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Title: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on November 15, 2008, 07:41:24 PM
This years Ferret Shelter Giving Tree is now available at http://www.shelterferretgivingtree.com.  As usual, the FRSO will be participating and are creating the writeups for 15 of our most special ferrets.  We'll post them here for your benefit, but if you wish to be their Santa, you will have to follow the procedures that will be posted on the Giving Tree pages.


Thank you to all the Secret Santas who are making this a holiday season for our special ferrets.  If you still wish to be a Santa, there are many other ferrets from other Shelters listed on the tree.

(http://ferretrescue.ca/images/givingtree.jpg) (http://www.shelterferretgivingtree.com)

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on November 15, 2008, 07:44:50 PM
Finn - Has a Santa!


Finn is a beautiful 6 year old champagne boy.  He came to our shelter 2 years ago in a large group and has never found his own forever home.  Finn lives happily in his foster home, palling around with his good buddies Gwen and Pumpkin.  Despite his age, he is one of the most silly and playful ferrets ever  - more so than most kits!  Finn has never nipped and all he asks for is time to tear around the house, dooking and squeaking in delight, enticing Pumpkin and Gwen to join him – as if they could resist!  At the end of a particularily silly game, Finn's favourite place to snuggle up is in a bed or hammock alongside his two bosom buddies.

For Christmas Finn would like a big bed or hammock that will fit him and his friends all together in a cozy ferret pile.  He would also like some treats – his favourites are N-bones and Cheweasels.  These treats get him running, and make him hiss with excitment!  Finn is a special soul and deserves some special Christmas cheer.

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on November 15, 2008, 07:46:56 PM
Mittens -  Has a Santa!


Mittens is a seven-year-old roan boy.  He's a funny character. No one knows what keeps him so busy, but whatever his “job” is, he takes it very seriously. Mittens may be old, but he still demands an entire day to get his business done – and please don't slow him down!  He doesn't mind offering the odd kiss or two when he can spare a second from his very important work, but that's all he has time for! 

Mittens originally came to the rescue in a group of five, but it soon became quite clear that he was an “only ferret”. He was then adopted for two years, but had to be returned to us on account of the medical issues of his adoptive family.  It was a very hard transition for Mittens,  and he went through a few very bad weeks as his foster Mom struggled to encourage him to keep eating, and to find something for Mittens to live for. At last, he seems to be finding his niche and organizing his new home.   Mittens is the scourge of all plant life!  His foster Mom finds herself cleaning up soil whenever he has access to an unfortunate potted plant.  Because of his age, Mittens will likely stay with us forever.

Mittens loves sleep boxes or sacks that he can curl up into when he's done working, so these would make great Christmas gifts.  He also loves Bandits treats and N-bones, which are the only things that can entice Mittens away from whatever it is he's got going on. He would love for someone to remember him this Christmas!

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on November 15, 2008, 07:50:27 PM
Wiley - Has a Santa!


Wiley is a pretty little light sable.  She is six years old, and a very gentle soul who loves to be close to her foster mom and is ever so generous with her kisses.  She came to the rescue in May 2007 and was diagnosed shortly afterwards with a right adrenal tumour.  This summer she was diagnosed with a heart murmur as well; but she takes it all in stride without complaint.  Wiley sleeps a good deal now, and if she can't be snuggled up in her foster mom's lap, or cuddling with her best friend Taz, she appreciates warm fleecy blankets and soft enclosed spaces.  When she's awake, Wiley loves nothing more than an energetic game of chase the mouse or sneaking into the forbidden bedroom for a good romp on the bed and some belly tickles. Since she's so gentle sometimes the other furkids steal her snacks, so Wiley cleverly hides little stashes of Ferret Chew Treats and Bandits in secret locations to enjoy at her own pace.  She also loves to stash her toys – her favourites are little plush animals and tiny soccer balls.  Wiley is a permanent shelter resident.

For Christmas Wiley would love to have some more of her favourite bedding, toys and treats as described above – ferrets can be rough on their possessions, and every ferret knows that newest is best!  Wiley has been a very good girl this year, and deserves for Santa to remember her!

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on November 15, 2008, 07:51:55 PM
Pumpkin - Has a Santa!


