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Title: new member
Post by: deb.barb on February 15, 2009, 02:48:43 AM
Hi all.I am a new member and have joined because ferrets are just the most unreal gorgeous little people.
I have 4. Snuffles is the oldest at 4yrs old and started me on the ferret trail when I found her in someones compost binShe had been there a week and was stinky and scared.So was I.I put her in the bathroom until I could work out what to do, never having even seen a ferret before it was mind boggling.I opened the door to find a bathroom turned upside down.
Pot plant emptied,toilet rolls ripped and covering the floor,shampoo everywhere.My shock was enormous and the clean up even bigger.
Many funny happy stories since my ferret family has grown to 4.
Anymore and Ime sure there will be a divorce.
Ilove talking ferret talk and relaying funny stories so would like to get in contact with other ferret families.Please contact me via e-mail or msn live messenger.debbarb@live.com.au  debbie

Title: Re: new member
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on February 24, 2009, 11:23:22 PM

My first ferret walked out of the forest after my night shift in the ambulance over 10 years ago.  He sat on my foot.....I had no idea what to do. I put on a pair of gloves and put him in a box and began the long drive home.  About half way I felt something on my lap....yikes.......I thought ferrets were biters.....well, this little guy crawled onto my arm to look out the window and eventually fell asleep on my lap.  At first I was going to bring him to the humane society but they told me to call the rescue, then the 'ferret association'  it took a week to get a hold of them and by that time, the little ferret was named Chi chi and was a member of the family.  When they found out I had bought all the best foods and supplies and walked him daily, they felt I needed more...........and so now here I am......the president of the FRSO with over 30 ferrets sharing my home...........Holy Cow!!!!!!!  I love all things ferret!!

Time to have fun!!!!!

Title: ferrets
Post by: deb.barb on February 25, 2009, 12:09:15 AM
how unreal. what a great story.
well like i said my 1st was because i was saving my friend as the so called huge rat was in the compost bin and had attacked lol her dog and bitten its nose.she had been in the bin 4 a week,was skin and bone,smelt bloody awful and was ferocious. my other half mark had ferrets as a kid for rabbiting and new something about them but caught her with net and gloves.
i put her in the bathroom for ten minutes while i got a cage from out back.when i opened the bathroom door i think my chin hit the floor like everything else in the bathroom had.pot plant emptied on floor and shredded,12 toilets rools ripped and covered in dirt,shampoo bottles punctured and leaking.bathmats covered with it all and to top it off she pooed in the middle of it.
i was appalled.how can a little thing like this destroy so much so quickly.
i caged her after many swear words and scary moments.
the next day the way she looked at me made me feel stupid.i have cared for all wildlife for ten yrs.how can i be frightened of this little thing.god.i pick up snakes.this little thing wont hurt.
well she did hurt.i swore.yes.many times.but she was just frightened,i cuddled her.i thought.to hell with it.she must be so very scared.so we became the best friends ever and she slept in my bed with us for ages, or the bottom drawer.and follows me everywhere. i got the next one to keep her company.
i am home heaps as a i hurt myself at work so now cant do much but i reckon that smelly little creature turned my life around. she is so loving and makes sure my ears are clean.lol.she is a little mother. i had to have her desexed cause the person who use to own her (thankgod she let me keep her) came over and watched her one day.she wouldnt leave me alone and was grabbing my skin hard and trying to drag me away.very painful.pat said she (snuffles) was trying to stash me.well we figgered she might stop if she was desexed and she did.
she is smart, comes when called, knows lots of commands(or should i say requests).she is amazing.
i couldnt find anyone around my area to hep ferrets so put my name up in all the pet shops and rspca and now have been finding homes for unwanted ones.good homes cause i worry about them all.
i thank u very much for returning my contact.
i enjoy ferret talk.its fun.
hope to hear from u soon