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Title: May 2010
Post by: Kalimata on May 20, 2010, 03:50:53 PM
Being the Geriatric Ferret Home can be such a joy, but sadly we don't get to love our wards for very long...

Mr. Banditman (Bandit)  Suffered an internal hemmorrage of some type and had to be put down.

My love Eiko-baby (Eiko) finally made the final trip to the vet's office.  She was wasting away, and we figure it was either cancer or possibly arthritis.  At the grand old age of 9 mind you!

Becky-beast (Becky) is not doing so hot.  She is having trouble breathing, cause unknown.  I'm optimistic, but realistic as well.  We'll be saying goodbye soon.

Tabour and Gizmo-girl (Giz-mo F) are doing very well, and enjoying life.  Tabour's tail is always up, like he is pooping, which cracks me up.

The loss of Mr. Boscoe-Boscoe-man (Boscoe) was hard, really hard.  He loved us, and we loved him, such a friendly boy, and completely insane when playing.  He died in my arms while trying to get to the vet.  Rest well my boy.

New little man came in.  Had a weird name, so I gave him a cool weird name, Archimedes.  It's okay he's a deaf blaze, so he doesn't really care.  Had him for a couple of days, he's getting along well.

Mr Gizmo-man (Gizmo Tizmo) was touch and go for a little while, losing weight and not eating.  Amox and duck soup was given, and he's doing better.  So attentive, he's always watching me and following me everywhere.  We've revived the Mr.G duck soup ritual, which he's okay with, and his pops loves.  (I really miss Mr. G)

All in all, the usual.  It hurts to lose them, but I wouldn't change it for the world.  I know too that I always sound like a perpetual downer in my posts, but we just lose so many.  I'm usually a cheery dude, I swear!


P.S.  Yes, I give all my wards dumb nicknames and refer to the boys as mister!