Pumpkin is a great big, gorgeous, two-year-old silver boy.  He came to our shelter last summer from a family that had saved him from certain death. He was a severe biter, and was far too much for even the experienced rescuing family to handle, despite their noble intentions.  Pumpkin has not been an easy case; but with lots of love, patience, and special care on the part of his foster Mom, he is thriving. Pumpkin has two new pals, Finn and Gwen, and has even learned to give his foster Mom kisses!  What a long way he's come!  Pumpkin is expected to stay with the shelter for life because of the biting issues he still has, and so this big, beautiful boy has a special place in his foster Mom's heart..

Pumpkin has made the progress he has in large part because the way to his heart is TREATS!   So this is Pumpkin's special Christmas wish: lots of treats, with his favourites being Bandits treats in any flavour and N-bones. Pumpkin also loves to snuggle with his best pals so a neat gift for Christmas this year could be a bed or hammock to fit all three sleeping beauties together. Thank you for thinking of this special ferret!

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on November 15, 2008, 07:53:26 PM
Baylie - Has a Santa!


Baylie is a friendly, soft-furred sable girl, almost three years old, who was surrendered to our shelter at the age of six months along with her companion, Freddy, who is five years old.  Baylie is a bundle of energy; always on the go, always into everything, always figuring out ways to get into trouble!  She's been accused of being able to fly, and she certainly is a very skilled jumper!  Special measures were needed to “Baylie-proof” the ferret areas in her foster home.  One of Baylie's hobbies is climbing her supposedly un-climbable Ferret Nation cage.

Baylie has a chronic medical condition that is suspected to be cardiomyopathy.  She has been affected by it since she was tiny, and has been given all the medical treatments our ferret vet could think of, with no results.  She has a constant spluttery wet cough, and often has long coughing and sneezing fits with full-body convulsions that leave puddles of saliva on the floor.  Because of her illness, Baylie and Freddy are considered permanent shelter residents.  We don't know how much time we have left with Baylie, but we know it won't be dull!

For Christmas, Baylie would like some large blankets and maybe some cup-style beds that her foster Mom can use to cover the floors in her cage to help Bailey remember to go potty only in the litter box.  Fabric shelf covers designed for the Ferret Nation cage would also be good to use for this purpose.  Fabric ladder covers, again for the Ferret Nation cage, might help Baylie fight her particular temptation to go potty at the bottom of ladders.  Baylie is also very fond of crochet-covered rattle balls and similar toys.  She is a little bit naughty, but she is very nice, so she hopes she deserves some Christmas goodies!

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on November 15, 2008, 07:53:45 PM
Peewee -  Has a Santa!


Peewee is an affectionate six-year-old dark sable boy who just loves to be cuddled.  His arrival at his current foster home was rather dramatic – he had a seizure right on the doorstep!  Peewee has insulinoma, which is the reason for his seizures.  Pulling him out of a seizure can take two or three hours, and involves rubbing honey or corn syrup on his gums and waiting for the sugar to enter his bloodstream and bring him back to consciousness.  Luckily, with medication and a strictly regulated feeding schedule of yummy ferret soup, Peewee can go a month or more without crashing. 

Peewee has been with us since March, 2006.  He arrived with his best buddy Chase, who crossed the bridge in October.  Peewee used to love to play, and was even bossy with other ferrets, but since Chase's death he has less motivation to be active, and spends much of his time sleeping.  The prednisone that helps keep him alive has given him a big round “pred belly” that makes it difficult for him to get around.  Peewee especially likes to sleep in his foster Mom's bed, cuddled against her leg.  Due to his health problems, Peewee will stay in his foster home for the rest of his life.

For Christmas, Peewee would love to have some warm fleece bedding, such as hammocks, comfy cubes or sleep sacks.  He also would love to have some yummy Ferretone to help him get his medicine and soup to go down nicely.  Peewee loves attention, and he would be thrilled to get some goodies that are just for him!

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on November 15, 2008, 07:54:00 PM
Meeko - Has a Santa!


