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Title: April 2008
Post by: Weezilwitch on April 07, 2008, 06:16:01 PM
Happy spring, folks.  I'm leading off the thread for once.

Pippin is very happy with the new dig box I created for the ferrets in honour of Ferret Appreciation Day.  She's doing quite well, except for having a touch of diarrhea, which could have come to her from Tilly, and doesn't seem to be distressing her at all - I just hate hearing that squirt sound, especially when I know she's nowhere near a litterbox.

I am not happy at all with Matilda's condition.  She also has diarrhea, very smelly diarrhea no less, and is leaving horrid messes all over her cage.  I'm washing continuous small loads of very heavily soiled towels.  I'm also constantly wiping Tilly's bottom area down with medicated wipes.  She has raw, bleeding patches on her tail and right around her anus.  The one on her tail is being treated with Polysporin and kept bandaged, there isn't a whole lot I can do for the other spot except for applying vitamin E gel - which she licks off - and hoping for the best. 

She's also got a bad spot on one hind foot, which I'm not too sure what to do about, and is showing small round bruises on her tummy pretty much all the time.  She lost the hair on one side of her neck from me having to scruff her to give her medication last month, and I am not seeing any evidence of re-growth.  In short, this is not a healthy ferret.

I have stopped placing much emphasis on physical exercise for Tilly, and have switched the focus to more general sensory enrichments.  I'm mostly just trying to give her some interest in life at this point.  Her condition will clearly not improve until she gets a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Title: Re: April 2008
Post by: egammell on April 08, 2008, 12:14:11 PM
Tika in March 2008:

Tika was not doing well: very subdued and fragile.  It's not surprising given the development of her heart condition in January. The heart meds and diuretic meds are known to knock animals out a bit.  Also she was down-spirited with the recent loss of lifetime cagemate Sock Bandit. 

She had lost muscle tone and weight from her little frame, was mainly sleeping in her case, with only one or two brief running tours of the house each day.  She was still crunching her kibble at regular intervals, preferring it to the duck soup supplement offered her.  She sometimes would accept to lick softened warmed kibble.   A small tooth behind her left fang has not been great for some time, but it doesn't seem to affect her crunching.  By month end she was accepting 8 in One paste supplement which she finds tasty but sticky.

A preview of the report for April: she was due for her Lupron shot and since that she perked up quite well.   More to come next report.