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Title: March 2009
Post by: Kalimata on March 02, 2009, 10:02:16 AM
Okay, here we go...

Goliath:  This little man is just the picture of awesomeness.  He can be found happily sleeping in a huge pile of fuzzies, or cleaning their ears.  He can also be found muzzle deep in a huge bowl of duck soup.  He's had 2 months worth of lupron by now, and he's growing all his hair back! No more bald Goliath (But I so think bald ferrets are the cutest!)

Tiki:  What a little snuggle bunny she has become.  She's also been on lupron for the last two months, and is no longer a bossy little stinker.  She is usually found in the very center of a sleepy pile of fuzz, with just her nose sticking out of the pile.  Healthy, happy, and still getting into the kitchen cupboards.

Bosco:  What a funny little man he is.  Bosco is doing so much better now.  He still isn't into hanging with the other ferrets, but he does love his mom and dad.  He can be found chowing down on the duck soup, or sleeping at the foot of our bed.  Beware though!  He is prone to frequent outbursts of wardancing!

Roscoe:  A cut little man for true.  I can't wait for him to get to his new home, because all of our other fosters are old geezers, and all Roscoe wants to do is play, play and more play.

Bandit:  As happy and healthy as a ferret can be.  He now actually comes looking for some hugs and rubs.  So he's learned that being picked up isn't so bad.

Rocky:  Well, what a time we've had with Rocky.  He's been on lupron for some months now, so he grew back all his hair (Doh!).  He started losing weight a couple of weeks ago, so he went in to see Daren, and lo and behold, Insulunoma, joy...  So he's on pred twice a day, and he's getting duck soup every three hours or so, in other words, being doted on by poppa.  Had a bladder infection, but a run of anti biotics seems to be clearing that up.

Now I do have to write obits for Monster, Snuffles, Deagle, Meko, and my little Tala-Babu...  Not right now though, but soon.


Title: Re: March 2009
Post by: ferretfan on March 02, 2009, 08:15:08 PM
Sorry for the long delayed report.  Life has been busy the last couple of months - mostly with ferret sitting.  It will be strange once the latest group of 4 goes home in a week... there will only be 4 ferrets left in the house (unless Baylie and Freddy come back here for a while).

There isn't much to report on Peewee and Cricket.  Both are still with us, although Peewee's Pred belly is enormous now.  The poor boy has a hard time getting around and usually ends up with poop stuck on his rear (not to mention my carpets) which he can't reach to clean off.  I had to put his Octoplay away because he was having a really hard time getting in/out of it.  Other than that he enjoys his soup and the occasional head scritch.

Cricket does her best to beg for more cat food (treats) whenever she has the chance.  Her health is stable and she can still put up a fight through the cage bars if she's bothered by Pepsi. 

Title: Re: March 2009
Post by: Kalimata on March 03, 2009, 02:37:10 PM
I'm terribly sorry to say that Rocky passed away.  He was on his pred, and doing well until yesterday, when he went off food completely.  I was up all night with him, trying to feed, and give him water, but to no avail.  After having a short nap on my chest, Rocky crawled into his little bed, and I took a nap.  I woke up, and Rocky had passed away...  Bandit and I are sure gonna miss the "Rocky Mountain Man"...


Title: Re: March 2009
Post by: FuzzyWuzzy on March 04, 2009, 07:30:09 AM
So sorry to hear about Rocky!  :(

Title: March: Taffy in February
Post by: egammell on March 07, 2009, 08:50:42 PM
Taffy is doing fine.  I sent in an update for her adoption profile giving more of an insight into the personality of this busy affectionate ferret.  She snuggles up to sleep under a lap throw or blanket and truly enjoys good play sessions. 

Her life this month was enlivened by the arrival of guest ferrets whom she can happily threaten through the bars of their cage and out the bars of her cage at them.  She has happily beaten up guests three times when unintentionally let out at the same time.

Ear mite treatments seem to have done some good.  Teeth have been cleaned and claws manicured too.

Title: March: Bailey & Freddie
Post by: egammell on March 07, 2009, 09:02:01 PM
Bailey and Freddie came to visit this month.  Bayley is an out-going female who loves to play with the Tea-Towel of Doom.    Freddie is a gentle, shy male who likes to have the palms of the hands rustled at him in mock bomber attack.    Both are enjoying being patted and played with.

Both had bad ear mite troubles, especially Freddie.  They have been fairly accepting of being wrapped for their series of treatments.  Bailey's teeth are now as beautifully white and clean as a sea otter's.  Freddie's gums have a nasty spot , but we'll see if it recovers well after his teeth cleaning.