Meeko is a sweet seven-year-old sable boy who loves to give kisses.  He came to us just this fall, with a urinary tract infection and blockage, and a right adrenal tumour.  Meeko is bald because of his adrenal condition, so he loves to be wrapped up in warm bankets.  At night he  burrows under the covers with his foster Mom and Dad, and sleeps curled up at their feet.  Meeko is crazy for treats – any kind of treat, including stuff he shouldn't have!  He'll try eating absolutely anything at least once.  When he hears the crinkle of a treat bag – or any sound that might possibly be treat-related – Meeko does a fancy, prancing dance in his excitement over the prospect of delicious edibles.  He looks like he's doing a choreographed routine!  Meeko is very shy, but when he warms up to you, he's very friendly.  Because of his medical issues and age, Meeko is a permanent shelter resident.

Of course you've guessed that Meeko would like treats for Christmas!  He loves both Bandits and Totally Ferret treats in every flavour they make.  He would also love to receive some warm cuddly bedding he can curl into.  Meeko would be delighted to have a special person thinking about him this Christmas!

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on November 15, 2008, 07:54:17 PM
Goliath - Has a Santa!


Goliath is a big, sweet, five-year-old, dark-eyed white boy.  This is one cuddly guy!  Goliath just loves his foster Dad and follows him around the apartment.  He's always ready to offer a kiss or accept a hug, and he loves to sleep with other ferrets – although they do sometimes get a little annoyed with Goliath when he constantly insists on cleaning their ears!  This boy isn't just a big softie, though.  He adores going outside to play, and he is very energetic at these times, enjoying games of chase with his foster parents and bravely exploring whatever – and whomever -  he comes across.  Goliath enjoys taking walks on a leash.  Whenever he can, he takes a special delight in sneaking out into the apartment hallway to perform his war dance!   Goliath came to us in February 2007 as part of a group of four.  Two members of that group were adopted, and one crossed the Rainbow Bridge, leaving only Goliath.  Goliath is healthy, although he is on melatonin implants to improve his coat, which has a tendency to become dry and brittle, leading to bald patches.  He is a long-term resident simply due to his age, which makes him a less popular choice as an adoptee.

For Christmas, Goliath would like Bandits treats, any flavour will do, and maybe some small dog beds, which are big enough for this big boy and his sleeping buddies to curl up in together.  A special item would be a fleece-lined tunnel, such as SuperPet's Fuzz-E-Funnel, for Goliath to hide and nap in.  Goliath would love for you to be his Santa!

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on November 15, 2008, 07:54:34 PM
Jingles - Has a Santa!


Jingles is a placid, gentle seven-year-old sable boy who's been with our shelter since May 2004.  He has a large right adrenal tumour and a heart condition with fluid build-up.  He takes a number of different medications to manage these conditions, but he isn't fazed by much – as long as he gets his  delicious ferret soup twice a day, he's content.  Delay the soup, and you will find Mr. Jingles looking rather anxious!  Our main concern right now is managing the fluid in Jingles' chest – he's happier and wheezes less when the level is kept down.  Jingles spends most of his time sleeping, and he loves to lie snuggled in someone's arms and be talked to.  He's also fond of rooting into covers and wrapping himself up in blankets – when he's out, you need to step lightly and be careful of any strange lumps in cloth items!  Jingles has a longtime companion named Cricket but, as she's still active,  he isn't the best playmate for her.

For Christmas, Jingles would love some nice soft fleecy bedding – hammocks, sleep sacks, hanging cubes or whatever else, he doesn't care as long as he can burrow in it!  Because he takes a lot of medications with the ferret soup that is his main diet, Jingles would also love to have some yummy Ferretone to help make everything go down nicely.  He'd be thrilled to have a secret Santa!

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on November 15, 2008, 07:54:52 PM
Jack - Has a Santa!


Jack is a friendly four-year-old light sable boy who's had a very rocky road to travel.  He was mistreated and malnourished by his former owners, and came to our shelter in May of 2006 severely underweight with hardly any muscle mass.  In his early days with us, Jack was very sick, and we came close to losing him a few times.  He still has a sensitive stomach, is prone to vomiting, and will always be rather scrawny because of the starvation he experienced, but with much love and care, he's put on weight and has even learned to stand up for his treats!  Due to mistreatment, Jack had to have surgery to remove a canine tooth, which makes it hard for him to eat – his foster Dad has to stand guard to make sure Jack's ferret buddy Hobbes and the cats he lives with don't steal his treats.  Jack is amazingly friendly, considering the reasons he has to mistrust humans; he's calm and sociable, and loves to be petted, especially on his neck.  Jack also adores red licorice with a passion – he tasted some by “accident” and became obsessed with it, despite the fact that Dad won't let him have any!

