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Title: new to this site
Post by: furryface47 on July 17, 2010, 01:18:48 PM
Hi. My name is John. I have a 4 month old male ferret and I finally got him cage litter box trained. He gets out of his cage at least twice a day, often more. We also have two cats. One cat doesn't care for the ferret but the other cat and the ferret have become friends and often play chase games. Its so funny watching a ferret chase a cat. Ha!  I am in the process of getting him used to a harness and leash and hope to take him to the local park. He didn't like the harness at first but I left it on him and he is used to it now. Next step will be the leash. I read that to get him used to the leash is to put it on the harness and let him run around the house with it to get used to it.

I am trying to find a vet that is knowledgeable about ferrets that is in Ottawa west or Kanata area. Any suggestions? Email me at furryface47@yahoo.ca

Title: Re: new to this site
Post by: Ferrettaxi on July 17, 2010, 03:12:51 PM
Hi John!

  Welcome to the "family"! You're doing everything right, so keep up the good work. Getting used to the constraints of the harness will take time, as well as the walking on a leash part :)  Just keep in mind that you always want to take the ferret to a "no dogs allowed" dog park, for their own safety and NEVER let them drink from any unknown outdoor water source. Always bring fresh water for them for the trip. 

Best of luck and have fun!