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Title: Hello!
Post by: Gerrawr'd on November 13, 2007, 09:35:06 AM
everyone! Ive never owned a Ferret but I cant wait to get one!! My friends had one growing up, and I just loved going over to their place just to see it!!

anyway, I can't cait to learn more about these little beauties!

cheers  :D  

Title: Hello!
Post by: xrayspex on December 05, 2007, 12:00:00 PM
Please be sure & "read all about it" before you take the plunge. The consequences are drastic for the ferret if it doesn't work out for you. Please consider adoption from the society if you are in the Ottawa area rather than purchasing a brand new kit. Since it would be your first ferret they would help you choose one that would suit your "experience level". Some biting skills are necessary for certain ferrets who have had rough lives thru no fault of their own and tend to "nip" a little sharply. I'm sure the society can help you out with this. Be sure to mention you are a first time owner but above all...BE SURE you want one...BE SURE you can fulfill all of its needs. Good luck in your ferret endevour.....

Title: Hello!
Post by: FerretsR4Me on December 09, 2007, 09:59:16 AM
Welcome Gerrawr'd

There's nothing quite like being loved by a ferret! You've come to the right place for information and support!

Just be sure you're up for the commitment! Read as much as you can get your hands on  so you and your new baby will have a great life together!