For Christmas, Jack would love to have some fleecy bedding, like hammocks or sleep sacks – anything with a fleecy or “woolly” feel to it is wonderful to him!  His favourite toys are ferret-safe rubber items and any toys he can pick up easily in his mouth – since his missing tooth makes it hard to grab onto  things.  Toys with loops or other little “handles” would be great.  Jack also loves Bandits treats in any flavour, Ferretone, Ferret Lax and Ferret Vite.  He's been a good boy – he deserves some Christmas cheer!

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on November 26, 2008, 06:36:51 PM
The tree is slowly being populated and our guys should be showing up in a few days.  FYI, the site is not friendly to non-microsoft browsers, so if you want to view it, I suggest you use Internet Explorer (otherwise the stockings end up covering the wrong ferrets).

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on December 01, 2008, 08:47:43 PM
Amadeus - Has a Santa!


Amadeus is a shy two-year-old albino boy who came to us in September.  Amadeus was found wandering alone outside,  nothing but skin and bones. The lady who found him decided to keep him, but wasn't very knowledgeable about ferrets, and soon surrendered him to our shelter.  Amadeus had to be syringe fed  every two hours, as well as having bad-tasting medicine forced down his throat, at which he showed his distress by grinding his teeth and rubbing his face in his litter.  He hated other ferrets and would attack them, but got along with Binkie the cat.  When he didn't improve, he was diagnosed with and operated on for an intestinal blockage, which turned out to be a mass of florist's foam.  Amadeus then started eating kibble on his own, after his foster Mom was late with a syringe feeding – and he has never looked back. 

His most recent accomplishment has been developing a taste for ferret food after stubbornly sticking to cat kibble for a long time.  It takes a long time for Amadeus to trust.  He is bothered by loud noises, but enjoys sitting peacefully on the couch with his foster Mom.  Amadeus has learned to tolerate other ferrets, although he isn't quite ready to play games with them yet.  With all the litter-cleaning his face-rubbing called for, Amadeus has become quite picky about the cleanliness of his box – but he is very well-behaved and has never missed!

For Christmas, Amadeus would love to have some of his favourite things: rattles, stuffed animals, play tunnels of any kind, ultra-soft blankies and Bandits treats in any flavour.  His foster Mom would also appreciate donations in Amadeus' name to the FRSO to help cover the cost of his surgery and medications.

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on December 01, 2008, 08:48:12 PM
Mavie - Has a Santa!


Mavie is a very affectionate 3-year-old light sable girl.  She really, really likes to give kisses!  Mavie has a sweet and cuddly personality, but she will also go crazy, dancing the Weasel War Dance in her own frenetic style for hours, seeming never to get tired ou!.  She's been compared to the bouncy Tigger of Winnie-the-Pooh fame.  She considers herself the “big boss” of all the animals in her foster home, including the dog!  Mavie has a cagemate named Willy Wonka, who has taken to her even though he otherwise dislikes any other ferret, and she is certainly the boss of him.  She will evict Willy from any sleep sack or blanket that she wants to occupy for some “alone time”, and she can really put up a fight to get her way.

Mavie loves  furry things, and would be delighted to receive a sleep sack or hammock with a furry lining for Christmas.  She also loves Boingo balls, and other toys that feature sounds and other special effects.  A particular favourite is animated stuffed toys meant for puppies.  Mavie also likes treats – any kind, so long as they're treats!  Mavie would be thrilled to have her own Secret Santa!

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on December 01, 2008, 08:48:50 PM
Hardy -  Has a Santa!


