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Title: September 2006
Post by: ferretfan on September 02, 2006, 07:04:57 PM
Mocha's adrenal tumour flared up suddenly while he was at summer camp, requiring him to have a Lupron shot back in July.  Since then, over the last couple of weeks, he has dramatically lost weight and began most recently to grind his teeth and rub his jaw along the ground when food or even just licking and swallowing was happening.  He also was looking more miserable and quiet over these few days I've been waiting to get him in to his appointment.

Good news is that at least there are no terrible mouth or throat tumours or abcesses.  What might be happening is that when he sees food, his gastric juices activate pain in his stomach and esophagus.  We're trying him on sucra-stuff to soothe his innards and hoping that this will also address the diarrhea.  FYI Daren recommends Pepto-Bismal for stomach issues even though it has some aspirin, rather than Kaopectate which apparently only works well on intestinal problems.

Bad news is that Mocha's adrenal tumour has become more lumpy -- Daren suspects it is active enough to be spreading.  Bad news is that Mocha's muscles are watsing away and his blood sugar is down to crisis levels  -- he's having insulinoma.  I've been supplementing him with stuff that has sugar, which contributes to insulin swings anyway, but Daren suspects the cancer may well be in his pancreas.  We've started him on Pediapred.  A hopeful note is that some of the teeth grinding and rubbing might be related to low blood sugar nausea rather than pain.  He doesn't seem to have any torso pain, so any tumours aren't bothering him painwise at least.

He might have been a bit brighter today and his digestion seems a touch better.  We're to see over the next 5-6 days whether the stomach coater helps and whether he begins to eat well (or at least not lose more ground) with the Pediapred.  Mocha goes back to the vet next week to see if he continues to fail or is still in discomfort.

Title: September 2006
Post by: ferretfan on September 02, 2006, 07:05:27 PM
Grace went to see Darren and she's apparently got disc problems in her back....yeesh...I guess she joins the old folgies club........she's on dexamethasone by mouth for a bit and we'll see if her issues resolve on their own...if not...she's on borrowed time with chelsea.........atleast it wasn't iatrogenic on my part!  So, she has a paralyzed tail and significant weakness in the left with slightly less in the right. She still has pain sensation everywhere and all the important stuff still works....what's a ferret without ferret poop?

Title: September 2006
Post by: ferretfan on September 02, 2006, 07:11:01 PM
Teemu went to see the vet earlier this week as he was leaving pee dots around the house when he was out.  This is not a normal thing for him, so off to the vet we went.  As it turns out, his adrenal tumour has increased in size.  Dr. Auger gave him a 400 mcg Lupron shot to give him a boost (which it has) and has increased the monthly dosage to 200mcg.

Pepi and Mindy continue to do very well.  They are my fun ferrets as they love to play, run and do all sorts of crazy ferret stuff.

Pixie, Cricket and Jingles are doing well.  Pixie still has a slightly swolen vulva but it's not causing her any problems.  She continues to be the most active ferret of the three and loves getting into trouble - especially when she can sneak into the bathroom and knock everything into the tub.  Cricket is a real cutie, and likes to play hard when she's out of her cage.  Jingles is the escape artist.  Everytime I have forgotten to put the gate extension in place, he has jumped the gate and gone exploring downstairs (with much delight).

Title: September 2006
Post by: egammell on September 04, 2006, 03:41:53 PM
Tika, Sock Bandit & Skyler:

No news is good news and no news about Sock Bandit: he's his happy lumpetty self.  A-Person-Who-Shall-Not-Be Named has again been offering hands and forearms to wrassle, and Sock Bandit has started to take skin in his teeth but at least not biting.  I will be taking him back along the behavioural road again so he stops using his mouth on flesh at all.  For the first time Sock Bandit was being a bit pushy around Mocha, since Mocha became so frail.  

Tika had her first pre-emptive Lupron shot end of August.  She wasn't highly adrenal sympomatic, but after her symptoms came on so suddenly while she was at summer camp in July, we had agreed to go on a regular schedule.  

Skyler is in the same boat: his first pre-emptive shot was also end of August.  I noticed the few days before shot day he might be getting a little pushy and wrangy, so this 5-6 week timing was good for him I think.

Title: September 2006
Post by: ferretfan on September 04, 2006, 03:55:03 PM
Jill is doing very well, playing and hiding our socks.  She's being given duck soup, just because she is eating it, and a little weight on that sprite couldn't hurt her.  Jack, doing okay, but not as good as I'd like.  He's still on his anti-biotics and we've had to start giving him pepto bismol again.  No teeth gnashing, or chin rubbing, but he was eating fine for days, and then he just stopped eating for a day.  But he's eating the kibble and soup again, so we'll keep up the regime.  On the brighter side, Jack is bouncing and wardancing around the room, so he;s in good spirits.  Both of the little ones are enjoying their time with Inca and Dylan (Merlin) and sometimes with our little ones.

