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Title: November 2007
Post by: ferretfan on November 12, 2007, 08:23:37 PM
Cricket and Jingles returned to us almost a month ago.  Both have re-adjusted quite well and certainly have had no problems switching to our food mix as they've been doing their best to empty their food bowl each day.  They're both a little overweight, although that may be due to the fact they both have enlarged spleens.  These two are pretty quiet and laid back... likely due to their advancing age.  Cricket is her cute self and likes to strike a pose to get your attention.  Mr. Jingles went to the vet tonight and it was confirmed he has a large right adrenal tumor.  He's now on monthly Lupron shots to control the size and effects of the tumor.  He just takes it all in stride... as long as he gets his daily soup he's content.

Molly is doing well, although she does get bored/tired fairly quickly.  She does enjoy the occasional late night/early morning visit into the bed as it seems to be her favorite toy (especially when there are moving feet to chase down).  She still has a sharp nip when playing, and given her age will likely always have it.

Pepi and Mindy are doing OK.  Pepi's fur is getting a little rougher, but he hasn't seemed to notice it.  He still loves to play and will tug on your feet to get your attention.  As for Mindy, you definitely know when she's due for her Lupron shot.  She sleeps less and will pace in her cage until you let her out (of course, 5 minutes after you let her out, she can be found snoozing in a cozy corner).  She also get's into small arguments with Pepi which probably causes Mommy more distress than it does either one of them.

Powder is hanging in there.  His IBD is only partially under control so he has good poop days and bad (smelly) poop days.  On his good days, he's happy and has lots of energy to play with Molly.  On his bad days he usually spends most of his time snoozing.

Peewee # 2 and Chase # 2 are doing good.  We've got PeeWees Pediapred dose balanced out now and he hasn't crashed in over a month.  Chase is still getting 400mcg of Lupron each month to control his tumor as best we can.

Splash has a new friend!  Mowgli came to us when Cricket and Jingles returned.  Much to our surprise, these two have become great playmates.  It definitely helps that they're both young, healthy and full of energy.  We're still keeping them in separate cages as I don't think it will be long before Mowgli finds a new home and I expect Splash will be with us for a while unless someone wants to deal with a ferret that can bite hard at times.  Of course Mowgli has some bad habits... mostly due to his excessive energy levels.  He does love to seal socks... and will try to take them off your feet (watch your toes!).  He's also been known to climb on to and into things he shouldn't and has already destroyed one table lamp by grabbing the cord and trying to stash it.

Title: November 2007
Post by: ferret3 on November 13, 2007, 11:05:11 PM
Alice continues to do well, considering her age. She is eating and sleeping as normal for her age- lots of sleeping. She enjoys her playtime and continues to try and steal dog food at any opportunity!  She is very excited every morning to get out and play....hunt for dog food.  She has begun losing some hair off of her tail and has recently begun to lose some weight. Behaviourly she has begun to use her entire cage area as a bathroom- so much for the perfectly trained fuzzy, I guess when you are her age you get to go whenever and wherever you want.

Title: November 2007
Post by: Fuzzie_fan on November 14, 2007, 03:43:13 PM
Wiley and her cage mates Taz and Liberty came home with me at the beginning of September.

Wiley won my heart right off the bat and she continues to demonstrate her sweet disposition - she's first up in the morning so she can get some alone time with her person and always greets me with little ferret kisses when I lift her out of her cage.  She's the fuzzy most likely to be just under my feet - she likes to know what I'm doing and loves "helping out" with dishes (by climbing into the dishwasher to inspect placement) or laundry (by leaping on my piles to make sure they are nicely compacted and don't come unsorted!).  

Wiley and her buddies have won over the extended family as well - my nieces and nephews insist on regular play dates; my brother-in-law has hand crafted a lovely cedar ramp for them to use to get in and out of their ferret nation cage on their own and my sister arrived a few weeks ago with a dozen home made baby fleece blankets for them to cuddle in (the ferrets have more linens than I do what with the new blankets and fuzzy bath towels).

Wiley's health appears good - she had a bit of the sniffles last week but duck soup and a little extra nap time where all she seemed to need to get back on her feet.  She'll be back at Dr. Auger's in December for another shot but she doesn't even notice that huge syringe that I think is so horrible looking - the miracles of FerretTone as a distraction - she really does love that stuff (and her chicken chew sticks, and her Bandits...  nothing wrong with the little lady's appetite.


Title: November 2007
Post by: Weezilwitch on November 15, 2007, 10:05:17 PM
I'm very pleased to report that Dahlila was taken to her new home on November 4th.  My information is that she is doing well.  Hopefully she has indeed found her "forever home" and will be happy living with her new family and their other ferret.

Pippin is doing well, although she is quite quiet these days, and doesn't do a lot of playing.  It's possible she's missing Dahlila, since they were playmates while Dahlila lived with me.  I haven't been interacting with her much, since I've been knocked out by a nasty virus.  Hopefully the lethargy is a temporary thing, and she'll perk up when I have more time to play with her.

Title: November 2007
Post by: dragonsparks on November 20, 2007, 10:42:38 AM
Well, Smash and Crash seem to be settling in amazingly, they can be highly amusing to watch sometimes!! Crash likes to bite on legs and fingers sometimes, so we're working on that, but other than that, all is well!! We certainly enjoy having the little buggers, although the cats still aren't too sure what to do about them yet!!

Title: November 2007
Post by: ferretlover4life on November 22, 2007, 01:03:54 PM
My home was hit with the GI infection that a couple of the other homes ended up with.  My gang all had the green slimies but Chase was the only one that it really affected.  Chase ended up in emergency care for a number of days with surgery as the end result.  He is recovering comfortably at home and seems to be doing well although he is pretty sleepy most of the time.  Everyone else is doing well and the diarhea has subsided for the most part.  I am gone for a week and half starting Sunday and 5 of the 7 fosters I have will stay with Beth while Chase and QB will come with me to London, ON so they can receive more one on one care.  I would like to know Goliath and Potter's more complete health history if we have it.  Overall, the gang is happy and healthy with not much else to report.  :D