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Title: First 25 Answers!
Post by: ferretfan on July 27, 2004, 02:54:33 PM
Lynn   :    You spend more time with Ferrets than you do with People!
Lynn   :    You walk into a petstore for ferret food and come out with yet another ferret.
Lynn   :    You have to move to a new home in order to have enough room for all your ferrets.
Maureen   :    Your ferret gets up on a high table and knocks over a plant, and all you do is coo over her climbing skills.
Maureen   :    People who overhear you discussing your little boy or girl don't realize you're talking about a pet.
Maureen   :    Somebody actually has to remind you that  ferrets don't count as "persons" on the census form.
Gary   :    Look at a pkg. of fruit snacks and think that is plenty good to feed to humans but garbage to feed to my ferrets.
Gary    :    You have pictures of your ferrets on your desk at work, but, no kids or other halves.
Marie-Agnès   :    tu ne peux pas quitter la maison sans avoir dit au moins 10 fois bye bye à tes furets
Anonymous   :    You don't understand that "Dooking" isn't a part of everyone's vocabulary.
Anonymous   :    The safety of your possessions take a back seat to the needs of your ferret(s).
Anonymous   :    When "war" dances is the only form of dancing you know.
Anonymous   :    "No, don't touch" is all you ever say.
Anonymous   :    You no longer own houseplants.
Marion    :    You're not afraid to pick up hard ferret poop with your bare hands!
Anonymous   :    When you consider a recliner a weapon of mass destruction.
Anonymous   :    When you have the FRS site as you homepage.
Claire   :    Your main family room decor includes aesthetically placed dryer tunnels...
Elyse    :    You LOVE Ferretone!
Elyse    :    You don't recognize the difference between "kits" and "kids".
Anonymous   :    You own/wear this shirt!
Elyse    :    You no longer wear socks as you can never find them anymore.
Elyse    :    You can never find your keys
Mike and Andie   :    You plan for months to going to your favourite all-inclusive Cuban vacation spot and on the plane there, you already miss them!!
Andie   :    Your husband searches all over town for ferret jewellery for you for Valentines Day... and ends up special ordering and custom assembling ferret earrings for you!!