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Title: March 2007
Post by: ferretfan on March 05, 2007, 12:40:31 PM
During the past month, we were thinking that Lances time was near. Once again he's fighting back and proving us wrong.  His weight was as low as 700g, but he's been eating all his soup lately (most of it on his own too) and his weight is slowly climbing again.  He's also shown a little more energy and activity so it looks like he's going to be with us for a while longer.

Teemu (aka Thumper) is still with us.  His skin tumours are still causing him to itch alot resulting in the nickname of Thumper.  He's still active and likes to check out the main floor when given the opportunity.

Pepi scared me on the weekend as he had a full day where he vomited everything he ate or drank.  Fortunately it ended as quickly as it started and by Sunday he was eating normally again.   We added a new rice box to the toy collection during the month and Pepi has enjoyed digging in it alot.

Mindy is due to see the vet this week as the Melatek implants arrived.  She's still showing subtle adrenal signs (fur, skin, behaviour) so we're hoping this will help her out.  Otherwise she's an active, happy little girl who loves playing with humans and Pepi.

Cricket, Pixie and Jingles are all doing relatively well.  One of them has a touch of runny poop, but it's not serious.  It's fun to play with this trio - as long as you don't mind the nips from Pixie.  Cricket is also enjoying the new rice box.

Title: March 2007
Post by: ferret3 on March 11, 2007, 12:48:07 AM
Alice continues to fair well. She is eating, drinking and eliminating as normal. She shows no signs of illness-eyes clear, coat healthy and full, no discharge from anywhere...

She loves to chase her favourite toy, our cat Gabby! They have such fun chasing each other, with Alice always the victor. She also enjoys pawing at our dog's nose through her cage- much to the dogs excitement. They seem to enjoy looking at each other, but of course the dog is never allowed near Alice!

Alice enjoys her play time, running around the house, visiting us and finding ferret treasures-like socks. She even climbs back into her cage when she is done playing and wants to sleep or when she needs to use the washroom! She sleeps most of the rest of the time-she is old, although she does get up to go sleep in different areas of her cage or to eat- she likes to sleep on every level of her cage, four sleeping areas, the life of a Princess which I assure you she thinks/knows she is!

Title: March 2007
Post by: egammell on March 11, 2007, 11:35:12 PM
Eventful month:

Tika:  nothing terrible happened to her in February!  She continues frisky while awake, although she is gradually sleeping more - as are we all as we get older!  She showed no symptoms of adrenal condition, although by very late February and early March it began to be time for another Lupron shot.

Sock Bandit had a crisis.  He has always showed good health and his only issue was being bothered by ear mites more than the others were.  One fine February morning he collapsed into insulin shock.  He had not shown any symptoms at all.  I've seen other ferrets start to lose tone and weight and do the 'space out' stare, but not Sock B.  Very exciting event, as I had no fruit or sugar in the house and had to run next door to borrow the proverbial 'cup of' from the unilingual Bulgarian grandmother babysitting my neighbours' daughter.

Sugar on his gums halted the collapse, but he didn't rebound.  After some discussion with the usual vet clinic, in the end I rushed him into the office of my former vet who had looked after my own ferrets many years ago.  He phoned in advice to his colleague on site (a rabbit man), who put Sock onto i.v. treatment.  the treatment took the whole day to stabilize his blood sugar level.  Next day I collected him, to find him eating heartily and in good spirits.  Since then, he has had daily doses of Pediapred to encourage the sugar level not to drop and I've been more alert about his duck soup helpings to be sure he's eating (that usually has not been my concern with Sock!).  He also was annointed with systemic mite medicine, which seems to have done the trick - or at least kept the mites down to a non-irritating level.

Alas, the next morning, in the midst of all this, both Skyler (who's bladder has gradually been choked off by enlarged prostate due to his long-term adrenal condition) and Mocha (who had been gallantly hanging on thanks to Lupron shots, and other medicines) went into crisis.  No options were left to 'fix' their problems, so rather than allowing them to continue in discomfort, they were gently eased over that rainbow bridge.    

