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Title: August 2008
Post by: Weezilwitch on August 21, 2008, 09:00:30 PM
So, Pippin and Goliath (aka Mr Thumper) are doing well, although I really must make time for a spa day - they are both smelling a bit skunky these days.  Goliath has discovered that if he chases my little Elise, she'll run away from him, which is doing good things for his peace of mind, since he otherwise didn't know how to get her to stop beating up on him.

Matilda went to the vet for a second dose of Lupron, as the first one seemed to be doing her good.  While she was there, we had her weighed.  You'll recall that in two months she went from 1.6 kg to 1.3, and we thought it would be nice if she could drop to 1.2 or so for this month.  We'd noticed she was getting skinnier...

Daren read the scales, checked his records again, weighed Tilly again, checked the records again...  :o

Weighing in as the World Champion Ferret Weight Loss Queen, it's Tilly the Monkey at 955 g!  GO TILLY GO!   ;D

The little dear dropped almost 350 grams in 5 weeks!  If I could reproduce this kind of result in humans, I'd have a lucrative career for life!  Anyone wanna sign up for Weezilwitch's Diet Boot Camp?

In other news, Tilly is growing hair!  She's got a furry patch on each of her sides, and is also sporting a hairy chest.  Stray hairs are sprouting in other places, giving hope for an eventual full coat.  Still haven't succeeded in getting her the melatonin, but I'm eager to see how she does with it.

Title: Re: August 2008
Post by: Weezilwitch on August 25, 2008, 11:02:36 PM
I really hate to take away from all the upbeat news in the above update.  However:

On Sunday, August 24th I gave Matilda her second feeding of the day at 2:00, before leaving for a party.  She seemed fine.  When my wife took her from her cage for a feeding at 11:00, she refused to run and seemed floppy and lethargic, so she was put back in her cage with a bowl of food.  When I checked on her, she was still in that condition.  I spent a frustrating night force-feeding her ferret kibble and Pedialyte, cleaning her up, checking her responsiveness and trying to rule out whatever I could.

In the morning, she went to see Daren, who found that she had congestive heart failure.  Everything that could be done was done, but Tilly was unable to maintain survival conditions out of an oxygen chamber.  In the evening of the same day, she was given a quiet release from her suffering.

Tilly was a sweet girl who charmed everyone she met, despite the odd appearance her health problems gave her.  She was affectionate, vocal, feisty and determined.  That she lived as long as she did is due in part to her strong spirit.  She will be sorely missed, but I am grateful for the time she spent with me.

Title: Re: August 2008
Post by: ferretfan on August 30, 2008, 10:39:36 AM
There's not much new to report on my 4 fosters.  They're all hanging in there and there hasn't been much change in their conditions (which is a good thing).  Chase was getting really itchy close to the time for his Lupron shot and has lost much of the fur on top of his head.  After the shot, the itchy/dry skin cleared up.

On another note, there have been at least 22 surrenders in the past month and a half.  We expect to have them all posted on the website by September 7th.