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Title: Hello from ITALY
Post by: Vivy on October 11, 2004, 11:28:19 AM
HI to everybody!
I'm Viviana From Milan,  Italy!
I'm the proud friend of 5 fantastic ferrets,
Cesare, marshall, 3 years old sable
Nerone, marshall, 2.9 years old, dark sable
Morgana, marshall, 2.6 years old, undefined color -maybe, siamese mitt  :)
Spike, adopted,neutered when I've adopted him,2.2 years old, dark sable
Piper, adopted, neutered, above 3 years(maybe more), sable, blind on one eye(he has cataract), almost aggresive with dogs because has lived in a dogs shelter for some week..e maybe he has been scared..
my female dog zorba, very nice with the ferrets, some problems with Piper, but zorba is very good ! she is 3 years old and she comes from a dog shelter too.
I found your website while i'm searching some samples of ferret associations that take care of deserted ferrets. I'm in the italian ferret association -furettomania(ferretmania in english  ;)  ), and we take care about many ferrets found on the road, about those that peopel don't want anymore and so on :o(
In Italy the ferrets are starting to take success, and in the same directions goes deserted ferrets :(
how is the situations in your country!
we have had in 2003, 100 ferrets deserted and successfully adopted, but in 2004 we have reached the numbers of 2003 in only 6 months ..
nice to meet everyone

Title: Hello from ITALY
Post by: ferretfan on October 11, 2004, 06:08:08 PM
Hi Viviana and welcome to our forums!

I cannot say what other groups in our country are experiencing, but we are noticing a slight increase in the number of ferrets being surrendered to our shelter this year.  Last year we received 41 ferrets (we serve an area with about 1 million people in it).  So far this year, we have received 38 ferrets, and there's still 2 months to go.  I'm not certain if this is the result of increased popularity of ferrets, or if it's due to a lot of press coverage we have received recently (we've taken in 6 ferrets in the past month).



Title: Hello from ITALY
Post by: Vivy on October 12, 2004, 03:35:44 AM
hi lynn, and thanks for the welcome!
here in Italy not everyone knows ferrets needs, and often people buy this animlad thinking is like a hamster or similar!
often they call us because the ferrets smell, or bite!
in occasion of the last national beauty party for ferrets we hav had 30 ferrets for adoption, and fortounately everyone has found home!
now we have two ferrets for adoptions,
one, teddy who has neurological problems :( his human mum has not haved the courage to treat him (he has also epilettic crisis), and decides to give teddy to our association...now he is under veterinary controls but at home of one of our best member who is taking care of him with love. we all hope he can go better, but aftes a TAC we discover he is idrocefalus..:o( we hope !
another who maybe has cardiological problems, but we are not sure yet.
for ex. taddy comes form a irresponsible breeder :@ who has not take care about the puppis in the correct way and maybe he has also crossed bllod related subjects , because other teddy's brothers has had problems (one of them has born without eyes!). irresponsible breeder are dangerous!
we oblige the neutering in alla adopted ferrets, but it is not enough.
where do you carry the diserted fetters? do you have a structure or as we, you take them to members who can take care of ferretrs until the adoption? we do not have enough money to have a structure like dog house, and sometimes we have too many deserted ferrtes and not enough temporary adoptions voulonteers :o(

bye bye

Title: Hello from ITALY
Post by: ferretfan on October 16, 2004, 04:23:17 PM
Hi Viviana,

Being a small group, we must rely on the generosity of our foster families to take care of our shelter ferrets.  As with you, we have a difficult time finding good foster homes to take care of all the ferrets we have.  This month is proving to be especially bad with all our foster homes full, and a number of new ferrets arriving.  We do the best we can, but it can be overwhelming at times.