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Title: October 2007 (about September)
Post by: egammell on October 07, 2007, 10:57:21 PM
Sock Bandit:  crises crises.  Wobbly hind legs turn out to be weakness from borderline insulin levels.  The insulinoma has caused a few attacks, one very alarming one when I returned late one evening to find him in seizure with one side paralyzed.   Rushed to emergency hospital - assumed the worst but all of us (including staff) were amazed when he responded to glucose iv in half an hour and began stumping around in the incubator box.  He went for follow-up vet visit next morning to adjust frequency and dose of Pediapred.  He also was officially diagnosed adrenal and had a Lupron shot, which seems to have reduced his marking behaviour.  Post crisis this month, he has been enjoying regular feeds of warm delicious mush and more frequent yummy medicine.  Although not jumping or running around, he manages stairs for his daily surveillance patrol.  Up for very gentle playing in bag or box or corner of a chair under a throw pillow.  His fur is still thinning, however.  Also, the effect of his cataracts is becoming more noticeable, as he sometimes brushes into narrow chair legs.

Tika doing well.  Had her Lupron shot end of September, which seemed to cool down her pestering of Sock Bandit again.

Title: October 2007 (about September)
Post by: Weezilwitch on October 21, 2007, 11:39:23 PM
Dahlila arrived at my place on the first of the month.  WOW, is she ever a bundle of energy!  She loves to play, and tugs on my socks when she's feeling bored.  She was getting picked on by the other ferrets a lot at first, but she is now standing up for herself.  She's a screamer, and sometimes needs s brief time-out to help her calm down.  She's too wiggly to cuddle much, but she has crawled up the back of my shirt to sleep snuggled against my back.  Except for a reprehensible tendency to poop on the floor, she is quite well behaved.  The pooping situation is slowly improving.  One factor that is probably contributing: she's been having some runny poops, probably stress-related, which I'm keeping my eye on.

Pippin's neck is nice and smooth, meaning she's no longer being picked on by the other ferrets.  She still squeals when scuffles occur, but she's holding her own well.  Her litterbox habits have greatly improved as well - I simply have to remember that she potties as soon as she wakes up, so any sleeping place she uses must be near a litterbox.