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Title: November 2006
Post by: ferretfan on November 06, 2006, 08:11:09 PM
Howie is doing very well.  His fur has completely grown back and he's playing with his foster family.  He has the occasional dribble of pee, but nothing to be concerned about.  

Peeka and Boo are also doing well, although we may need to take Peeka to the vet soon to investigate a possible enlarged spleen.

Lancelot continues to do well and has been seizure free for over a month now.  The only thing slowing him down are the problems with his teeth and gums.

Buster has been a little lonely (no one to pick on) and we were hoping to find a cage mate for him soon.  He does love to play and cuddle with his humans though!  

We've been trying an experiment based on an article in the Sept/Oct issue of Ferrets magazine.  For an hour a day we toss Pepi, Mindy, Pixie, Cricket, Jingles and Buster into one room (with lots of places to hide).  So far the only big battles have been between Pepi and Pixie, and Pepi usually loses (he's twice the size of Pixie).  After about 15 minutes of squabbling, everyone finds a spot and goes to sleep.  Hopefully this will work which will give these guys more ferrets to play with and reduce my number of shifts.

Pixie, Cricket and Jingles are doing very well and are lots of fun to play with. Pixie has pretty much healed from her adrenal surgery.   She's lost a little bit of weight, but it's not from a lack of eating and she has lots of energy.  

Pepi and Mindy are also doing very well, although they can still be nippy when they are in full hyper play mode.  These two remain my most active/playful fosters and are a joy to watch/play with.


Title: November 2006
Post by: egammell on November 08, 2006, 11:03:28 PM
Skyler and Mocha received Lupron shots Oct 6.  They'll be receiving the next month shot when they go to visit with Suzanne while I'm away.  Mocha is still frisky and happy on his nightly 2ml perdiapred.  Skyler continues well: one of his favourite things to do is roll on paper and wave all his paws - newspaper, magazine, open book when he can turn the pages.  He is very cute and has had plenty of opportunity to enjoy this pastime this month.

Tika also will have her next Lupron shot.  She was free of adrenal symtoms up to the end of October.  She seems especially loony this month, running around like a crazy woman.  You just have to wriggle one shoulder at her and it sets her off bouncing for a full two minutes.  Sock Bandit joins her for fun and has been very interested in what I'm doing (sorting through old magazines).  Very helpful assistant.

I've been trying the ferrets on different foods to see how they do.
They did very well indeed with Totally Ferret on its own and in blend, but it really is behind a major stinkiness factor, both of poop and of the animals themselves.
A mix of Sheppard & Greene and Ultimate 8-in-1 plus Wellness kitten: seemed to do well on this, a tad stinky, and more complicated to buy three brand supply.  

S & G plus a bit of Wellness kitten seemed best of all: little poop, good health, hardly stinky.  Only available at PetSmart.

Ultimate 8-in-1 plus a little Wellness kitten:  seemed good too, but more poop volume.  

It's the Wellness kitten that adds the stinkiness, I'd say, but Mocha especially likes it so much that I leave a bit in for a treat.  Also, Wellness is more widely available, so I like to keep their tummies a little accustomed to it in case I run out of the other more specialized foods.

The cost of the Ultimate 8-in-1 at the Sandy Hill Pet Food Co-op is less than the S&G at PetSmart, although I need to confirm precise bag volumes to be sure of exact price advantage per bit of kibble.

Title: November 2006
Post by: ferretfan on November 11, 2006, 07:10:51 AM
Alice is staying in the the computer room and is visible from the kitchen- so she gets LOTS of attention and visits, as well as time to come out and play.  In order to make her comfortable and happy we have purchased her a Ferret Nation cage, she loves it and even seems to enjoy the visits her new family- our dog/cat give her. They sniff and she sniffs right back- of course they cannot get to her to hurt her. She is eating well and her weight is unchanged, as is her coat texture/thickness. She sleeps quite a bit as is to be expected for such an old girl. She is happy and enjoys her new cage.

Title: November 2006
Post by: ferretfan on November 11, 2006, 07:25:22 AM
Powder is doing good.  His now at a better weight. He lost his big belly.  He is still on prednisone.  Bear is always the same.  Sleeping most of the time.  Is gaining more weight so we cut down a little bit on duck soup. His now at 3 blocks a day.  He also needs to have is teeth cleaned every day.

