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Title: Hi
Post by: jenen21 on February 23, 2010, 03:22:42 PM
Hi All
My name is Jenn and I am new to the group...Right now I have 1 fuzzbutt named Bailey(of the bent tail) as his tail crooks of to the right at the end...He is the cuteist guy I've ever seen....I am in the process of triing to adopt a new boy from the ferret aid society in toronto and am waiting (anxiously) to hear back from them....
thats all for now

Title: Re: Hi
Post by: Fuzzie_fan on February 23, 2010, 06:27:33 PM
Welcome Jen!

Bailey sounds cute.  Keep us posted on your efforts to add to your furry family.

Title: Re: Hi
Post by: Georgiesmom on February 26, 2010, 11:27:24 AM
Hi Jenn

Your boy Bailey sound like Curly who is at our rescue, he has a curly, 'piggy' tail and a curled up ear.  He also has the most adorable personality, so loving and he can jump like a gazelle, no baby gate can hold him.