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Title: May/June 2006
Post by: ferretfan on May 17, 2006, 08:49:49 PM
Yet another crazy month has passed.  We've got a number of new arrivals coming in and are working our way through our waiting list.  We also lost one of our favorite ferrets today - Willie.  She was one of the cutest ferrets I've known and I am heartbroken that she passed away today.

Ty and Temmu.  Not much has changed with these two.  Ty is visiting the vet tomorrow to see if we can improve his weak rear end.  Temmu is doing well on his monthly Lupron shots.  Both are very sweet and will even cuddle with me for a while.


Title: May/June 2006
Post by: egammell on May 20, 2006, 01:41:29 PM
Tika & Sock Bandit; Skyler & Mocha

Tika in mid-May had a Lupron shot (her symptoms had come on very quickly). A supply of two more doses are with Jasmine, ready for the next time symptoms show.  She is still being dragged around for up to an hour by Mocha if I let the two out at the same time.  She is a disturber, since when rescued from Mocha, she goes right back to taunt him whether he's inside or outside his cage.

Sock Bandit is kumbayah self.  Good health, good spirits.  

Skyler is still perstering/agression mounting Mocha while they're in the cage.  His body fur is thick and sleek since his Lupronj shot last month, but his tail fur has never grown back.  Lively and bright.  Maybe a bit of older male urine dribbling, but no straining.  He is still very agressive (always) towards Tika and Sock Bandit.

Mocha is in good health - maybe a bit of older male type urine stress incontinence and dribbling, but no straining.  His teeth/gums on the one side are still not pristine healed, but they are holding their own thanks to occasion dental drops.  I'm running out -- we'll need to think about whther to get more to continue.  He is usually wary but okay out with Sock Bandit now.

Title: May/June 2006
Post by: ferretfan on May 21, 2006, 06:47:47 PM
Update on Ty.  His visit to the vet did not bring good news.  His heart murmer has now progressed to a grade 4 or 5.  We've increased his heart meds and added Lasix to clear the fluid that was building up.  Unfortunately, I don't think he's going to be with us much longer.

Title: May/June 2006
Post by: Weaselwoman on May 22, 2006, 07:15:54 PM
Kama continues being her ferrety self!  She can now be out when Mercedes is around, as long as they don't both want the same box to sleep in!  The most omnivourous ferret ever, loves to steal pretty much anything people eat.  Still has her share of funky poops, and bites strangers, but we love her anyway!

Mercedes, or Funky Little ole' Lady, is doing pretty well also.  Has adjusted to the loss of her sister, and even let Talyn sleep with her once.  Has a favourite sleep box which she will defend against anyone, no matter how tough.  Most have learned to keep away.  She is active several times a day, and is the chapion Duck Soup eater of the house!

Title: May/June 2006
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on May 24, 2006, 01:49:07 AM
Alright.....here goes....

Snoopy- what a superstar!!!!!!!  He plays in the rice box wrestling Angel.....more his size I guess?...not......he runs and hides and actually gave me a kiss on the nose the other day.  He just keeps getting cuter.  He even looks at the litter box more regularily.  This kid is finally finding his ferrety self!!!  We remain so very proud!!!!  GO SNOOPY!!!!!

Grace- she's just her normal coolness.  we love Grace.  She seems perfectly content and has her little crazy play spurts.....she looks too funny because she seems so decrepite.......

Angel- this old gal is looking younger every day!  We've decreased her dose of pediapred to every second day.  Her weight remains terrific and her coat is super soft.  She doesn't nip nearly as much as she used to and plays with the others.  Her and Grace have become close pals and she humours snoopy's clumsy play antics in the rice box......

Chelsea- she remains a member of our family. We've had to take drastic measures to protect the cereal boxes in the cupboards. My niece and nephew were traumatized once too often with the image of a furry ferrety body curled up on top of the cheerios in the box at breakfast time.  We may have some health issues but we're checking those out and will keep everyone up to date, of course.  She remains super sweet!

