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Title: June 2008
Post by: Weezilwitch on June 20, 2008, 01:30:06 AM
Matilda - aka Tilly Monkey - is bravely putting up with her new exercise routine.  Three times a day, a bowl of weight-control cat food gets placed at the far end of the kitchen.  Tilly herself gets placed at the far end of the downstairs hallway, forcing her to make her way down the hall, into the kitchen and over to the bowl (maybe a 20 foot distance) in order to eat. Which she is allowed to do for only a few bites before being picked up and returned to her original spot, thence to repeat the maneuver until she signifies that she's feeling fed by curling up in the blanket placed halfway along her trajectory.   These are her only meals, so she has plenty of incentive.

Her normal style of moving is a rapid waddle, which makes her look like a wind-up toy.  This afternoon, however, on the first lap of her feed, I saw something that almost looked like a normal run.  This evening she repeated it - a few steps where her back undulated up and down like that of a normal running ferret.  I believe she is improving.  Now if only I could teach her to tell me when she needs to use the litter box!

Her cage is now fitted out with puppy-training pads instead of a litterbox, and she has an improved hit rate.  On a less heartening note, I discovered that what I had hoped was hair regrowth is in fact blackheads - the little dear is covered with them.  I shall be trying to scope out a suitable product to use in the near future.

Pippin is bouncing through life as ever - her one big complaint is that she can't get "out time" whenever she wants it, and my one complaint is that while she seems to like me, she won't give kisses.  Ankle nibbles, on the other hand...

Goliath arrived at my place on June 7th.  He's a lovely well-behaved boy, nice and healthy, but desperately in need of some dental hygiene.  He's not jelling  with Charlotte and Elise as well as I would like, but he takes his playtime with them with only minor troubles, and I'm hopeful they will get along better eventually.

Title: Re: June 2008
Post by: ferretfan on June 21, 2008, 07:37:52 PM
Wow, it sure seems empty around here these days.  I'm down to four fosters who are pretty much out all the time.  That will change once the various groups of ferrets arrive for their vacation (ferretsitting).

Syrah moved to another foster home as she's ready to be adopted.  Initial reports are that she settled in with other ferrets immediately.  I'm really missing that cute little girl.. she was so much fun to play with and then would cuddle afterwards.  Her only vice was attacking socks, which she only did on occasion and totally freaking out at sudden or loud noises.  I sure hope they find a good home for her.

Jingles went back to the vet today and I'm happy to say there has been a significant improvement.  His lungs are clear and he's got less fluid in his chest.  He's on Enacard once per day and it's given him a lot more energy - he's much more alert and active (ie, will move from place to place more often).  At least that will improve the quality of his remaining time with us.

Chase is back on Amoxil as he's got more gunk oozing from his wee wee again.  It doesn't slow him down, but he has been dribbing a lot more.

Peewee had a couple of minor crashes the past couple of weeks, so we've upped his pred to .9cc twice a day which has improved his stability a lot.  Hopefully we can hold at this dosage for a while.

Cricket is still hanging in there as the least sick foster in my place.  She is showing signs of slowing down (she's 5 years old after all) and I'm watching some subtle signs that may or may not turn out to be early symptoms of an adrenal tumor.