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Title: December 2007
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on December 04, 2007, 07:36:44 PM
Okay....so obviously my life is as crazy as can be and I finally have a moment to give the November update...in December. Yeesh.  :blink:

Digger: My little Digger princess is an absolute sweetheart.  She loves to snuggle and kiss and clean and such to keep her people in tip top shape...She starts with my ears, my eyebrows, hairline, what's this, my elbow appears dirty....lick lick kiss kiss....CHOMP.....hmmmmm....what a darling.  :P

Duke:  He's not quite on the website yet but we're getting there.  He's been with me a few weeks but had the infamous virus, 'that which shall not be named'....sooo, now that he's past all that nonsense, we have a splendid picture of the little devil.  This little guy looooovvvveeesssss people!  Not too sure if he wants to be a single, or if he's just super picky.

Snoopy: Poor Snoopers is not having a good run of things. Of all my ferrets, he has had the snot knocked out of him with the virus and just doesn't seem to want to get past it.  He has good days and bad. Good days he putters all over the country side doing the Snoopy thing and on bad days it's subcutaneous fluids and kao pectate.  Sigh.  Always a luv bug, we'll keep on top of things for the little pug nosed sweety.

Willy Wonka and Mavie: These two are hilarious!  They dook and run and attack and dook some more!  Who would have guessed Willy was fast approaching the age of 8.  They are the nicest ferrets and have single handedly destroyed my sofa......I love ferrets, I love ferrets, I love ferrets....my couch smells like ferret butt....I love ferrets....... :blink:

Cosmo:  I love Cosmo. He is a star.  He is more like a cat or dog then a ferret. He runs the house all day, never destroying anything, always using the litter box, and there if someone needs a hand with cleaning or laundry or something.....though he's not so good at stuff, he is moral support.  He doesn't like ferrets, at all.  Course, I say that and today, he and Potter were paling around for no particular reason.....ferret politics...yeesh?

Big Al Capone:  What a fun fuzzbutt....he's big, he's white and he is like a tornado.....loves everyone and everything and sort of resembles a crazed polar bear.

Cyrus and Moe: Cute pair and love to play!  Cyrus is a bit more laid back then his neurotic bro Moe.......

Dora: Too cute, too fuzzy....like a possessed Gund stuffy toy......

Pumkin or Grisou:  I hug him, I kiss him and love him and he is wonderful....and then he reaches around to bite me....oh well....progress......he is doing sooooooo much better though!  And man, does he look wonderful!!!!  His weight and health are phenomenal!  His previous mom and dad called to check on him the other day and may come and visit!  They will be impressed but we still have a long way to go!  He's safe and loved and has tons of fuzzy friends so life is good no matter!

Gwen and Finn: Gotta love these two. They play, they cuddle....hey, who wouldn't want this pair!?  I love seeing them go crazy when they first get out in the morning....too funnny!

Ladybug:  Two words:  HIGH MAINTENANCE  :blink:  She does not quit!  She looks wonderful and loves her people and ferrets.  Can pretty much handle anyone....I caught her the other day with Potter, Goliath, Miss Daisy and her groupies and there she was, having climbed the barrier, chummin' with the gang like she belonged and no one worried one way or another.  She just doesn't sleep and always wants to be out and about.  I try to put her with all shifts and let her run amok which does help....or maybe just fuels the fire.....oh well....what a fun ferret!!! She is like permanently 3 months old......

Fast Freddy:  Fun....Fun...Fun.....what more can I say......he's like an albino tazmanian devil......

Hmmm....I think that's all for now.....our virus, again, 'that which shall not be named' seems to have run it's course. Now it's just a matter of how long do we wait till we are in the clear?  I don't think I can handle anymore flat ferrets with diarrhea....... :unsure:

