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Title: July 2009
Post by: ferretfan on July 09, 2009, 10:23:49 PM
My how time flies when you're busy.  For those who don't know, Peewee passed away in his sleep at the end of June - just shy of two years since he arrived in a full Insulinomic coma. He put up a brave fight over that time and it will be some time before I get over his passing.

Cricket and Freddy have come to an understanding.  They are out together and share the same cage now, although we do get occasional tiffs when they both want to sleep in the same hammock.  Crickets enlarged spleen has gotten even larger and if that continues she will have to see the vet about it.  Freddy mostly just likes to hang out, but he does have his occasional crazy days where he dances and dooks like my crazy boys.

Title: Re: July 2009
Post by: FuzzyWuzzy on July 22, 2009, 06:45:29 AM
Sorry to hear about Peewee! :( It's always hard to lose a fuzzy.

Panda came to our home in February, when we adopted her good pal Moka. She's since settled in quite well and put our boys Damon (a.k.a.  Animal) and Boomer in their place. She's also become quite the "Daddy's Girl" and loves to give kisses to her foster dad.

She's just been having a ball finding cool sleep spots to curl up in (often with Bella before she went over the Rainbow Bridge), hiding toys and romping around the house with Moka (and occasionally the boys). We even noticed that she's got two types of dooks, a regular dook and a "soprano dook" when she gets really excited. It's the cutest thing!