Title: March 2007
Post by: ferretfan on March 12, 2007, 11:43:56 AM
Bear has responded well to his Prednasone treatment for his Insulinoma.  As a result, he's a lot more active and is actually playing again.  Power's diarrhea has finally been solved with a regular dose of amoxacilin, which is making everyone much happier!

Title: March 2007
Post by: ninjaferrets on March 13, 2007, 12:13:37 AM
Hmmm, let's start with...Chase! He's been super active, always running around, rolling and wrestling with QB. Gets the runs from time to time, usually wears off within the day, but sometimes is so active he doesn't stay in the litter-box long enough to empty his bowels and it ends up on the floor. Whoops! :blink:
QB hasn't been up to anything out of the ordinary. Is forever running around, of course with Chase, and is quite nosey. As soon as I get to doing something, his little nose is poking around seeing what he can get himself into.
Roxy, the little princess, has been been pretty laid back, walking around, making sure everyone is doing what they're supposed to, hissing like crazy, for no apparent reason! It's like it's her way, or the highway!
Maggie still likes to make it clear that she's the dominant one with my two. She's calmed down enough to get herself into trouble with the others. She's started eating more duck soup, but not enough to fatten her up. We'll have to see about this...
Miss Daisy, the hyper little silver ball! She's always running around, hiding toys, playing with the others. Whenever I can't find her, she's curled up in my bed, keeping it warm. Yay for not jumping into a cold bed at the end of the day!  :D  

Title: March 2007
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on March 22, 2007, 12:32:30 PM

As you are all aware, I brought Potter in to Beechwood at about 3pm on tuesday afternoon. Potter is a group of 4 that came together. The previous owner denies any knowledge of any previous medical problems but did state that they may not have been on the best of diets because they were struggling financially....don't we all know how that feels!?.......Anyway, I had noticed Potter straining to urinate with no output and when I palpated his belly, I could quite obviously feel a very distended, and tender bladder.  Potter had been running around the house, dooking his little heart out just the day before, and although I was starting to half suspect possible adrenal in one or two of them, he was healthy to date.

Dr. David O'meara's first impression was a ferret that very definately had urinary retention, without evidence of stones or obvious prostate enlargment (though difficult to really tell with such a large bladder).  Also, there was some question as to an abnormality seen anterior and to the left of the heart and in the thoracic cavity.  He had no real working hypothesis on what this could be but was concerned.  Our intitial impression was possible euthanasia but we decided to drain the bladder first via cysto, re-ray and see the feasibility of catheterization temporarily.  Again, no obvious prostate involvement but the urine was a translucent, rusty, red.  A streptococcal infection was found with some crystals.  The urine was alkaline with a pH of 8 (normal is about 6).  The catheterization was unsuccessful because there were no correctly sized catheters.  Dr. O'meara was able to access the urethra with a 24 gauge IV catheter and while attempting to flush, felt 'something give'.  The bladder and urethra remained patent and normal so the suspicion at this time was that crystals may have formed a plug as the infection had progressed.  The ferret was given an injection of medicam for inflammation and pain, SC fluids for dehydration, and sent home with a Rx of medicam and anitbiotics.  The direction was to go back in if the bladder became distended again...which was likely.

I returned to Alta Vista at about midnight the same night and Dr. McIsaac felt that the bladder was actually easily manually drained, which was an improvement and that this was a better alternative than more cysto's and especially catheterization.  The only other idea tried was valium PO to relax the smoother muscle and bladder sphincter to facilitate drainage manually.  We were again sent home.

Overnight, and throughout the day Potter was given his meds as Rx'd and his bladder was expressed every few hours when it became obviously distended.  The urine was going from bloody to looking more like urine.  Although there was marked improvement, I was concerned about my manual manipulation of the bladder and wanted to see Dr. Auger to be sure I was continuing to do the correct thing for Potter. I saw Daren that same afternoon and he confirmed Dr. O'meara's findings of a bladder infection, alkalinic urine and crystals.  He was also suspicious of a right adrenaloma.  The urine pH had improved and was now at 7.  The valium was d/c'd to see how he would do without it and I was to continue with the other treatment of antiinflammatory's and antibiotics. Expressing the bladder is dangerous but in this circumstance could be continued with supervision and direction for a known medical condition and abscence of present blockage.

Potter recieved 200mcg of leupron and we were sent merrily on our way.

He's now doing well and I only express the bladder as needed to give him time to redevelop muscle tone so he can urinate on his own. He is more comfortable, gets duck soup often but is eating, drinking, and pooping on his own. We'll keep everyone up to date!

The moral of the story: A poor diet may very well have been the precipitating factor in the progressing bladder infection, alkalinic urine and crystal formation.  This ferret had a death sentence initially and if not for the effforts of all involved (thank you to everyone!) could vey well not be with us today!


Title: March 2007
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on March 22, 2007, 12:42:37 PM
Here's the rest of the bunch:

Bojangles, Goliath and David (see above for Potter): Happy, healthy and boy are these kids freakin' affectionate.  I adore them all!

Digger: Doesn't stop. Needs affection and to be with you during absolutely everything you do.....so not helpful.......Has the most attentive look and is crazy playful....stop weasle war dancing under my foot!

Tala and Oscar: Now you gotta see Oscar wrestle with is favorite cat! I know some of you experience this at home but this is a first for me.....they lie on the floor with each other in a head lock taking turns biting necks, heads, whatever......if you break them up they go back at it or one will lie down and wait for the other one to tackle them....too cute.....Tala meanwhile, is trying to attack me.....also so cute.....fun pair for sure!

Finn, Gwen, JoJo and Kegan: Status quo......healthy, playful, happy, great coats, great weight, great fun!!!!!!

Frank and Margaret are new and tooooooooooo cute for words.  Sometimes I love my job!

Storm and Angel: my ol' battleaxes are doing well.  Love their duck soup and kisses.  Come running when the dinner bell rings!

Snoopy: Running around, pooping on everything, still love him. I finally shaved his belly figuring, if you can't beat 'im, join 'im.

Izzy: She's soooooooo easy going.  It's hard to believe she's under a year.  We prefer not to call her fat but rather just voluptious and a 'whole lot of lovin''!

Chelsea: still going......I wouldn't say going strong but she exists and seems happy with how things are.  Lots of warm, fuzzy blankets, duck soup and kisses.  She'll tell me when she's ready to go over to the rainbow bridge. I'll miss her sooooooo much!!!!!

Panda: She's happy in life. She definately hates change.....unless it's in the form of a sandbox or ferret-sized swimming pool........

I don't think I've missed anyone................

Me :)

Title: March 2007
Post by: ferretfan on March 23, 2007, 07:17:10 PM
Pixie and Bear had to visit Dr. Auger this week....

Pixie has an enlarged spleen, enlarged liver, minor heart murmer and her red blood cell count is just under the normal range.  Daren suspects Lymphoma, but we'll have to wait for the test results next week.  In the mean time she's getting Pediapred.

Bear has an enlarged Lymph node on his neck the size of a small marble that appeared suddenly.  All other lymph nodes are fine.  Daren took a sample and has sent it for analysis.  It may be reacting to an infected tooth (he came to us with bad teeth) or it may be Lymphoma.  We'll have to wait for the test results next week.

Title: March 2007
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on March 31, 2007, 07:21:41 PM
Just to let everyone know that although we are continuing some therapy with a couple meds, and there are still a few things to investigate, Potter is doing well.  He's eating/drinking/urinating all on his own and is back with the foster group. Things had gotten worse over the weekend last week before they began getting better which bought him another trip to the vets.  He's improved significantly and I have no doubt that we are out of the woods, with this issue at least.

He's a special kid and I'm glad he's doing well...............