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Title: HI everyone
Post by: fuzzieHaven4All on February 20, 2009, 05:39:31 PM
Hi every one, I've been on a long journey lately, but I'll start at the beginning. I purchased my little white friend named Jakie at a pet store after being brought back cuzs the lady's dog tried to eat him and he was not allowed out of the cage???. Now he is acting like a retard and getting into everything and onto everything. From there he needed a friend or two literately. So we found the FRSO and adopted Gus-Gus & Cuddles (Gabriel & Katie). But I felt sorry cuzs Katie was on her own now and I had two retards thou lol. So my journey started. Found Riff & Raff, name says it all. Beautiful boys but neglected, I guess they forgot to feed Riff, he was so skinny & his coat so rough & dark and could see his ribs & hip bones . Now he is a big muscular boy who fights with Katie for stuffies. Raff has become my lap cat who rips off all the toilet paper from the roll, (wish I could go to the washroom in peace thou). But five seemed not enough, am I crazy or what :o. Added to that I got Frankie, poor boy two years old, cage kept and no name. What were these people thinking. He now hates the cage and has a name. He is my little James Brown, and man can he freak, & what a ladies man. Oh no does that means more little girls for my freaky James. So that meant another journey. Dharma & Edwina, two loving little girls and horribly abused, broke my heart. But with a little time they both came around and they let us finally touch them both. Edwina’s biting stopped. But Dharma, the hand is evil and hurts (thank god she liked Bandits) and the biting eased a bit. One night she decided to climb up the chicken wire that is around the deck now and jumped off. I was right beside her but did not grab her in time & Terry was right below her. She slipped right through his hands, (Dec 27) we are still looking for her, no matter what the outcome is. Edwina went through a little spell of sleeping and not eating a lot but Frankie my James Brown freak has wooed her. And with Dharma missing we got a phone call one morning that someone found a ferret in Hull and could we come and get it,(thank god i was not driving).Here was this little soul. The man had found him in the snow bank in the middle of a storm, cold and trying to get warm. Terry picked him up kisses galore and with some Bandit treats he walked into the carrier and laid down like he`s home. We named him Charlie He's a big boob, he likes his cuddles & kisses reminds me of Barry White. Last but not least Oliver and Joey two boys which came from to many bought animals in the home, not even going to comment on that one (trying to find their places). So ten freakish little souls doing the warrior dance in the snow and I wish I knew whom they are dancing with. So overall Katie is the warden and looks after all the toys & makes sure everyone is where they should be, and she knows it walking around here with her booty in the air ;). Gabriel waits until the water dishes are changed in the morning then goes for his swim (in all five if them) :o. Riffy is the door watcher; And Raffy is forever trying to figure out how to get into the cupboards and ripping the toilet paper off the rolls. Jakie & Edwina have paired up always for a good game of tag &war dancing. At the end sleeping together with a head at each end,(both are albinos) :D. I would not change my journey for the world. Well just one thing, all the pooping here  ;). Thank You Jen & Mary-Beth for all the help at the beginning. I`m still looking for little girls  ;)

Title: Re: HI everyone
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on February 24, 2009, 11:18:25 PM
You are crazy but who am I to talk..... :P

Atleast Gus Gus and Cuddles, aka Gabriel and Katie, were trained to love big fuzzy businesses right from the getgo!!!!!

Welcome to the ferret math family!!!!

me  ;D

Title: Re: HI everyone
Post by: deb.barb on February 26, 2009, 02:37:38 AM
thats a fantastic story fuzzie, really enjoyed it.
do any of them fight
i just added 2 x 3 month old bubbies.my older male bundy (desexed 17month old) hates the female.(piper) he smashes her and i cant let them out together which is such a shame.i have 4 ferrets the eldest snuffles 4.5yrs old.she gives piper a bit of a hiding sometimes but not like bundy.
i have tried,swapping bedcloths,cages.putting bitter spray on her neck,(he just gets her elsewhere), chastising him.dont know what else to try'.
he is usually such a loving gentle ferret its been such a shock.
so he is caged with snuffles as usual and the young ones are caged together.
i would never get rid of any of my ferrets as they are my babies and r the best company and laugh ive ever had.they follow around the house all day,when they r awake and with the new female piper that is most of the time.
so we just want to find a bit of communal peace in this big ferret cage other people call a house,
can u help me before i pull all my hair out, my hubby leaves me and i end up with 25 ferrets.lol. cause if he goes .yep.there will be lots more.

Title: fuzzie aka Tamara
Post by: fuzzieHaven4All on February 26, 2009, 08:52:14 AM
Hi everyone ;)
Crazy not the word for it, how can you not love these precious souls or little devils when they look at you after they have done something wrong!!!!!(not me mom he or she did it) lol. But would not trade it for the world, well except for the pooping  :o.
Had trouble with Jakie and Raff when first introduced. Both males Jakie was six months and Raff is four, and they both liked to pull each other around by the scruff of the neck. As long as no blood shed and they were not terrorizing each other, just let it go. Mind you there were a lot of screaming and screeching which bothered me but each of them have found there place now among themselves and get along fine.
And the two crazy girls Katie and Edwina, same thing but you would not know it now. They all sleep together in one big fuzzball.
I guess I have been really lucky.
But I would like to know why Raff is chewing all the paper off of the rolls and he bites at the carpet? Then he just lays there with his front arms crossed looking at me wasn't me ::)!Well at least wal-mart is making there money :D.     

Title: fighting
Post by: deb.barb on February 26, 2009, 02:57:11 PM
hi fuzzy.
thanks 4 your reply.dont know when it came but all my notices of messages from this site end up in my e-mail junk bin.lucky i found them so will keep an eye on it.they dont go to my in box.
well bundy just wont stop.i put them all together everyday and as soon as he sniffs her butt he attacks.grabs her behind the neck,shakes and shakes her and does the roll like a crocodile,wont let go.
putting the bitter spray on her neck just makes him bite her elsewhere.
last night after he started on her i locked him in her cage.he had her across the face.i thought he might get a tooth in her eye.
it doesnt seem to matter what i do.its very sad.
i cant believe it cause he is such a quiet living ferret.
even snuffles 4.5yrs desexed female has a go at piper but is not non stop like bundy.piper can hold her own with snuffles.piper weighs over 100gms more than snuffles.
she is so big.4months old and was 760gms when i weighed her a week ago.
weigh day today so will see whos getting fat.
with the amount the babies eat u would think they would weigh well but gibson was only 660gms.but i really dont think he was 3 months when i bought him.
the vet reckons their maybe 3 weeks difference between them but i dont know.the vets in my area read up on the net about ferrets to find out what to give them so they r not fully trained on ferrets.
anyway the fighting really gets u down and instead of everyone being able to run around and have fun together its a matter of different ferret play times.that is a bit tiring.
got any ideas of what i can try next.
changing bed cloths,chastising,bitter spray,putting him away everytime he smashes her.i dont know what to try next.
i tied him up in the loungeroom one time with hes walking harness on so he could still play with the others but she could get away.he ended up all depressed lying on the little bed i made for him and i felt cruel.it worked but i couldnt handle hes sad face.
u wouldnt believe its only 7am here and the babies are snorkelling in their big water dish in the loungeroom.their whole heads including ears r under the water and they r blowing bubbles.they r so funny.
take care

Title: Re: HI everyone
Post by: fuzzieHaven4All on March 08, 2009, 12:54:15 AM
Hi deb.barb
I know you think you are at your wits end, put have you tried time out?
Like you do with a child, tell him NO NO biting and put him in your carrier for fifteen mins. Let him out and repeat again. Should not take him to long to understand the word NO. Reintroduce him with her again, if he acts out again with her repeat the steps.
Good-luck fuzzy ;)

Title: Re: HI everyone
Post by: deb.barb on March 08, 2009, 03:44:52 AM
thanks fuzzie

tried that out like 20 times.in.out.etc. sin bin. doesnt work.
he just gets her again.
put bitter spray on.

took them all the beach and its the only time he didnt attack her

so he must be totally territorial about this place and her.he doesnt bash the young male at all.

any ideas are vey much appreciated.


Title: Re: HI everyone
Post by: sarah67 on March 08, 2009, 07:02:51 AM
welcome im new here to joined the other day , enjoyed reading how you aquired each and everyone of your ferrets, they must be in ferret heaven to have you


Title: Re: HI everyone
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on March 15, 2009, 03:53:30 PM
Having had quite a few ferrets over the years, and being used to dealing with big numbers, I am very familiar with battles.  What I have found is that some ferrets just don't and won't get along.  They pick their cagemate and draw an invisible line with no rhyme or reason that we can see. Some examples are Molly and Marley.....Marley is cool with others and great with Molly and she goes into a rage if she sees anyone other than her cagemate.  Pumpkin, Gwen and Finn are pals but while trying to find pals for Pumpkin, these were the only two he tolerated without a battle...and he was only 8 months old.

On some occasions, there can be a mediator ferret, normally a big, easy going male, that helps to bridge the gap between the warring parties.  Angus was my all-time favourite negotiator in in the years since there have been few quite as talented.  Rosie is my present big, cool dude.......

Good luck but there may come a moment that you will have to admit defeat, even for a time, and have separate shifts......


Title: Re: HI everyone
Post by: isabella on April 22, 2009, 10:16:54 AM
OH MY GOD FUZZYHAVEN4ALL, je viens juste de lire ton message et il s'adonne qu'on a perdu notre mâle prénommé Cousto pendant une tempête de neige cet hiver, j'habite à Hull!!! Je suis sur que c'est lui, je l'ai reconnu sur tes photos, appel moi STP (819) 775-7569. 

If someone can help me traducing this message, I will appreciate so much

Title: Re: HI everyone
Post by: isabella on April 22, 2009, 10:24:50 AM
Ok I cant' wait for your call, please, call me soon.. I can't calm myself now..
Peut-être qu'elle verra même pas mon message, quelqu'un peut me dire comment la joindre??? SVP!

Title: Re: HI everyone
Post by: Viper on May 21, 2009, 02:04:18 PM
Peut-être qu'elle verra même pas mon message, quelqu'un peut me dire comment la joindre??? SVP!
Clique sur le nom. Sur la page suivant, clique sur "Send this member a personal message."

Bonne chance...

Title: Re: HI everyone
Post by: isabella on May 21, 2009, 07:08:31 PM
merci pour ton aide, j'apprécie beaucoup, personne n'avait pris la peine de me répondre! Alors je pouvais plus attendre et j'ai appelé la rescue et j'ai maintenant retrouvé mon furet  ;D