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Title: Fosters
Post by: Flakyfreakyferretlady on January 04, 2005, 08:56:19 PM
Hi everyone, this is a brief update on Tika and Bandit.  Both are in good health and high spirits, bundles of fun and energy, as usual.  Tika's tail is still bald and she is as ferocious with other ferrets as always.  They both loved to be tickled and wrestled with, chased etc. but play well on their own as well. :D  

Title: Fosters
Post by: egammell on January 10, 2005, 03:13:17 PM
January 2005 update for Foster Nate & Foster Mz. Gizmo:

Nate is at status quo.  I still keep an eye out for adrenal symptoms: renewed aggression, thinned tail base fur (despite his thicker winter coat) -- so far, no real change.

Ms. Gizmo seems fine too.  I am keeping an eye on the thinning fur atop her head between her ears - is it because Nate licks her a lot there or is it early adrenal symptoms?  Also, I am not sure whether her vulva is significantly enlarged.

Switching to half and half (a) Frommer's fresh kitten kibble brand and (B) a new non-fishy kibble.   Dr. Auger had suggested he uses high premium kitten food, so I was using the former, a very good specialty brand.  Had to get the latter after running out of the former on vacation travel.  The no-fish formula is much less stinky and seems to produce less poop.  I hope to phase in Totally Ferret, too, assuming I can get a regular small-bag supply from Hampton Court pet store - so that I'm not dependent on any one brand.

Title: Fosters
Post by: ferretfan on January 16, 2005, 08:39:13 AM
In case you haven't noticed, Mindy and pepi were adopted yesterday.  It's kind of a happy/sad thing to see them leave, but I am certain there will be more new ones to take care of soon enough.  Both were young, healthy and playful, so it's no surprise they were adopted so quickly.

I am presently caring for Fred and Peanut as their foster family went on holidays.  Both are doing OK, although I am keeping a close eye on them both.  Fred is very laid back - almost too much for my comfort.  I may take him to the vet this week to test his blood sugar level.  Peanut is a little underweight in my opinion and has been receiving supplements and duck soup to see if he will gain some weight.  Both are a joy to care for, although the cage seems a little empty without Mindy and Pepi (it was so cute seeing the four heads pop up when you opened the door).


Title: Fosters
Post by: ferretfan on January 23, 2005, 05:53:34 PM
Here is a quick update on Fred.  We went to the vet last week.  Physically he is fine - no problems with his heart, glands or organs.  We agreed to try him on Pediapred to see how he reacts.  After his second dosage, he was a completely different ferret.  He was running, playing and dancing around.  This confirms that he has insulinoma and will remain on this medication for the rest of his life.


Title: Fosters
Post by: Flakyfreakyferretlady on January 26, 2005, 09:23:52 PM
Ahhh, I'm so glad he's better, what a difference it will make in the rest of his life, he sounds like he will be enjoying it!!

Title: Fosters
Post by: Flakyfreakyferretlady on January 26, 2005, 09:26:19 PM
Just to let everyone know, the Tika bean is growing her tail hair back in quite nicely

Title: Fosters
Post by: ferretfan on January 30, 2005, 05:58:15 PM
Arrivals and Departures:

River was adopted in January - Yay!

Artemus and Apollo have returned to the society and are available for adoption again.

A young little girl named MJ arrived this month and is presently being looked at by a couple of potential parents.  If we haven't adopted her in the next week or so, she'll be posted on the website.

A group of 5 ferrets have also been surrendered to the society.  More details will be posted later in the week.