Panda-I've changed things around a bit.  For now, Panda is not with Tyson because he has been burdened with the job of keeping Millie out of trouble.  Panda's nipping issues have all but disappeared.  She's a bit pudgy but we think it gives her character.  Her coat is gorgeous....she's one soft, fluffy butterball. She still loves to play and gets on with all foster ferrets.  She's learning to give kisses without teeth....joy.  I'm pretty sure Panda would be comfortable with a home with existing ferret kids.  With or without Tyson....

Tyson- He still gives the odd nip on the top of the foot if you haven't noticed how cute he is.....Tyson has dropped a bit of weight and is playing alot.  He's had to put up with Millie screaming in his ear when he looks at her sideways, but I'm starting to wonder if he doesn't stir the pot a bit on purpose.  He's a cutie and can be tough with some ferrets........

Millie-she's gorgeous and you would have no idea that this furball is as old as she is.  She acts one but is actually over 4 years old.  She's incredibly active and inquisitive.....okay, she's a bit destructive if you don't watch out.  She terrorizes other ferrets, including Tyson but sleeps in a heap on top of him so we're starting to figure out that this is just her way.  She's a pest but we're falling in love with her antics.  She is terrific with people and not a  nip in sight.  She may very well do alright as a single.....she sort of reminds me of a female version of mittens......

Storm-she's old and grumpy and smells that way.....gotta love her. She's doing awesome and is crazy about her duck soup.  She has her special hidey holes she defends with a passion and keeps the largest of ferrets in line.  She shares a cage with Tyson and Millie and even these two toughies give her wide bearth.  She's happy and still quite active.  I mean, these darned fosters keep moving her toys........

Jack and Jill- still cute, now healthy and I take it back about Jack getting along with all things ferret.  No way man....he's beating up everyone........he's driving me bananas......thank goodness Jill is there to kiss it and make it all smoothed over.  She's a cutie.  Both these furry beasts haven't got a nip in them for anything and are beautiful.  Apparently their adoption is pending.....we'll let you all know.

Peeka and Boo- These are a sweet pair.  Boo is desperate for his daily cuddles and looks for them.  He'll sit in your arms and trade kisses for a back scratch or two.  Peeka seems quiet and passive but has given me a few nips on the arm if I'm doing something at her level and obviously ignoring her.  They're both healthy and have handled the transition well...so far......They are getting along with all the fosters except the holy terror Jack.

I don't think I've missed anyone.......overall, we're all doing alright at my crazy home........ :P  

Title: May/June 2006
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on May 28, 2006, 10:27:14 PM
Hey again......so we went to see our Dr. Auger for Chelsea and I'm afraid we have bad news.  She has a tumour...and a big one to boot....in front of her heart that puts pressure on surrounding stuff.  She's on medication to keep the tumour at bay and for now, she seems happy and comfortable.  No one told her she's sick and aside from sleeping a bit more, she's her normal, cheerio-craving self.

She'll live out her days, loved to bits and pieces in our home and we won't let her suffer when the time comes. Again, we'll keep everyone up to date.

Thanks for caring!

Me  ;)  

Title: May/June 2006
Post by: ferretfan on June 05, 2006, 03:39:18 PM
Powder is doing quite well.  He recovered from the surgery.  We still give him medications (Amoxicillin BID and Prednisone QD)which seems to be helping his bowels.  He likes to play a lot with the other 2 ferrets.

Bear is as always a more lethargic ferret.  He still plays a little but more slowly. We still feed him duck soup regularly as it seems to be easier to eat for him - considering his poor teeth condition.  He had 3 incidents of "seizures or weakness" in the last ~2mths.  During these episodes walking becomes very difficult.  His paws become weaker with
difficulty to stand.  He "wobbles" and his gaze seems out of focus.  One time he was event drooling and limp.  We gave him a little corn syrup which helped him to respond back to normal.  Twice these episodes occurred when we woke him up and once when he was eating.  Dr. Auger is aware and has recommended that we film him when these occurs next-which we'll try to do next time.  Dr. Auger did find it particular that they
occurred when he was awaken and not after play time when he would be more exhausted.