sheets on the bed. I hope they will learn to be more playfull.

this is Lyra the second day we had them


This is the room that they call home, somethings have changed since taking the picture


This is the out sideof the cage litter, the former owners were using kitty litter so i had to improvise that night. they new have ferret friendly litter

more pictures of the kids


if you haven't noticed this is Lyra's fav pose.

I spent the whole weekend working on there cage




if you are wondering how i did the liners i used elastic on the bottem, kinda like a fitted sheet.



Title: Re: Lyra and Tristan The story and pictures
Post by: Georgiesmom on February 15, 2011, 01:46:44 PM
Wow, those are two very lucky ferrets.  This would make a wonderful story on our Facebook fanpage, we tend to use that more now than the forum.  I look at the FB everyday so if you have any questions regarding the ferrets you are welcome to contact me.  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1090542310#!/pages/Ferret-Rescue-Society-of-Ottawa/114051891965349.  Please read the articles on nutrition and ferret care that are listed on this forum, they are extremely informative.

Out of interest, where did you get these ferrets?  We are getting lots of reports about ferrets coming from less than scrupulous sources.

Your sewing is superb, it makes us so happy to read stories such as these, we hear so many awful ones.   You may be able to get wheels for your FN cage if you contact the suppliers.  I'm not sure if regular wheels that you get from the likes of Home Depot would suffice, certainly cheaper, or just some of those glider pads.

Good luck with your new fuzzies and may you have many happy years together. 

Title: Re: Lyra and Tristan The story and pictures
Post by: Lyra on February 15, 2011, 07:14:40 PM
i got them off of kijiji an online classified. i have joined the face book as well, thank you

Title: Re: Lyra and Tristan The story and pictures
Post by: Kalimata on February 16, 2011, 06:22:18 PM
Georgiesmom said it for true!  Lucky Fuzzies!  I must say that as the foster dad of the Gerriatric and Pallative Care home for Ferrets, I tend to forget sometimes that there are good stories associated with Kijijji and UsedOttawa.  Not that there aren't them, I'm just overrun with the horror ones.

Good for you for all your hard work setting up their cage, that's a picture perfect ferret cage if I've ever seen one.  good on ya!