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Title: February 2008
Post by: ferretfan on February 04, 2008, 08:55:06 PM
Powder and Molly:  I'm afraid to say that Powder is not doing very good right now.  He's spending most of his days sleeping in his sleep sack and looks like a little old man.  There was even a couple of days where he didn't even want his soup, although he's back to eating normally again.  I tried mixing Molly, Powder, Cricket and Jingles together, but Jingles kept antagonizing Powder, which really didn't help things.  Now when I come home after work, I put Powder back in his cage and put Cricket and Jingles in the same room as Molly.  They don't play much together yet, but at least they don't attack each other either.  I'm running out of the hypoallergenic so have had to add regular TF to his food mix.  Hopefully it won't cause too many problems until the Hypoallergenic is available in Ottawa (should be later this month).

Cricket and Jingles:  Cricket is doing well, although she really needs someone to play with.  Jingles isn't very active these days, which leads me to suspect his tumour is causing him some grief.  He's due for a Lupron shot this week, so hopefully that will perk him up a little.

Pepi and Mindy:  Not much change with these two.  Mindy is the same age as Powder, but you would never know it.  She still flys out of the cage when it's soup time and will run around the room to make sure there are no intruders there.  Pepi is hanging in there, but is slowing down a little.

Peewee and Chase:  Peewee is doing well with his current dosage of Pred.  Both of them seem to enjoy being out in the bedroom overnight and in the mornings and Peewee has been known to curl up against my legs during the night.  Chase is still receiving 400mcg of Lupron each month, but I can see from the way he moves that it's not quite as effective as it was when we first started him on it.

Title: Re: February 2008
Post by: Weezilwitch on February 05, 2008, 12:19:41 PM
Pippin has shunned all of her carefully-selected rattly and jingly toys to play with a dented ping-pong ball.  It's easy for her to follow because it doesn't roll properly and stays within her reach.  Not really a "noisy" toy, but in her paws it is.  Every time I hear that scraping sound, I know she's having fun. 

Other than that, I'm at a loss to understand how the little dear can consistently use smell and memory tracking to find the restaurant, the carrier, the blanket piles, the toy stashes, the front door and any object she can have adventures with, but NOT the litterboxes.   :-\

Matilda is suffering through her daily exercise routines anything-but-stoicly.  She has not lost any weight since arriving at my place, but hopefully there is muscle replacing the fat?  She continues to need her bottom wiped for her, and I'm holding to a month between baths only by willpower.  She still doesn't like other animals of any kind.  Her most recent accomplishment is climbing into a pair of jeans through a smallish hole, in order to escape my tyranny.  She needed a little bit of help to get her bottom in, but her persistence was quite impressive (or possibly just evidence of my cruelty).  Her energy level seems to fluctuate, and I would really like to get her to the vet.

Title: Tika & Sock Bandit in January 2008
Post by: egammell on February 07, 2008, 09:42:50 PM
Tika's sneezing and wheezing turned into gasping and coughing for breath.  Her new treatment is now working well.  Details below.

Sock Bandit had a series of insulin crashes, so I've upped his medicine dose and this helps.  Is the power of prednizone wearing off, as it can? He's pretty frail, but holding on.  How long, I don't know.  Details below.

Full report for Tika:
Yes, it's enlarged heart, which allows fluid to build up around the heart and lungs.  Her attacks began coming seriously in the middle of the night when she had been lying down for a while and in deep sleep - usually having crawled under Sock Bandit and so also with his weight on her body.  It helped to lay her out and up on an angle (the old human first aid for a heart attack of keeping the patient semi-prone).   I also gave her small bits of banana for energy, with the potassium as a benign mild diuretic, which seemed to perk her up, too.  She would recover, lively and trotting around, eating kibble etc.  Nonetheless, hard on her - and hard on me waking up for an hour or so in the wee dark hours every night for a few nights until she could get in to the vet.

