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Title: June 2007
Post by: Kalimata on June 01, 2007, 07:02:44 PM
Nothing especially exciting happened this month with the fosters, so thats a good thing!

Jack:  Doing very well, keeping his weight up, and puttering.  Enjoyed playing with his Grandma and Grandpa who stayed with him for the month.  Still goes all spaz and jumps around while playing, too cute.

Laurel and Hardy:  These boys are same as always.  Hardy was chewing up a section of his tail, but some vitamin E seemed to help that, maybe he was just itchy.  Both boys got their Distemper and Rabies this month, and were such good boys too.  Other than that, same as usual.

As a point of interest, we now let two of our personal buisness run with the foster kids.  Mars and Buster Bear are allowed out to play with the fosters, because they are the most laid back monkeys ever.  No fights, none whatsoever, and they all sleep together too :D


Title: June 2007
Post by: ninjaferrets on June 06, 2007, 12:58:56 PM
Nothing out of the ordinary to tell...
Chase is still a wacko little dude. Of course, he still hides under my bed and runs out to jump on me and go nuts. I'm convinced he thinks he'll be able to take me down by doing that. Obviously, he's not strong enough to knock me over! Way too cute! Especially since I expect him to do it when he's all hyper.
QB has lost all his winter weight and is looking trimmed. Still loves his duck soup and pooping outside of the litter-boxes. *sigh* (Chase does it too!)
For the three girls that do use their litter-boxes all the time...whoot!
Roxy still does her little hissing when she's not in the mood to play with the others. She still thinks she's the little princess and doesn't seem to get into things like the others. I haven't seen her pig out on duck soup yet either. Talk about watching her weight!
Maggie is still that little flash of dark that you see zip by in the corner of your eye. She's the greatest when it comes to where she does her business. She'll run from one end of the room to the other to hop in a littler-box. It's totally awesome!
Little Miss Daisy...gees, for the first time in a couple months, I found her and one of my little ones duking it out. No idea why! Ah well, they're both fine. Guess they wanted to see who was more macho! Silly girls.

Title: June 2007
Post by: Viper on June 11, 2007, 08:55:10 AM
Storm visited Dr. vet on Friday. Turns out that she had a rotten tooth.  :(  Since it had decayed all the way down to the root, it made for a quick extraction. Dr. vet also believes that she might have had an insulinomic seizure so we'll have to keep an eye on her. That being said, she's been doing great over the weekend as she has been dancing and enjoying some longer play time. She's also built up a nice stash of toys and has laid claim to a fuzzy-sized sofa that she sleeps on when she's out of the cage. Not to mention the fact that she's still a duck soup monster!  :P

Angel has gained some weight since arriving over a month ago.  :)  Still loves her soup and isn't shy to pig out on the kibble. Her eye remains swollen due to the cataract but she isn't showing any sign that it's disturbing her. Although she's been quiet, we believe that she settling in and perhaps even enjoying her new home as she just loves to be picked-up and cuddled by her new foster dad (who has received loads of kisses on the nose for the effort).

Title: June 2007
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on July 02, 2007, 09:38:20 AM
Hello all....now I'm posting my June update a tad late but this has been an especially busy month......which for me is absolute chaos!

Chelsea- I said goodbye to this dear friend this month. Very sad but I knew that it was time.  She deserves to be free and she will join the others that we've all lost over the year on the rainbow bridge.  :(

Dora and Salt- These two sweethearts came to me within a week of each other and I lost both to undiagnosed diseases within a few days.  Dora possibly had some sort of  lymphocarcinoma of the bowel while Salt had a particularily angry and inoperable adrenal cancer.  Losing three of these beautiful girls within a couple of weeks has been tough to say the least but that is what my commitment entails....it's the good with the most definately not-so-good.  As you all know, I love them all.  :(

Digger- How about some good news....Digger has flipped her lid.....oh, and she looks great........I'm now selling 'Digger Hats'....they were very popular at this spring's frolic.  :P

Oscar and Tala - Looking good kids!  Their weight is fantastic!  What a fun older couple!

Goliath - He's nutso too........saw the vet and we have to watch for IBD issues. Otherwise, healthy, active, playful....and how!!!!!!  :blink:

Gyno- He loves to be loose in the main part of the house and since he's so sweet, we normally oblige.  Would be a great single ferret because he does nothing wrong and loves to putter around with the odd frisky moment.

Gwen and Finn - They eat jumping beans every morning.........

Smash and Crash - Say their names out loud...need I say more?!....

Potter #2- Well...when he's ripping around the house chasing the 80 lbs dog and jumping at ankles and smashing into walls and such, dooking all the way....it's hard to imagine that he almost died......he is far from such a fate now!!!!!!!!

Bojangles- We had a bit of a scare and some antibiotics but that really hasn't slowed this cool cat down one bit! B)

Panda - Fast becoming a permanent resident....yeesh...she is so gorgeous and playful but has that frustrating tendency to see a bare arm and tag it just because.  Oh well.....gotta love her.

Snoopy - Doin' his thang the way he does.

Grisou - aka Pumpkin.....big....soft...gorgeous but an attitude akin to a petulent child throwing a tantrum when things don't go his way. Well, that sort of behaviour will get you no attention here my friend...plus I move faster than he does.  ;)  He's doing well and improving everyday.  I try to cart him around as much as possible and he's beginning to regard my affection with indifference and boredom as opposed to frustration and fear.  In due time friends.........

Ladybug - As with all babies, she's cute and active.....her baby biting needs some work.........where's auntie Jen when you need her?........ :P

Cosmo - He's taken Chelsea's spot in that he's no longer caged and putters around doing his thing.  His weight was poor and he seemed depressed but this is definately having a positive affect and he's been attacking people recently so we're quite pleased....... :D

Wiley and Taz- I love this pair!!!!! They may be adopted/ fostered.....they are too fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

I may have missed ferrets......I'm so confused....I'll do my July update in a few weeks and try to get stuff figured out until then........... :blink:


Title: June 2007
Post by: egammell on August 05, 2007, 07:51:52 AM
Tika & Sock Bandit were staying with He-Who-Shall-Not-Be Named at their alternative pied--terre condo for the first half of May.  All went well, in familiar surroundings with their familiar FoF (Friend of Ferrets).  

Tika had her Lupron shot May 26.  Vulva just starting to swell again, but otherwise in fine fettle.

Sock Bandit continues 1ml Pediapred each evening (am using the leftover prescription from the late Rainbow Bridge Mocha).  I've been giving him extra chicken-and-kibble mush, but he seems to be getting scraggy - hope it is just the usual summer cycle.