Until next month, folks! :P  

Title: December 2007
Post by: ferretlover4life on December 17, 2007, 03:27:12 PM
My gang is doing quite well.. Chase is on the mend and I think he may have actually gained a bit, and I stress A BIT, of weight.  He is still a very sad sight but he seems in good spirits.  He LOVES his duck soup but demands it from a syringe.  Isn't eating much kibble so I make sure he is getting the Glucerna boosted duck soup multiple times per day.  He sleeps A LOT but will occasionally get up and join the gang for a little exploration.  He has turned into quite the whiny pants now - if anyone gets too close and he isn't feeling good I hear him screaming.  I will go running to aid him thinking that he is being murdered only to find one of the others trying to clean him or snuggle him.  In Chase's eyes, cleaning and snuggling is reserved as a mommy job.  He actually got quite snippy with Potter the other day because Potter was being snuggled by me and being held in the same way that I hold Chase, on his back againt my chest.  Chase had been sleeping next to me and opened one eye to see Potter in HIS spot.  He got up on his weak little legs, stomped over to Potter and flopped down on his side, put his legs against potter, arched is back against my arm and started to push.  It was the CUTEST thing I have ever seen.  This poor, frail little fuzzy throwing such an intense fit of jealousy, trying to push one of the largest ferrets I have ever encountered off of me.  Needless to say, the very voluptuous Potter didn't budge but I did move him away and gave Chase his spot back.  What a suck!!!

Aside from all of that Chaseyman news, Potter and Goliath are off to the vet on Friday for the implants so all should be good with them.  I am happy to report that Goliath's fur is actually growing back on his tail.  For a while I didn't think I would see that but it has fully grown in and he looks great.  My whole gang has put on quite a bit of weight - a mix of seasonal weight gain and them stealing Chase's duck soup while I am not looking (LOL).

Title: December 2007
Post by: ferretfan on December 17, 2007, 07:10:56 PM
There hasn't been much change with my group of fosters since last month

Cricket and Jingles have settled into the routine here... soup and a short play time in the morning and then when I return home they have the run of my office and get more soup when it's bed time.

Molly has been doing more late night excursions into my bed lately... usually looking for some toes to nibble on.  Fortunately there's usually a blanket between my toes and her teeth.  Her playmate Power has been spending more and more time sleeping lately so Molly needs some extra attention.  

Powder is hanging in there. He still has good and bad poop days.  I've added some pure pumkin to his soup to help slow it's passage through his system and it's helped somewhat.  My goal over the holidays is to call Sandy Hill (again), Berry's and Global to see who can order the Totally Ferret Hypoallergenic food for me.

Pepi and Mindy are still up their same old tricks.  On the few days when I try and sleep in, the "ferret alarm" usually goes off telling me it's time for their soup and to let them play in the bedroom.  

Peewee # 2 and Chase # 2 are still doing good. It's been a couple of months since Peewee has crashed, which is a really big relief for me.  Chase still dribbles, but he's on a maximum does of Lupron so there's not much more we can do.

Splash and Mowgli (Mr. Mowgles) are now best pals.  They spend the days in the bedroom chasing, playing and attacking each other.  I still keep them in separate cages with the hope that Mowgli will soon find the permanent home he deserves (his only vises are he wants to steal the socks off your feet and he plays really hard with other ferrets).  Splash still has a bit of a mean/scared streak in her.  She trys to play with her humans with the same intensity as she does with ferrets.. only problem is it HURTS us hoomans.  She still dives for cover when you make a loud noise and trashes her cage if you don't let her out soon enough in the morning.


Title: December 2007
Post by: ferretlover4life on December 22, 2007, 10:20:11 PM
Just a quick update on Potter and Goliath... They both visited with Daren on Friday and he was very impressed with their beautiful coats.  He palpated both of them and couldn't feel a tumor on either.  Because of Potter's aggressive behavior and urine dribbling he was given a Luepron injection while we wait for more implants to come in.  Because Goliath has never been surely diagnosed as adrenal and Daren couldn't feel anything, he has suggested evening doses of oral Melatonin.  I will start him on this this week and will closely watch him.  I think that we should have him looked at again once the implants are available as he does exhibit some aggressive behavior althought it's more prey based as opposed to sexual.  I am working on correcting the biting issues that have come up in case this is a behavioral issue as opposed to adrenal.  

Title: December 2007
Post by: ferretfan on December 27, 2007, 08:26:44 PM
I just had to share this video with everyone. Splash and Mowgli received a new ball for Christmas and had lots of fun playing with it while I had my camera out..  and now that I've got some video editing software I managed to put this clip together for all to see (future clips will be better quality once my new camera arrives)....

Splash and Mowgli and their new ball (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZvnCRQCO6w)