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Title: February 2009 on January 2009
Post by: egammell on February 03, 2009, 02:36:40 PM
Taffy in January 2009:
She returned from her holiday boarding visit with other ferrets.  No, she still did not play well with others.  The word is there was lots of squealing but no flesh (or poop) flying.

"Taffy was a thief" 
Carried off as this month's booty: four bottle caps, three apple cores, a crutch tip, her small plastic food bowl, and the water-saving showerhead still in its bubble-wrap (repeatedly)

She gives such affectionate licks to nose and neck and arm.  She has become a real lap ferret.  While I recline under a blanket to read, she begins curled at my ankles and over the course of an hour gradually shifts her way to draping over my shoulders, all while she is asleep.  Ready for leaping fun and play and keeps an interested eye on activities through the house.

Her litterbox use since return is not too bad!

She still has ear mites and had a special ear blitz, followed by mite treatment ear drops.  This is not enjoyable but she does allow herself to be treated with only some wiggling and eventual resignation.  Teeth brushing session is next.  Again, not her favourite (except for licking the malt-flavoured toothpaste) but again she tolerates it fairly well.

She also has started a hoarse cough often just after she wakes.  I am giving some furball treatment and hope it will clear up.

Title: Re: February 2009 on January 2009
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on February 04, 2009, 10:27:41 PM
So at my crazy but loving home:

Mavie and Willy Wonka - They are back.....how freakin old is Willy Wonka now?!  ???  He is too crazy!!!!  They seem to be happy and healthy anyhoo......

Marley and Molly - Molly seems content but she's not as much of a 'people person' as Marley is.  He is cool and man, does he love the snow!!!  You want to see the 'pin ball ferret effect'?  Just release Marley in 1 foot of soft, powdery snowfall and watch him go!!!! :D

Mittens - Looks older than Willy Wonka but his weight feels great and he still loves to putter.  Has a particular sleep spot under my bathroom sink.  Sigh  :-\ If you can't beat 'em, you join 'em....sooo...he has all his favourite blankets and toys under there.  He loves it.  What can you do?

Pumpkin, Gwen and Finn - They just run around and play....rough life.

Rosy & Cassie, Honey & Goose, Mocha & Panda, Jake & Guess, Archie & Buddy, Buster & Crunch, P'tit Gris & Coquette, Rex & Elle - They are all playing together......this must be experienced to understand what 16 happy, playing, mischevious ferrets feels like at one time!!!!! :P

Bob  and Rio - I love these girls!  They are sooooooooo sweet and soooooo playful and are the best of friends!!!!!

Fleecy and Ivory - Well, since their melatonin implants, these two have the softest, thickest fur coats and seem absolutely content.  Ivory likes to stay busy and is only cuddly when she first gets up whereas Fleecy is more apt to accept love and hugs right in the middle of playtime...boys...sheesh......

So, to sum it all up...all seems not too bad at my household.....knock on wood........

Title: Re: February 2009 on January 2009
Post by: Weezilwitch on February 12, 2009, 08:35:50 PM
Pippin is the only foster at my place currently.  She's the only ferret here, actually, and just gave me a demo of her stinky poops - a problem she sometimes has.  She's adapted very well to the new house, and enjoys an explore or two every day, otherwise being mostly content to curl up snugly in her nice bedding.  She seems to be irritated by the fact that we brought the cats along - one cat accompanies Pippin on her rounds and is often snapped at for her interest.  The retaliatory cuffs don't faze her; in fact nothing really seems to.  She does seem to like biting toilet paper rolls. though.

Title: Re: February 2009 on January 2009
Post by: Kalimata on February 17, 2009, 12:25:11 PM
I have been very remiss in my posting of how my fosters are doing.  I also have a few obits that I have been putting off for some time now.  I've lost 5 of my very special ferrets in the last few months (December was 3 in that many weeks) and I'm quite sad about that.  I still can't really type or talk about them without getting teary eyed...  But rest assured, I'll have some updates, and some fitting tributes to my littleones, it'll just take a bit of time, so do be patient :D