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Title: November 2008
Post by: Fuzzie_fan on November 07, 2008, 06:24:19 PM
Well Wiley - sweet little girl that she is cuddled up in my lap snoozing as I type.  She's sleeping a lot more lately and although she is eating well she is not putting on the winter weight or the lovely thick coat that the other kids are.  That's ok though - duck soup is served warm, her foster mum's lap is usually covered in fleece this time of year and there are lots of snuggle blankets around the house.

Of course there is always Taz to cuddle up as well - she's nice and warm and her winter coat is gorgeous!  Of course in her quest to stay far away from Frank she has found a new hiding spot and has been AWOL at bedtime the last two evenings.  I swear I don't know where she is hiding but she greets each morning when I go to put the kettle on.

Frank and Margaret continue to settle in - the house is no longer divided into zones (with Liberty and Maggie presiding over their respective areas)  I've even caught the whole crew all cuddled together once (only once but that gives me hope).

The first sign of a tentative peace was when I found Frankie cuddled up with the girls (sans Maggie).  Liberty had allowed him in their under the desk hidey hole and her her body firmly wedged between him and the other girls so he wasn't touching them but he got to cuddle with Liberty and seemed quite content. 

There is a lot less screaming going on when he and Taz cross paths but I just don't think she's ready to forgive him yet for his penchant of introducing himself butt first!

Maggie continues to amaze me - this little girl grew up with dogs didn't she (does anyone know for sure?).  Maggie has taken over the meet me at the door duties from Liberty and she is quite faithful about it.  If I'm gone too long I'll find curled up asleep by the door when I come in.  Aside from that her favourite sleeping spots seem to be in any load of laundry I have lying on the floor.  For three days last week she slept in the sleeve of one of my sweaters - I almost gave up and gifted it to her.

I started telling people she's like my little lap dog (her tolerance for cuddles is growing but I'm sure she allows brief ones only to humour me!) but the real clincher is this little gal drinks out of the toilet.  I'm not kidding - there are bowls of fresh water out all over but she prefers the toilet bowl - she perchs carefully on the rim of the wastepaper basket and leans her whole body right in....  It cracks me up every time!

Title: Re: November 2008
Post by: ferretfan on November 07, 2008, 08:37:51 PM
I'm sad to say that Chase didn't make it through last month.  He was having more and more difficulty peeing and on the morning where he was crying out when trying to pee I decided it was time to end his pain.  Sorry to see you go, my friend, I hope life on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge is much happier and peaceful for you.

Just before Chase left us, Peewee crashed for the first time in two months.  He's back under control again now that we've upped his pred to 1.3cc's twice a day.  Now that Chase is gone, Peewee doesn't have much to motivate him out of bed anymore, so he's spending most of his time sleeping.  Now that the frolic is over, I'm hoping to try him with Cricket and Jingles to see if they will get along together.

Cricket is doing well, which is good.  Jingles has his good days and bad days.  He's had a couple of coughing spells and it sounds like he's got a some fluid building up again.  Unfortunately, there's not much more we can do for him but try and keep him comfortable.

Romeo and Pepsi are doing well and are causing all sorts of trouble.  I've had to move their out time to my office/ferret room because I'm ferret sitting two other very active girls.  As a result, Pepsi has had fun climbing the cages and finding new ways to get on top and dump everything off.  Hopefully I've managed to block all his paths now! 

Title: November report Taffy for October
Post by: egammell on November 10, 2008, 11:37:45 AM
Taffy came in early October to stay for a while:  there was no room at the inn and she didn't play well with the other ferrets.  Straight off she was very friendly and confiding, and even slid in to be a lap ferret for a bit.

She is a cheery busy companionable little creature who loves being stroked along the side of her face.

The next day, her new foster human had to go onto crutches with a leg in a long splint.  As a result, a ferret cage had to be moved up onto the main bungalow level and the old barrier placed across the stairs to the lower level.   This worked for a while, but then she worked out how to go over it to where I couldn't get at her.  Of course, she couldn't get back up and had to be rescued constantly. 

She is a great climber, including up a large mounted wild turkey set high on a piece of furniture.  Since she doesn't damage anything once she's up there, it's just a matter of watching that she doesn't fall or knock over anything from great height.

She is being itchy on her fur, and coughing with a bit of hairball, but enjoys mineral oil, which ought to help. 

She also had some ear mites and so is having special cleanings and drops.  She is remarkably tolerant of the treatments: some wiggling at first, then resigns herself to the situation with a long sigh.

Her teeth are lovely and white: just like a sea otter's!

Title: Re: November 2008
Post by: Weezilwitch on November 23, 2008, 12:09:50 AM
I'm still working out the kinks with Bailey and Freddy, but they seem to be hitting the litterbox more often.  There is a definite improvement in their cage, thanks to my piling blankets over every square inch - I'm slowly learning what type of fabrics they are more or less likely to poop on!  Out on the floor - either their hit rate has improved or they're just pooping less!

Bailey isn't quite as frenetic as she was when she showed up - maybe it's the winter season kicking in.  Freddy is still his laid-back self.

Pippin isn't getting last year's beautiful fluffy winter coat - at seven, she might just be too old.  She looks hilariously rumpled and bleary when I haul her out of her beloved fish for her "out time".  She's getting along fairly well with Elise, who has been her main tormentor since they started sharing out time to accommodate Bailey and Freddy.  I'm hoping they can be friends one day.