Title: November 2006
Post by: ferretfan on November 11, 2006, 07:26:51 AM
Jack and Jill have gotten some new room mates, Laurel and Hardy.  The two pairs were introduced, and after a minimal of harassment, (from Jill, the queen) both pairs are getting along famously.

Jack is doing splendid.  He's off his meds, but he still gets the Solcrate twice a day.  Dr. Auger checked him out, and didn't find the mass he thought he did before, and gave ole Jack a clean bill of health.  Jack is improving on a diet of Duck soup, and
is gaining weight for winter.

Jill is wonderful.  Dr. Auger checked her out, and no residual damage from her accident.  She bounces around and plays with her new room mates.

Laurel is such a big fluffy man!  His weight is excellent, and he's a very happy little boy.  He occasionally gets some grief from Jack, but it's over quick, and they end up snuggling together.

Hardy, same thing.  He's adjusted very well to his new foster home, and his new friends.  Had a bit of a tiff with Jill, but thats all settled, and they sleep together on a regular basis.

Title: November 2006
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on November 25, 2006, 08:55:30 AM
You know.....I need to get my numbers down to make this task not so daunting....... :blink:

Chelsea-she's looking old.......her liver values are elevated which means she may have lymphoma there.  She doesn't appear to be in pain and the only discomfort is that her 'pred belly' is so rotund.  She loves her kisses and snuggles and mosies around the house.  If I'm late for duck soup I get 'the look'. She's loved and is still trucking along.

Angel-Her IBS acted up a bit but we've simmered it down with our favorite friend, prednisone.  She is a cutie and loves to run the whole house away from the herd.  She, Storm and Snoopy are bestest pals.

Storm-Omigod, Storm actually played the other day.  Not that she's not been happy moving toys around and exploring things but she actually jumped out, attacked me and did the weasel war dance....we're so proud...... :P

Snoopy-This poor dude had that nasty virus Baylie had been sharing with our foster kids....boy, there's nothing more miserable than a congested Snoopy.  He's doing well now and his coat is super soft.  He humours me by pooping 'near' the litter box....course he also tends to poop 'near' the water dish and 'near' his food.....so maybe this wasn't just for my benefit........  :rolleyes:

Gyno-This is a different favorite...different in a good way. He still loves his kisses and snuggles but now he's a bit more sleek and playful.  I think hangin' with the big boys, like Mr Pickles, has made a man out of him yet........ :P

Panda-Well, she looks good and is a sweety but does not fancy change one bit!  She gave some of her favorite people nasty chomps on one foreign visit sooooo we're definately going to have to keep an eye open for a special home....something exactly like mine with all her friends? :blink:

Kegan-He's put on weight and is more playful. Man, does he love his duck soup.....look out!

Gwen-she's a monster but she's sooooooo beautiful!  She beats on everyone....mostly my special kids......even Finn is less of a pain.

JoJo-she's so spry.......much sweeter now and I'm packing in the duck soup hoping to put a bit of weight on her, though she is healthy overall.  Cross your fingers, she may be adoption pending.

Finn-He's soooo playful now!  It looks like he's got a forever home lined up for the beginning of December!!!!

Aiden and Duncan- Duncan is as sleek as Aiden is robust....they look great and are feeling great.  Such loveable fuzzbutts.  Just waiting to see if they are still going to their forever home.

Animal-He's still nuts but alot more cuddly.......super cute and gets along with everyone.  He's definately a fun ferret!

Cujo and CC.-Cujo is so cute and even though he acts tough, when no ones looking, he comes for his kisses and snuggles.  With a name like that one has an image to uphold..... B)  CC is so petite and so the opposite of Cujo. One would think she's outweighed but she definately kills his macho image by tuning him up every so often.

Mr. Pickles and Lucky- Cuckoo....... :blink:  Also potentially adopted......I'll miss this crazy duo!

Felix and Ozzie-Omigod sooooo cuddly. Felix loves to sleep with his people.......Ozzy is having a field day at foster ferret central.  They are adoption pending!!!!!

Oscar and Tala- What a fun pair of ferrets.....they are nutso for their age!!!!!!!!!

I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anyone.........yeesh........ :rolleyes: