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Title: Spring 2010 Ferret Frolic - June 20
Post by: ferretfan on April 25, 2010, 04:38:56 PM
Join us at Jack Purcell Room 203A&B for our annual Spring Frolic. This year we've moved it indoors so we don't get caught by rain again.   Since the Frolic is being held on Father's Day, dads will get in for FREE. Ferret dads count too!

Title: Re: Spring 2010 Ferret Frolic - June 20
Post by: ferretfan on June 12, 2010, 04:12:23 PM
And now for a hint of the many auction items that will be available at the frolic....

What's Your Color Framed Print

Black & Decker Convection Oven - Value $100

Sweet Expressions Gift Basket - Value $25

Ferret Nation 102 with "extras" courtesy of Angie - Value $250

Marshall's the play center courtesy of Flower Town Chinchillas - Value $24

Allison McAlister (http://www.alliepets.com/) Artwork - Value $60

Title: Re: Spring 2010 Ferret Frolic - June 20
Post by: ferretfan on June 16, 2010, 06:19:48 AM

Title: Re: Spring 2010 Ferret Frolic - June 20
Post by: ferretfan on June 24, 2010, 08:50:41 AM
Here are the results for the frolic games!

Best Costume:
2 entrants
1st Renegade, Rascal and Barret (Dooks of Earl)
2nd Harley and Porom (Little Buggers)

Hit The Polls
15 entrants
1st Harley and Cougar (Tie)
2nd Austin
3rd Renegade

The Maze of Bureaucracy
11 entrants
1st Harley (10 seconds)
2nd Cougar (49 seconds)
3rd Odin (79 seconds)

Parliamentary Debating
12 entrants
1st Harley (16)
2nd Barrett (9)
3rd Rascal and Rosie (8 )

Red Tape Hurdles
14 entrants
1st Harley (6 seconds)
2nd FRSO Foster (16 seconds)
3rd Monty (18 seconds)

Photos have been posted on our Facebook Fan Page (http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=9506&id=114051891965349&ref=pb)

Title: Re: Spring 2010 Ferret Frolic - June 20
Post by: Ferrettaxi on June 24, 2010, 04:00:15 PM
The FRSO board just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who attended this years event! As always, we had a WONDERFUL group of volunteers to help setup and teardown. We couldn't have done it without your help, I think the stairs alone would have done us in  ;) We were pleased to see some of our old friends and thrilled to have made some new ones. All and all, it was a good turnout for an event that we thought we'd have to cancel.

Again, thank you everyone for your continued support and enthusiasm!

The FRSO board

Title: Re: Spring 2010 Ferret Frolic - June 20
Post by: Georgiesmom on June 25, 2010, 01:12:46 PM
 June 23, 2010



Good afternoon all!

I just wanted to take a moment of your time to talk a bit about our recent Spring Ferret Frolic Fundraiser.

This year’s frolic was again held at the Jack Purcell Community Centre in downtown Ottawa. Any of you who volunteered or attended realize that its main shortcoming, aside from potentially limited and confusing parking, is that it is upstairs. Having the elevator broken this year was definitely a setback, particularly for those members who are limited with how far they can walk, if at all.  I must admit though, that having an earlier start and a wonderful group of helpers made moving supplies back and forth from the trailer and room pretty simple, despite having to use the stairs.  Hopefully, if the FRSO looks into alternative locations for the fall/winter frolic, we’ll be able to make improvements in things like accessibility.

Like everyone, I was a tad worried that participation would be at an all time low. There were many excuses, for example, I knew we could attribute it to our tough start to the 2010 year. Along with major financial, and time constraints, we had difficulty in maintaining a full compliment of our organization’s board members. The threat of cancellation had inhibited extras like media releases and contacts we’ve done in the past to get the word out and spark the general public’s interest in what we’re doing along with our ferret community.  However, we felt it was important that the ‘show went on’ as we were aware of how dedicated our small ferret following is and how much you all look forward to these events. Any excuse to mingle, buy too many ferret hammocks and other products, (Montreal Critters promises to bring more ferretone next frolic) and compete in high intensity games, like ‘the maze’ with our fastest ferrets...or not so fast as in foster Rosie’s case....he’s something akin to a ferret sloth, I’m afraid. So sweet though...  Amazingly, and I don’t have official numbers in front of me, people showed up, some regulars and some just curious.  The volunteers started grabbing fosters and joining in the games, ramping up the competition.  Questions were asked, products were purchased, education and information was shared, ferrets were played with and the silent auction may have had some blood shed and hair pulled in the fight to get Allie’s foster ferret painting. (Allie..I just gotta say, WOW)  All in all, the frolic was a success, albeit a small one. That is a step in the right direction folks!

Before I offer and ask for ideas for this fall, I need to say some special ‘thank you’s’ to key players in not just the success of this frolic but in our ongoing perserverance.

 Jen....I know your hair is going to fall out and you might end up institutionalized over this, but a great big hug and thank you for doing way too much for way too many people.  You are the energizer bunny.  Kim, and I know I speak for everyone, you make us laugh and love what we’re doing for these silly critters.  We are especially entertained by how you smack your fellow board members back into reality and on the right path....some you actually smack but again, I think that was at the silent auction.  James, always the entertainer, you love these fuzzbutts and you stick by Jen.  She’d never admit it but she needs you, especially at these events.  Lynn, after a million years of doing this, you are still one of our best resources.  Judy, we know things have been extra rough but you and your family gave a hand.  We tried to stuff a ferret into that hand, without success, but thank you just the same.  Marie, you always work hard and Maureen designs the coolest games!  I think the main draw for ferret owners is to come to the frolics to pit their ferrets against each other in these games. Darlene, it was wonderful that you were able to come out and help!  Angie, you are one of the sweetest people and always a lovely addition to our events. Jess and Allie have gone crazy with helping and thank God they have! Gosia and Luke, thank you for your generousity and your time!  Thanks to all 4 of you for caving into peer pressure and adopting ferrets recently! Megan and Catherine, thank you for creating the tough competition at the games and for sharing Quinn duties.  My sister and her friend lent a hand just because I asked. Lisa, the buttons were adorable! A special thanks to sponsors, like Bark and Fitz, who donated auction items and prizes.  Montreal Critters are wonderful and dedicated.  A very welcome addition to the events and apparently tough competitors in ferret bowling.  Dr. Auger for making an appearance and having magic hands. Our photographer for the day, Louise, thank you.  Lastly, and most importantly, a thousand thank you’s to our members and ferret community for coming out, time and again, to all our events and for rallying to our aid with a simple ‘please’.  For you and for the ferrets, we will not quit.  The frolic was small but our community is mighty and I know that fun was had by all! 

Finally, after my long winded ramblings, we can look forward to and be better prepared for the fall/winter frolic.  As I mentioned, we will consider a different location, though the community centre treats us well.  We will look at getting in touch with the media, along with a timely media release, 2 months before the event to drum up attention.  Rest assured, we’ll be sure to have tube racing as one of the games. We’ll have to bribe Allie to do another painting. We’ll have bouncers at the silent auction, especially in case Kim and Jen get into a bidding war. If anyone wants to help with planning the next event, getting sponsors and donations, designing ribbons (Aren’t the buttons adorable?), volunteering, and so on, please let us know!

Lastly, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Warmest Regards,


President, FRSO


Title: Re: Spring 2010 Ferret Frolic - June 20
Post by: ferretfan on June 25, 2010, 07:04:06 PM
Hi Beth,

You forgot to thank yourself!

As for an alternate location, I vote for the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre http://ottawa.cioc.ca/record/OCR0583


Title: Re: Spring 2010 Ferret Frolic - June 20
Post by: ferretfan on July 01, 2010, 06:11:28 PM
Photos courtesy of Louise are now posted at http://www.ferretrescue.ca/photo-e.php?catid=23 and you can find a video of a ferret playing in the rice box (with Jen's help) at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62NsTrkDH4k

Title: Re: Spring 2010 Ferret Frolic - June 20
Post by: Ferrettaxi on July 09, 2010, 08:48:01 AM
I apologies for the long delay before posting this. It would appear that I accidentally packed some of our result sheets away with the frolic stuff...Oops. As Beth would say: "I'm so pretty" or is it "I'm so special"? ;)

Anyway...without any further hold-ups, here's what you've all been waiting for:

Guess the Vet Bill:  Jan.1st-May 31st/2010
Winner: Amanda M. - $8,500
***actual vet bill: $6,900***

Silent Auction Item #1: Ferret Nation Cage w/donation of cage accessories from "Dizzy Critter Creations"
Winner: Gosia K. - $180

Silent Auction Item #2: gift basket donated by "Bark & Fitz" Barrhaven
Winner: Jen L. - $22

Silent Auction Item #3: Marshall play center donated by "Flower Town Chinchillas"
Winner: Darlene W. - $35

Silent Auction Item #4: sweet expressions gift basket
Winner: Joel T. - $25

Silent Auction Item #5: framed print
Winner: Louise B. - $20

Silent Auction Item #6: original artwork by local artist Allison MacAlister
Winner: Jen L. - $80

Silent Auction Item #7: beautiful handmade ferret
Winner: Angela Mc. - $20

Silent Auction Item #8: Black & Decker convection oven
Winner: Allison Mac. - $30

Thanks to our wonderful auction items we raised a total of $412! We also renewed a few memberships, sold quite a few drinks and snacks, received $30 in donations, and sold $242 in product sales! If we take into account the cost of the room rental, $209.92, our net profit for the day was $713.08!

Thank you again to all our volunteers and wonderful members who came out to support us at an event that was almost canceled only a few weeks prior. We couldn’t have done it without you!

See you all soon!