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Title: September 2007 Report (about August)
Post by: egammell on September 03, 2007, 06:47:40 PM
Tika & Sock Bandit:

FoF (Friend of Ferrets) kindly was to have looked after them for most of August while I was away on a work project, in the comfort of their familiar visiting condominium chez FoF.  FoF however was not able to do so after mid-August.  I made a flying visit back to Ottawa on the weekend to transfer them to Suzanne M. & Team, who again heroically stepped forward.  The ferrets thus had another month of summer camp, with lots of attention and nutrition.

Suzanne and Team use S'wheat as litter rather than the pellets.   Both ferrets seemed to be more willing than they usually are to use the litterbox during this visit.  Will investigate.

According to report received: Tika did NOT bite either Team member this time and was rather well-behaved.  She went to camp with her dose of Lupron, but I do not know the date she had it: it would have been the week of August 6.  At the end of the month, her adrenal symptoms were under good control, but will be time to have another shot soon.

Sock Bandit was switched back to brand name Prednizone (Suzanne & Team taking on nuisance of fetching next bottle from pharmacy when I missed unusually early closing on transfer weekend).  Much more palatable.  

Team commented his hind legs were tottery, perhaps because they were at the cottage rather than the more usual carpets at their house.    He always has had a funny stiff gait, and his feet skate out at odd angles from under his body on non-carpeted floors.  However, I too see he is indeed noticeably unsteadier.  It seems to be the hind right that is weaker or perhaps hurts and then the left isn't strong enough to compensate.  On carpet he is better.  

Fur thin, starting to mark objects occasionally, so time to consult about adrenal.  Of course, he could just be frazzled by Tika running around like a lunatic and constantly pestering him as he goes about...  

Title: September 2007 Report (about August)
Post by: Weezilwitch on September 19, 2007, 12:01:26 AM
Pippin seems to be doing quite well.  Her latest accomplishment is falling off things, like chairs and humans - something of a milestone for a completely blind ferret who used to  be terrified of heights!  She's even walked out of her cage when I didn't come to lift her down quickly enough - fell almost two feet to the floor and walked away muttering to herself.  I take it she feels more confident now.  

This evening she went and found her nemesis, Charlotte, sleeping in a cat carrier.  She sniffed and nudged at Charlotte until Charlotte woke up and looked around, then Pippin said something VERY rude in ferretese and ran away!  I'd say she's adjusting socially - sort of.

Her litter box habits, alas, are still deplorable.

Title: September 2007 Report (about August)
Post by: ferretfan on September 21, 2007, 03:00:48 PM
Pepi and Mindy are doing well.  Mindy is still a bit agressive and will grab Pepi by the neck at seemingly random times (he's 3 times her size and she gets away with it!).  Both still play hard and are a lot of fun to watch.  Just watch out though, as they do nip a little when they're excited.  Pepi only had a couple of minor vomit incidents the past month,

We have managed to cut Powders meds in half (he's still on .03cc of Pred and 1/4 tablet of Amoxicillian a day) by making him a turkey based soup out of Wellness 95% meat and Turkey baby food.  If I ever find the TF Hypoalergenic ferret food in Ottawa, I'll try switching him to it so that he has no chicken in his diet.  Molly is doing well, but could use a playmate with a little more energy.  She still has an attitude and will nip hard when she doesn't get her way.

Peewee is receiving .04cc of Pred twice a day and has been relatively stable.  There were a couple of close calls where an agressive Chase triggered a stress related attack, but we caught it early and avoided a total crash. Chase received a Melatek implant in addition to his Lupron to reduce the effects of his large adrenal tumour.  He still dribbles a little, but no longer has problems peeing.  

Delightful Dahlila.  Need I say more?  She's a cute, happy, fun ball of energy. Her only vices are she grabs at socks when you aren't playing with her and she doesn't always hit the litter box when she's out of her cage.  We haven't introduced her to other ferrets due to a lack of time, but will hopefully try soon as this little girl needs a playmate so she doesn't get bored.

Splash hasn't changed much.  She has more energy than Dahlila and a worse bite than Molly.  Lots of fun to watch when she's playing - especially when she's splashing around in the large water dish... just watch your hands or she may invite you to play with a sharp nip.  A great ferret for someone who doesn't mind the love bites!