Title: September 2006
Post by: ferretfan on September 06, 2006, 12:00:09 PM
Lancelot went to see Dr. Auger yesterday and the prognosis is not good....

He is failing quickly.  The liver is now abnormal with the likelyhood that tumour has spread to it. He has some of the worse periodontal disease & gingivitis I've seen  and in any other circumstance would require emergency dentistry  but he is not a candidate for this given the worsening of the insulinoma as well as the adrenal tumor on the right.  We will attempt to help the mouth with a Novladent rinse (bandaid only) but I do not feel that Lancelot will last must longer.


Title: September 2006
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on September 13, 2006, 06:04:29 AM
Here's my 2 cents.....thank goodness I don't have to update the new bunch that just came in......this would take forever..... :o

Chelsea-still the loveable fuzzy she's always been....a bit robust....maybe too much TLC if that's possible.  Owns the house and still gets frisky every couple of days.  We could have some serious litter box discussions......"...um, it was right beside where you went miss......"  but we sort of love her too much to really get picky.  

Grace- needs training wheels......still sweet, still affectionate, still eats, uses the litter box and so on but her lower back is giving her grief.  She's happy to run around if someone is supporting her lower half....if left alone, her back legs will tip to one side which causes her discomfort.  We don't want to end a life that has quality, so if anyone has some ideas, this foster mum would be thrilled to discuss them.......

Angel-auntie Jen came to visit and has discussed any residual nipping issues.....now our little princess gives kisses for cookies.....yeah!  It's just so hard to believe she's actually 6 this year!  She looks lovely and is bouncing with the best of them!

Storm-she looks so haggard but is too happy.....we love her and she's got anything she wants.  The other fosters take one look at her determined face and relinquish sleep areas and duck soup bowls...you go girl!

Snoopy-he's really happy the rice box is back.....is playing again in his own way and becomes more affectionate every day.  Our expectations are realistic with this and we encourage his happy existence in positive ways....loves those tummy tickles.....

Panda-Here's hoping we'll be able to pair her up with some of these new kids on the block and find her a forever home.  We've embraced her weirdish bowel issues as just a 'Panda-ism' and are labeling her healthy afterall. No sign of tumours or otherwise her plump shape and extra soft coat support our theory.....she'll be at the frolic!

I think that's it folks until a month has passed with any of the new additions!

See you all at the frolic!


Title: September 2006
Post by: Snuzanne on September 14, 2006, 01:23:02 AM
Sorry about being so late to report, but I finally got to to spend some time at the log cabin by the lake, ferrets and all. No internet service out there yet!

Sir Lancelot:   Thank you Ferret Fan for providing the medical report about our little Lancelot.

During his stay at the cottage, he had 4-5 grand mal seizures and many shorter but cumulative seizures.  The shorter seizures leave him in a post-ictal state where he has absolutely no body control, he is basically a rag doll, but  these seizures do not appear to affect his respirations as much as the grandmal seizures as long as we keep his body positioned properly.  In the case of the grandmal seizures, of which he had 3-4 of them over a 2 day period,  2 were so severe that they caused him to have extended apnea periods and we were sure that we were losing him.  I had to gently massage his chest and this would cause him to take in a gasping breath. This went on for several hours during which he had no control over his body or body functions.   We increased his Pediapred and this seemed to help since he had no further grandmal seizures during his cottage stay and certainly got into the fun of things.  He played outside , I am not sure if he ever had been outside to play before, but he played in the long grass, the ferret pool, the outside rice bin, the tunnels and when pooped, he climbed up and just  relaxed on Mom's tummy while we took in some rays. B)  

Lancelot is more incontinent now and tends to go wherever he is and if that happens to be your lap ( as it was mine last night) then so be it.  This differs from before the grand-mal seizures, when he rarely had an accident so I think this is a further sign of deterioration.  I tell you, it is hard to accept a kiss from this ferret but he is so cute, how can you refuse despite the killer breath.  We are using both the brush and the eye dropper to apply the drops to his gums but he is very resistant, he even wakes up when I wait until he is fast asleep after eating & playing.  I bought a smaller kitten brush but he sees it coming and he runs, what a character!

