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Title: New to the forum
Post by: Fuzzie_fan on November 14, 2007, 09:52:40 AM
Hi all,

I'm new to the site / forum and just wanted to say hello.

My lovely nieces "gifted" me on my birthday with a certificate to adopt a little fuzzy person from the FRSO.  I cam home with three!

I'm the proud and adoring person privileged to share my home with Liberty and Taz (I've adopted) and Wiley who won my heart and assured this lilttle business was coming home with me.

Wiley is a foster with the FSRO kindly assuming her ongoing vet bills but she really has found her forever home.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.

Title: New to the forum
Post by: FerretsR4Me on November 14, 2007, 10:05:08 PM
Welcome Fuzzie!

Congratulations on jumping into Ferret World! Once a ferret has loved you there is no going back!

I'm so glad to see Taz and Wiley still together. You did a good thing! :)

And Doctor Auger and the staff at Blair are the best there is! Your new charges are in good hands!


Title: New to the forum
Post by: Fuzzie_fan on November 14, 2007, 11:42:48 PM
Hi FerretsR4Me!

Thanks for the warm welcome.

This is my second time around.  My first little friend Digger spent just over three years with me before I lost the little guy after a brave fight with cancer.  It took a long time before I was ready to do it again but my nieces gave me that final push and then I went out to visit all the kids...

Well it was a miracle I only came home with three (I still wonder how Digger from the shelter is doing - that was really hard!).  Wiley just stole my heart though and I knew she and Taz (who is also a delightful, gentle funny lady) couldn't be separated.  I was only planning on two but Liberty was bunking in with them and it seemed so wrong to leave something so little all on her own....

Liberty is tiny but she is one concentrated little package of energy and enthusiasm.  Nothing stops her, she has no fear and loves to explore and play!  She often drives me to distraction but somehow the impulse to be really angry with her melts before I've finished bending down to pick her and the worst scolding she sever seems to get is a "You little minx....  what have you done now?" while she is getting a little cuddle (that is punishment enough - she doesn't see any reason to be held when there are places to go and things to see!).

Title: New to the forum
Post by: Viper on November 15, 2007, 08:38:40 AM
Always fun to read such happy stories...

Welcome aboard!

Title: New to the forum
Post by: xrayspex on November 30, 2007, 08:33:42 AM
I am glad you gave you gave the ferrets a home (3....OH MY GOD!!!) You must be a ferret lover at heart to do something so generous. I am sometimes wistful that I don't live in the Ottawa area simply to be close to the FRSO. My wife and I would love to devote some of our time to fostering fuzzies. We love them so much. If we had lived in the Ottawa area I would have applied for multiple adoption and given fosters a home. It is difficult for me to go to that section and see all the homeless ferrets with some of the issues they have. It makes me very sad. I can't even go to the Rainbow Bridge section or I will cry!!!! Thats what happened when I read about Oscars passing on November the 14th....I only got that far... :rolleyes: ....what a sap I am.........!!!!!!!!

Title: New to the forum
Post by: Fuzzie_fan on November 30, 2007, 10:16:30 PM
Not a sap at all - I sob when read them!  Face it these little furry people worm their way into your heart so easily!

My house just wouldn't be the same without them (that is true on many levels I suppose but almost all of them are positive) I wouldn't smile nearly so often without my little team of morale boosters.

I'm having a really hard time talking myself out of maybe making it four....  that can't be much more incremental effort right?    ;)  

Title: New to the forum
Post by: FerretsR4Me on December 01, 2007, 10:04:17 AM
Add me to the sap list.

I bawl when I risk going into the Rainbow Bridge section. It broke my heart to see little Oscar there when I noticed he was missing from the regular list.

As for adding one more? It might be a bit more work, but it's a lot more love.