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Title: April: report on March 2009
Post by: egammell on April 09, 2009, 05:04:51 PM
Taffy in March 2009

Continues her cuddly lap ferret/blanket ferret ways and is in good spirits.  Lots of fun skittering around too.  Her ear mite treatment seems to have worked: clean ears and no itching.  No more sign of coughing.

NOT happy that guest ferrets came to inhabit the bigger cage downstairs.  Taffy dooked intensely the instant of release from her cage, all the way down and then circled their cage, swearing and threatening them.  NOT a gracious hostess.  She caught one of them out and had it holed up in a play tube for a good while before I realized what was going on.

A feral cat is being tamed in the sunporch.  Taffy knows it is out there and is a little curious about it.  She was so bold as to poke around the porch right up to the cat's basket, before I thought it wiser to take her out of there.

The cat has just started to become comfortable with me and about coming into the house, where it caught sight of Taffy and out-stared her.  Taffy keeps a wary eye on it, but knows how to handle herself and warn the cat off if she feels threatened.  The cat tested free of all those contagious viruses and had parasite treatments, so there was no risk of spreading disease or parasites into the house.

Title: Freddy & Bailey (guest ferrets)
Post by: egammell on April 09, 2009, 05:18:43 PM
They came to stay last month, to free up space while other ferret fosterers were relocating last month.  They left me towards the end of March.

Bailey continued a going concern.  Freddy continued quiet and friendly, more hesitant. Both ready to come out to play and investigate and be tumble-hugged.   Poor Freddy got intimidated badly once by resident ferret Taffy when he managed to wriggle out the partially-secured cage door.  Bailey was bolder, but realized she just wasn't up to challenging Taffy.

Both had nasty ear mite infestations, especially Freddy.  They submited quite patiently (especially Freddy) to cleaning and treatment.  I think by the end of their visit toward the end of March, the ear mites were either gone or well under control. 

They also had their teeth cleaned.  Again, by end of their stay, their teeth and gums seemed much better.  Freddy's gums especially lost their irritated red line.

Their litterbox habits were very good inside their cage after an intitial 24 hours.  After that, I did not have to maintain total surface coverage for them to respect the bare cage bottom and use one of the two boxes (in a two halfed large cage).   Outside the cage, through their stay, they were ready to back into any old place if you didn't redirect them to a litterbox.  They began to understand my voice command to use the litterbox instead and improved (so long as I was around).  Remains something to work on with them.  That said, they weren't worse than many I've had in the house... and otherwise had very civilized manners re nipping etc.

Title: Re: April: report on March 2009
Post by: Weezilwitch on April 13, 2009, 11:14:51 PM
It is with great sadness that I announce that Bailey crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  Her heart condition was such that she could go at any time; although she was so vibrantly healthy-looking, and so energetic, that I fully expected her to live a full life in spite of it.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  Bailey had just turned three years old.

I found Bailey on the floor at suppertime, and the condition of her body indicates that one of her attacks finally got the better of her.  Up to the date of her death, she was active and playful, if a bit crotchety because I had finally succeeded in confining her to the ferret room - she had several glorious escapes prior to that.

Bailey lived life at full throttle.  She loved to explore, and wreaked an amazing amount of havoc for such a sweet-faced little girl.  Her discoveries and achievements brought her great joy and pride - she was always willing to let humans marvel over her accomplishments, and could never understand why we sometimes seemed to take a dim view of them.  As well as knocking things over and reaching new places, Bailey enjoyed the "flying ferret" game, "helping" mommy with chores, and wrestling with her brother.  When she wasn't having one of her attacks or snuffling back the liquid that built up in her respiratory system, nobody would have known she was ill in any way.  She had the softest fur of any ferret I have ever met, and was delicious to snuggle with.  Bailey will be very dearly missed.