His tolerance for playing varies day by day.  In the morning, he is getting lazy and stays in the hanging sleep sack since the Man of the House has been feeding him breakfast in bed.   Then  Sir Lancelot simply goes back to sleep until afternoon playtime.  Talk about service!  Usually, he sits on our laps to have his duck soup sometimes off a spoon and sometimes from his bowl, depends on his mood.  His regular foster mom will be surprised to find that he now has a tail with fur. It started to grow during the second week and is now getting bushier, lets hope it continues.

Since he returned home, he has had 1 grandmal seizure and he was in a post ictal state for over 3 hours.  I just keep him against my chest so I can manage his respirations if needed.  When he is more alert, I give him .2 of pediapred to tide him over to his next dose of .4 twice a day.  This seems to work since he has not had multiple grandmals in a row again.  When he awakens, once he gets going then he wants to play for awhile, then he climbs into his cage and goes to bed.  He is so cute when he tucks himself in.  I think he is just avoiding having his teeth brushed.  :rolleyes:    We know that we have a short time left with this little guy so we enjoy him as much as  we can.  

Buster Brown as we call him, has to be the most active 7 year old adrenal ferret.  He does not stop dooking about, war dancing and generally chasing anything or anyone that is out. He is so desperately in need of a friend that will play with him.  The sad part is he will not tolerate the other ferrets.  We tried to integrate him with our ferrets.  They shared play areas, sleep blankets, switched cages so they all had each other scents but although he seemed interested in playing, one sniff and then he went for the jugular.  It would not be bad if he let go when our pacifist and much smaller ferrets pleaded for their lives but he refuses to let them go and they are crying for help.  One night, the master who forgets, thought that Buster had returned to his cage, locked himself in, so he let Bandit out. Bandit has been ill and has lost weight so he weighs almost nothing.  Bandit was snooping around, it was dark and he must have been looking for Toob-Rat, when all of a sudden, we hear the most awful screaming.  I thought that Buster was killing Lancelot.  Well he was killing someone, all right, but it wasn't Lancelot, it was Bandit and they were in a difficult spot to reach. Poor Bandit by the time we pulled them out, still attached, he lost a chunk of fur and skin and when separated he lost a whole lot of "you know what".  That is what you call " scared sh..less".  Obviously, Buster was not in his cage and that was the end of any further integration attempt.  Buster enjoyed being outdoors as much as Lancelot and he enjoyed sliding on the wood floor playing ferret bowling in a plastic bag. I swear if a ferret could laugh, it would be Buster, he just seems to enjoy playing so much. It is hard to believe that he is 7 given his level of activity. He is also affectionate, will hand wrestle and only eat male toes, so I am ok with that since the male deserves having them eaten.   Since we have returned home, I think that both ferrets are already missing the wide open space of the cottage but they are resettling.   Although Lancelot cannot be adopted, Buster, if someone would take an older ferret, is certainly active and looking for adventure and would make a great single ferret while only needing a single lupron shot a month.  Any takers?   B)  

Title: September 2006
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on September 26, 2006, 04:42:55 PM
Sad news all......

Our little Grace had to be euthanized today.  She had recent lower back issues that had slowed her down quite a bit this past month.  She was making a slow recovery and then went off her food again a few days ago.  I noticed some ulcers along her gum line and recognized what it may have meant, having dealt with something similar with a previous rescue.  Sure enough last night, the ulcers had spread along the gums and I knew for certain that our special Grace's kidneys were failing.....for what reason, we do not know.  She was not allowed to suffer for very long and was still eating duck soup with encouragement and giving kisses till the end.

We'll all miss her and she will be remembered on our rainbow bridge page.


Title: September 2006
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on September 26, 2006, 04:45:59 PM
Also.....Jill had a recent accident.......as in her ferrety nature, she tried to squeeze somewhere she did not fit and got stuck.  She was freed, but not without some trauma.  Jill's neck is quite sore and she's getting alot of extra TLC to aid in her recovery....we'll keep you all up to date on her progress.  She's still telling Jack what to do.

Jack is still doing well, thanks to lots of effort from his foster parents.......he has a follow up with Dr. Auger regarding a potential tumour on his liver but we'll let you know what comes of it in a few weeks.......


Title: September 2006
Post by: Snuzanne on October 02, 2006, 03:41:35 AM

I am so sorry to hear that Grace has left your brood.  I know that she holds a special place in your very large heart. I remember reading how you had found her while on call, searching for her after her human companion had passed away. You gave her such a great home after that.  No better person could have found her, she was a very lucky ferret to have waited 4 days for you to find her.  I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you. What a reception you will have, one day, when you get to meet all your fuzzies at the Rainbow Bridge.  

Suzanne  :(