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Title: Spa Day, ADV Test Clinc and MORE!
Post by: ferretfan on February 23, 2008, 07:22:23 PM
Hey fellow ferret enthusiasts!

We made it!  We survived over 400 cm of snow, cold winds, more snow, days that were too short...did I mention snow...and the February Blahs! Doesn't that mean we deserve to spoil ourselves and our favorite pets? What better way to await the coming of May flowers than to bring your furkids in for a spa experience!  Who doesn't like a good pedicure or body brush?  How about getting those pesky ears cleaned and checked while an on site health consultant can give you tips to keep your fuzzbutts healthy and happy? Join us then, for just such an opportunity at the upcoming 'Ferret Rescue Society Spa Day and ADV clinic'.
(see price list below)

The event will be held on Sunday April 20th from 1:00PM 4:00PM at the Jack Purcell Community Centre in downtown Ottawa. The Jack Purcell Community Centre is located at 320 Jack Purcell Lane; right off of Elgin Street.

As a bonus - if your furkids are enrolled in our complete spa package, their names will be entered in for ferret-inspired door prizes. Get an up to date ADV test just in time for the Spring Ferret Frolic! You don't want to miss this year's Frolic theme 'Pirates of the Rideau Canal'!

Oh, one other thing folks!  Haven't you always wanted to bring your furkids in to sit on Santa's knee at a shopping mall or pet supply store  to get that cute, professional quality shot?  Have you ever changed your mind just as quickly when you thought of the chaos this would cause, at a mall, your busy furkids in tow?  Kind of akin to attempting to bring a herd of two year olds to a toy store!  Well, this year we have a solution!  We are going to bring a photographer to you!  Basic photo packages will be available while a photographer joins us at the Spa day location!

So don't delay...

 * Don't forget, this is the last ADV clinic before the Spring Frolic! *

Price List

Total Spa Package   $20
All the wonderful items listed below!

Ear Treatment and Mite check:     $5
Offer your fuzzbut the best in ear care. With the use of a ferret ear cleaner (which promotes ear health and the prevention of ear mites) or mineral oil, our volunteer will wash away dirt and wax build-up from your ferret's ears.

Most ferrets will have ear mites (Otodectes cynotes) at some time in their lives, no matter how often we clean their ears. By collecting some ear debris and examining it under a microscope, our volunteers can detect ear mites or even their eggs before they cause irritation

Furdo and Conditioning:    $5
Since the fall shedding season is upon us, why not let one of our volunteers brush your ferret's coat? This is an important way to help prevent hairballs that could eventually cause blockages in their gastrointestinal tract.

Keep your ferret's coat soft, shiny, and sweet smelling with this ultimate pampering for your companion! Using one of two (2) specially formulated instant/dry application shampoos, we will give your fuzzy a dry-bath that will gently loosen dirt, dissolve oils, and deodorize your ferret's skin and coat. And since it's a dry bath, we're not stripping your ferret's coat of its essential oils!

Pawdicure $5
Who doesn't like a manicure or pedicure? So why not offer your furry companion on as well? Let one of our volunteers trim those nails before they get snagged in their bedding.

Dental Treatment $5

Just like us, ferrets need to have their teeth brushed. Let a team of our volunteers gently brush the sides and bottoms of their teeth in an effort to maintain proper dental hygiene.

Health Consultation $5

Ever wonder if you were performing a certain grooming task properly? Ever wonder if there was a little something extra you could do to maintain and/or even enhance the general health of your companion? Bring those questions with you while one of our volunteers takes a closer look at your friend and provides you with some basic care hints/tricks.

Total Spa Package $20
All the wonderful items listed above!

ADV Test $15

Photo Sitting Fee $10

Photo Package 1 TBD

Photo Package 2 TBD

Title: Re: Spa Day, ADV Test Clinc and MORE!
Post by: ferretfan on April 07, 2008, 06:06:01 AM
Important Notes

1)  Parking is available on Jack Purcell Lane and at the Elgin Street Public School off of Gilmour Street. For both lots, you must ask for a parking permit at the main desk of the community centre.

2)  There are two entrances to the event location.  We would prefer it if you entered via the exterior door on the South East corner (left side) of the building (just follow the signs).

Title: Re: Spa Day, ADV Test Clinc and MORE!
Post by: ferretfan on April 28, 2008, 03:04:09 PM
This email is to inform you that the Animal Health Lab has sent us the 
test results for the recent Aleutian disease testing you performed.

All 30 samples recieved were negative for Aleutian disease!