They were curious and ready to be friends with the resident foster, Taffy. Alas, she threatens them through the bars of the cages and has rounded in well on Bailey twice and Freddie once.  Lots of shrieking but no wounds or poop flying.  They know to be wary of her now, taking refuge inside the weeping tile tunnels when needs be until I come to the rescue.

Title: Re: March 2009
Post by: dragonsparks on March 11, 2009, 08:38:35 AM
Oh boy! What to say about Sambo and Monty!

I guess the first thing that comes  to mind is that these are probably the cutest, most wonderful and tolerant fuzzies ever! Most of thier nipping problems are completely gone (except they apparently don't like my roommate since they only bite her!) and they learn really quickly! A firm "NO" and a few drags across the floor teaches them not to misbehave! And they are so good together that they don't mind so much when I don't have the time to play with them... they play with each other or the cats, and its is really amusing.

Both of thier coats are in very good shape right now, thankfully. I'm pretty sure they came in darker and fuller than when we first got them, too.

My only concern right now is that they don't get enough out of cage time, but they don't seem to mind. And they aren't always *quite* as exuberant all the time when they do get out of the cage. Also, although Monty loves to play with toys as long as they make noise, I haven't successfully found anything that Sam really likes. Any suggestions??

Well, these two bundles of fun really make my day sometimes... its so amusing just to watch them chase each other across the apartment!

Title: Re: March 2009
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on March 15, 2009, 04:19:04 PM
Thanks for the update on Monty and Sambo!!  You rock....try a paper bags, shredded paper, sand box or little pool with just enough water for it to go up their legs and put toys in it....hmmm......rice box with parboiled rice only.....

Okay...now to business....my big business, that is:

Mocha and Panda went to a new home. Panda is being fostered and Mocha adopted and  all is well!!!!! Yeah girls!!!!!!

Jake and Guess went to hang with the girls at Lisa's...they were an instant hit...even with little miss picky-pants Libery.

Rosy and Cassie - They are doing well with the big herd and seem healthy.  Rosy is a bit of a slug but can be enticed to play if he rests first. Cassie's weight is great and her winter coat is lovely.  She has not nipped for a while now!!

Honey and Goose - Still the coolest pair!!!  Too sweet!  These girls are fun!!!

I'm babysitting Poncho again!!!! YYYEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Elle and Rex - I love this pair!!!!!!!!!  Rex needs love and will hang off socks and drag...he's never bitten toes though.....I will be sad when Elle loses her gorgeous winter fur!!!

Coquette and P'tit Gris - They both look awesome. P'tit Gris is the first of our fosters to try the new implant for adrenal. So far so good! His weight is awesome and his coat is thick and soft.  We'll let you all know!!!!

Buster and Crunch - Buster is vuluptuous to say the least and Crunch hasn't stopped running to gain any weight.  Both are sweet and doing awesome!

Archie and Buddie - These guys keep everything hopping, literally, with the rest of the group! Do they ever sleep?!  Man they love to play!!!!

Rio and Bob - I have Rio on daily duck soup because her weight is down a bit and she has a bit of a waif-y feel....she's seems okay and still gives major kisses but these girls are pretty special so I fuss.......Bob is cuckoo.

Fleecy and Ivory - Fleecy is getting super fat and tends to try to limit his energy output.  Sloth.....maybe that's his new name.  Ivory is playful and affectionate.  I'm pretty fond of both of them.  I'm watching Ivory for some ongoing gastric inflammation issues, mild at this time, and Fleecy to be sure he's just lazy and not ill in any way.

Mavie and Willy Wonka - Nothing has changed with this crazy pair.  Willy wonka is so old he was around when the 'Dead Sea' was still sick.  Mavie is crazy.....

Marley and Molly - Molly is lightening up and playing quite a bit.  Marley's weight is wwwaaayyyy better even though he was never actually ill in any way. He is still the coolest dude ever!

Mittens - Man, I love this ferret!  He just had some dental work done and that seemed to go okay.  His appetite is phenomenal and he is fat.  Life is good.

Pumpkin, Finn and Gwen - Pumpkin is doing awesome and we've found our happy place. Every so often I get a scratch from his canine if I get lazy and think he's over nipping but most of the time, it's only kisses and cuddles.  Finn had dental work done and no one told him so he hasn't really noticed.  Gwen's coat looks like hell but she's happier than ever.  Sheesh.....

My business is doing alright, thank you for asking. My Cicero has the muscle wasting so he's got something brewing....pred, here we come.....

That's all for now folks!!!!!!!!!