Hardy is a good-natured 5-year-old sable boy.  He and his brother Laurel were rescued in September 2006 from a pet store, where they had been dropped off by an owner who could no longer afford to feed them.  Hardy is a sociable soul who likes cats, even when they rebuff his efforts to groom them by hitting him on the head!  He loves to wrestle with his brother, although Laurel usually wipes the floor with him.  Hardy will tolerate being cuddled for a little while if he's sleepy, but prefers to express his affection by licking noses. He is endlessly amused by crinkly things of any sort, but especially those he can hide - and sleep – in, such as a plastic paper-towel pack wrapper. 

Hardy has some health problems with his skin and coat – he is prone to myserious growths, and has had one surgically removed.  Another is helped by warm baths and cortisone cream.  His skin and coat dry out very easily, and if the humidity is not kept at about 60% or higher (not an easy thing to do in the winter!), he becomes extremely itchy and will scratch and bite the fur off his tail.  A small humidifier kept on top of the ferret cage seems to do the trick, but he gets quite itchy about an hour or so into
playtime in the living room, which doesn't have a humidifier. Hardy has had troubles with his weight, but has bulked up a bit since discovering Orijen, his favourite food - he refuses to eat any other food, and will pick up the unwanted pieces in his mouth and toss them out of the cage!

For Christmas, Hardy has a special, unusual request: he would like to receive some replacement humidifier filters for the humidifier on top of his cage, which is a Holmes HWF62.  He would also like a second humidifier for his living-room play area, to keep his skin comfortable – it doesn't have to be fancy, or even new, but it would be nice if it had spare filters, or a washable one.  Hardy also loves soft, fleecy hammocks with pockets.  He likes to be covered up when he sleeps, and to have soft bedding.  A standard Ferret Nation cage ramp would be a great help to him, to cope with his new cage set-up. He would also enjoy some travel packets of tissues - he likes to hide them!

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on December 01, 2008, 08:49:16 PM
Cujo - Has a Santa!


Cujo is a playful, bright 5-year-old roan boy.  He enjoys being taken for walks, and also loves to play in the snow.  Cujo has lost his coat due to his medical issues, so unfortunately his outdoor jaunts have to be limited in winter!  For all that he is a big, active boy, Cujo is also very gentle and laid-back.  He does enjoy his naps!  He is very curious, and he loves to explore – especially if it involves tunneling of any kind!  His favourite treat is Ferretone, but he also loves Marshall's Super Chews.  Cujo and his cagemate C.C.  arrived at our shelter in September 2006, and they are considered special-needs ferrets and therefore permanent residents. 

Cujo's very favourite toy is his boingo ball, and for Christmas he would love to have another one so he doesn't always have to share 'his' with C.C. Cujo would also be particularly delighted to receive a  Marshall Octo-Play – he'd just love to get at those tunnel arms!  Speaking of tunnels, Cujo would enjoy a crinkle tunnel, or some clear dryer tubing so he can keep looking at the world as he plays.

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on December 01, 2008, 08:49:36 PM
Panda - Has a Santa!


Panda is a beautiful 3-year-old cinnamon girl.  She's very shy, but likes to play with other foster ferrets as long as they are gentle with her.  Unfortunately, her friends usually end up getting adopted and leaving Panda behind. She has been with our shelter since March 2006, and is now getting more difficult to place due to her age.  Panda's main issue is her biting - she sometimes bites for no discernable reason, seemingly out of the blue.  She has some history of mistreatment, which is the most likely source for her behaviour.  The biting means that Panda can only be adopted into an experienced home, with people who are aware of her issues and willing to lovingly deal with them.  Aside from this one problem, Panda is very sweet and cuddly.  She likes to sleep with other ferrets, and is scared of loud noises and sudden movements.  Panda's behaviour has improved a good deal, and we are hoping that some day she too will find a safe and loving forever home. 

For Christmas, Panda would  like to receive a soft bed that she could curl up in as she loves to do, and she has a particular wish for a nesting box filled with soft fleecy bedding.  Panda's favourite treats are Ferretone, Nutrical, Bandits, N-bones and Cheweasels – she's easy to please in that respect!  Panda would be thrilled if you would remember her this Christmas!

Title: Re: Giving Tree 2008
Post by: ferretfan on December 06, 2008, 09:30:19 AM
The FRSO Ferrets are now posted on the Giving Tree at: