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Title: July 2008
Post by: Weezilwitch on July 29, 2008, 05:45:04 PM
Amazingly enough, I'm the first to report this month!

Goliath is adjusting to his new home.  He still squabbles with Charlotte and Elise, but only rarely and mildly.  He went on a nocturnal outing to the drugstore with me recently, and enjoyed it.  The cashier loved him.

Pippin is healthy and active - and her big news is that she now gives kisses!  Her Mommy is very happy about this - I'm assuming that she finally feels settled and bonded, after a life that has included more upheavals than any ferret should be asked to endure.

Matilda is, as always, my main story this month.  First, the great news - she visited Dr. Auger at the beginning of the month, and in two months of my Ferret Boot Camp program, she has lost an astonishing 300 grams - going from 1.6 kg to 1.3. kg!  Go Tilly!  

Now some bad news - Tilly went to see Daren because of her bad health.  While she is still too obese to be properly assessed for adrenal, Daren agreed with me that all signs were pointing to that condition, and Tilly received her first shot of Lupron.  I am also looking into getting her a Melatonin implant.  She had an infected toe that was giving her trouble as well, but that has healed with the help of an antibiotic injection and regular hot poultices, squeezing and scab removal - poor girl, she didn't enjoy it one bit!  She continues to have the worst case of combination skin in captivity - blackheads, oozing sebum, AND dandruff as well!  We're working on that - more torture for the poor dear.

I'll end with some more good news - since receiving the Lupron shot, Tilly has more energy.  She is actually starting to have times when she's finished her meal but isn't tired enough to go right to sleep.  When she hangs out with me at the computer, she's more alert - likes to poke her head out to see what's going on, and is fussy about her position.  When she goes for her food, she has a good rate of speed - and sometimes gives a little "hop" as she navigates.  Now I have to design an enrichment program...

Title: Re: July 2008
Post by: ferretfan on July 29, 2008, 07:48:29 PM
While it's been busy here with ferrets, it's mostly been the arrivals and departures of the ones I'm ferret sitting that are keeping me most occupied.

Cricket went to the vet this month and there is no definitive diagnosis.  She received a shot of Lupron which seems to have helped her out.  We'll put her on a Melatonin implant next month and see how she does.

Jingles is holding on, but I'm not sure how much longer he'll be with us.  There are some nights when he wheezes pretty bad and his activity level has dropped.  Some days he barely has enough energy to get to the litter box.

Chase and Peewee are hanging in there.... really nothing new to report on them.  Peewees dose of Pred is now at 1cc two times per day.

Title: Re: July 2008
Post by: Fuzzie_fan on August 16, 2008, 09:57:00 AM
Wiley gave me a bad scare at the end of the month with a vomiting and refusing food.  Jen and James rode to the rescue on Friday night with their portable first aid kit and lots of emotional support - we got her started on Sulcrate and Nutrical.  She went to Beechwood on Saturday for xrays (no blockage) and fluids since Daren could not see her until late Monday (I was beside myself - I really did not think she would see Monday).  We were there nearly three hours which she spent mostly in my arms or sleeping in the technicians pocket (she's so sweet once they got a hold of her they did not want to give her back).  While I think she has lovely ferret manners that level of inactivity and lack of interest had me even more worried.

She did make it to Daren's on Monday (more fluids) and antibiotics added to the Sulcrate regimen - everyone assured me they tasted great and ferrets loved them - apparently not Wiley - for two weeks every dose had to be forced on her.  She rallied near the end of the first week on antibiotics and started eating on her own again - she's now back to her wonderful mousey chasing , nose kissing dooking hopping self!

Frank and Margaret have had an interesting settling in period  after being welcome guests during ferretsitting stays (the girls would compete for Frank's attention - he's a warm little body to snuggle up with) they've decided they are not quite so pleased about having them as permanent residents!

There has been squabbling over neutral corners and favourite daytime nap spots (they are separated when caged to stop me from having to break up squabbles at 3:00AM!) but they've pretty much sorted things out on their own and the house is large enough they can all have free roam during the day without too many issues.

Taz is hilarious - she's going to give poor Frank a nervous breakdown.  Taz has taking to screaming as soon as Frank gets close - he doesn't have to do anything poor dear - just get close and she screams (he usually just freezes).  Of course when he ignores her she goes looking for him and then as soon as she entices him to play she starts screaming again!  Of course screaming generally involves being rescued and getting fussed over and given treats (I'm trying to stop - I think I'm the one being trained!) so she probably thinks its a wonderful game.

Maggie and Liberty are still in a full out contest to see who really rules the roost - it is amusing to watch the level of effort that goes into stealing and hiding each other's toys!  Maggie definitely has the size advantage but she lacks Liberty's cunning and is often subject to sneak guerilla attacks from above!  Liberty can't quite get a definitive victory though - it's hard to flip over a ferret twice your weight and drag her around the carpet!

I'm enjoying the whole crew and will miss Frank and Margaret when they move on to their forever homes - they are a lovely pair!  Frank is absolutely desolate if he gets put to bed before I find Maggie at night - he doesn't like being a single ferret for even a short amount of time!  He's put some weight back on since his arrival and his coat is nice and glossy again; he's still easily startled and really dislikes loud noises - I try not to surprise him!

Maggie is eternally curious - if I'm home she follows me about and if I'm not interesting enough she drops down and gives me that I'm bored do something interesting look!  I walk in the door at night with caution now because as soon as she hears the key in the lock she is dashing down to great me (as per current division of territory Liberty generally greats me on the second set of stairs leading up to the bedrooms - like I said they've pretty much worked things out on their own!).


Title: Re: July 2008
Post by: Fuzzie_fan on August 16, 2008, 09:58:31 AM
Ooops!  I forgot!

Yeah Matilda!  She's doing much better at dieting than I am!