Trip to the vet Jan 8 for exam and x-rays.  She was prescribed anacard pills to stimulate the heart's strength: starting a pill every two or three days, while monitoring her tolerance to its druggy effect, graduating to a half pill each evening since she tolerates it just fine.  Anacard for animals is only available through the vet dispensary at their price.  She also has .15ml of diuretic at both a.m. and p.m. - this is from the Montreal Road human pharmacy, where the cost is less and the dispensing fee is half the price - also human formulation comes in a zippy orange 'Grand Marnier' flavour.  The pharmacist was concerned about how I was going to measure out such a small dose, since they give out honking big human plungers, but I have some small animal vet ones.  So long as I add a good drop of linatone, even with crushed half a pill of anacard - presto, the stuff is licked up with great enjoyment.

Full report for Sock Bandit:
His pediapred supply was renewed mid-month, with the confirmed dosage noted.  I was giving him that dosage, but within a few days of the new batch, he began consistently to crash much much sooner than his usual interval, twice quite badly.  I ended up doubling the dosage, again part in the a.m., part at night, and sometimes an extra dollop mid-afternoon if he looks a bit weak and I know I'm going to be out until late in the evening.

But what happened!?  Instead of eagerly poking his nose out to lap his medicine dose happily, he now gags and puts on a bitter expression when having the Pediapred!!!  Have they changed their formulation?  Has his biochemistry changed so it tastes different to him?

Also, at that time, I had started on duck soup cubes from another bag.  It struck me that often duck soup recipes call for some Enfalac or other supplement heavy on glucose, so that also may have been disastrous.  I made my own duck soup without calories but lots of healthy fats and protein -- amazingly, the ferrets actually like what I made  -  a first!

I moved them up from their regular cage into the upstairs bathroom, which is messier for me, but is closer so I can hear if Sock Bandit starts staggering around again in the wee hours of the morning.

He's frail, but hanging on.  His flesh is really falling away from his body in the typical pred pattern with pudge around his abdomen and at his elbows.  He's not going about too much, but usually makes two good tours per day of the main floor and keeps me company from the bathroom's central location.

Title: Re: February 2008
Post by: Fuzzie_fan on February 08, 2008, 09:48:42 AM

Sorry folks - it's been awhile since I posted.  Wiley started on Lupron in late December in addition to her Melatonin and she seems much more like her old self now (it's not that I object to carrying her around her feeding her soup off my fingers but I love to see her play with her buddies Taz and Liberty). 

She's still the quietest of my three but the return to dooking and war dancing with the it's time to play chase the mouse delights me beyond measure.

She's a smart little cookie too - my mother gifted the "kids" with a big rubber ball with raised Christmas trees on it for Christmas - a little big to play with although Wiley likes to carry it around and hide it.  Well turns out it is also a squeaky toy....  I have one in the house - it's kept out of ferret reach and it is my way to summon the troops (of course there are always treats involved on arrival).  Well imagine me deep into studying when I hear I high pitched squeak from upstairs (yes I set a new land speed record).  There is Wiley with the Christmas squeaky toy firmly wedged between wall and bookcase so she can get a good grip and squeeze!  Of course I was so impressed with her ingenuity she got a treat (as did Liberty who was frantically dancing around waiting since she had come as "summoned".  Foolishly I then went downstairs - you guessed - I got called right back by the squeaky toy summons - I may be the first fuzzy foster parent to be squeaky toy trained!  (It's been hidden now but I take out  every once in awhile - mostly because I'm a sucker for anything that seems to delight the kids).

Wiley's pals Taz and Liberty are well too.

Liberty has put on some winter weight and her coat has just come in beautifully, soft and dark - she is absolutely gorgeous!  She's also smart and creative - tough to keep her out of trouble but even tougher to get mad with her.

Taz still has her butterball figure but I think that just makes her the favourite to cuddle up with at night - she's soft and warm and always gentle (well except if you try to steal her soup!).  Recently she found a new place to sleep - it took me hours to find her - at the back of my utility room - behind bins and other things that don't get moved often I have a shelfing unit that contains items that aren't frequently used.  There is a plastic dishpan there that has my camping dishes (those really sturdy plastic ones).  Well when I finally found her she was curled up fast asleep in my soup bowl!!!  There are blankets and cosy little beds parked all over the house but give her a chance and she heads for that soup bowl everytime!