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Title: April 2006
Post by: ferretfan on April 06, 2006, 06:17:42 PM
Greetings all!

It's been another crazy month for adoptions.  We have completed 21 adoptions this year and have four more pending completion in a week or two.  That would leave us with 29 ferrets in our care - most who have health, age or behavioural problems that prevent them from being adopted.

Ty and Temmu

What a difference a month makes (and a few Lupron shots).  We'll have to take some new photos of Temmu cause almost all of his fur has grown back.  The only bare spot is the end of his tail.  Other than being adrenal, he's happy and healthy and always looking to get into trouble.  Ty, on the otherhand appears to be regressing a little.  He's having a little more trouble navigating the rooms and tends to tire out quickly.  We may have to take him back to the vet soon to see if his heart meds need to be adjusted.

Howie and Willie

It appears that Howie's problem was not an infection.  After taking the anti-biotics, he still had a leaking pee problem.  While the vet cannot feel any tumour, he thinks it might be a right adrenal problem (which would account for some out of character agression at times) and we've started him on Lupron to see if it will help.  After one shot, the pee problem has been reduced significantly so he'll be getting a couple more to see if we can resolve the problems or not.  Willie has been slowly gaining weight and is starting to play again. If all goes well, she'll be back to full health in a month or two.


Title: April 2006
Post by: ferretfan on April 07, 2006, 11:44:55 AM
Pepi and Mindy continue to do very well. Pepi still refuses to get along with Buster or Lance, but c'est la vie I guess. On a suggestion from a friend with fuzzies, I have introduced a new game to Mindy (who used to like to roll around in and throw fresh wood pellets) involving a tall bucket (to minimize mess) and rice. She loves it! She digs and roots around. In fact, when she's in the rice it's the only time she actually plays with any of the little balls and other toys. The crinkly ball is her favourite and she lies on her back and rolls it up and down her tummy. Pepi is baffled by this strange behaviour. He simply snuffs at it as if to say "I wouldn't lower myself to such a game". Pepi still prefers hide and seek with the rattly

Buster and Lance seem to get better every day. In my attempt to fatten up Lance (who, although he has filled out a little, remains the smallest), Buster, along with his new fur coat, is ginormous! Lance is still a sweet little shadow. He doesn't play much, but constantly follows you around looking for a treat or he'll just curl up in your lap. Buster on the other hand has to get on top of everything. He also enjoys teasing Pepi and Mindy by circling their cages and dooking. He refuses to get along with Pepi and Mindy, as well. Lance and Mindy (or Meek and Mild as they could be known) get along, but Lance isn't much for play anyway.

Title: April 2006
Post by: egammell on April 09, 2006, 07:53:25 PM
Fosters Tika & Sock Bandit:

Both continue very well.  

Tika is starting to show symptoms of adrenal unbalance again (among other things, bugging Sock Bandit too much after he's finished playing for a while).  She will need another Lupron shot sometime soon.  Her removed lower fang/abcess operation has healed well - still a bit of bare chin, but otherwise fine.  Another fang on the other side is not looking great (point broken off and yellowing), but she gets regular tooth cleaning drops to help stave off gum infection. After a hard time playing, she is enjoying curling up very close under the sofa throw while TV is on.

Sock Bandit in very good spirits and playful.  He accompanies one through the house during spring tidying shores chores in case there are interesting developments.  Now, if only I could get him to work the vacuum cleaner...
A Certain-Person-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named was silly enough to  flap the bottom edge of a duvet while Sock Bandit was atop the mattress.  Sock Bandit immediately accepted the invitation to go underneath with great glee and the Person-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named got what he deserved on the bum.  I note with austerity that he never ever nips ME.

Title: April 2006
Post by: egammell on April 09, 2006, 07:58:58 PM
Fosters Skyler and Mocha: happy and much healthier:

Skyler had a second Lupron shot which greatly benefitted him.  All his body fur has grown back again thickly, which protects his skin from drying out and splitting.  His tail remains nekkid.  He has put on flesh - he's still lean, but the vet was satusfied with his weight earlier in the month and he continues to gain bit by bit since then.  Active and still wheezing which still causes him no apparent trouble (except he has to inhale between bites as he eats).  He has been very helpful as I read magazines, by squirming on the smooth surface, bunting my hand and attempting to turn the corners of the pages with his claws.  The giant "W" fashion magazine (the Spring Styles Issue) seems to be a favourite this month.

Mocha's antibiotic treatment seems over the longer term to have knocked out the bug in his gut.  Perhaps a related phenomenon, he is becoming a roly-poly and his fur is very thick.  I have started to put him out with his archenemy the Shrieking Tika, so that he gets a workout from the running and skirmishing with her (plus Tika's cagemate, Sock Bandit, gets a break).  Mocha's teeth and gums on one side are very healthy-looking now, the back teeth and gums on the other side continue to get extra attention (with tooth cleaning and regular use of cleansing mouth drops).  He eats well without apparent discomfort.  He does not like getting his teeth brushed, but I've started to put Linatone on the bristles first so he gets used to it.

Title: April 2006
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on April 10, 2006, 05:54:42 PM
Hey everyone...is it april already?!

Chelsea-she's doing awesome as always but has taken to sneaking into my cupboard and sleeping in the cheerio box........maybe a nap and snack......she's pretty comfortable on her food bed but too many cheerios leads to the runs and I'm not sure the rest of the household is too interested in eating them afterwards......too cute for words and is quite the cookie monster!

Snoopy- ah snoopy!!! He plays in the rice box and tries to ferret restle with Tyson and Toby!!!! I'm soooo proud.  He's even taken to using the litter box one of every 3 poopies!!!!!  Snoopy is a real trooper. He likes to keep the ladies warm....I think he just likes to stay near the food dish.........

Angel-she's a monster disguised as a princess.  Actually, she's doing so much better since being on the pediapred for her ?bowel issues.  She comes running when I call her.....she loves her duck soup and is alot more active now. I still wouldn't snick my nose in her face but she loves her post soup cuddles!

Grace-she's great.  Too cute!  Everyone loves Grace.....she grows on you....and if you didn't pay enough attention, she nibbles you sharply on the top of the foot......we're so proud!!!!

Storm-she looks ragged but just wind her up and turn her loose in the house and there'll be no mistaking her abilities at slipper slaughtering or plant piliging!  She's doing well but kind of scowly if someone looks the wrong way at her ginormous toy stash.......

Minnie and Toby-Too wonderful and definatley won't be sticking around. They love to play, kiss, cuddle, did I mention they love to play........they're basically adopted and I know Panda and Tyson will be sad!

Tyson and Panda-these are basically my last two healthy adoptable fuzzies.  Course they still pack a bit of a foot and ankle nip if I'm not playing fast enough or long enough or if I'm looking the wrong way or just because.......These two love all things ferret and get along with everyone.  If they weren't nippy, they'd be as cool as Toby and Minnie.  Ah well, I kinda like having them around anyway!

Bear- doing well but apparently is missing a few teeth and so is getting alittle extra duck soup and cuddles....the cuddles don't help the weight but they do help the happiness!

Powder- Big, big surgery for an abnormally shaped stomach mass.  The surgery was a bit touch and go but Powder has since recovered.  He's getting even more loving than Bear in their foster home.........with all that love, he's sure to do just fine.  Keep an eye open for future updates!

Mittens-This fuzzy is living the life....he's getting so much attention and cuddles from his foster mum that he's getting snuggly.....I was alittle worried with his cuddliness but he looks great.  There's a family interested in adopting him so cross your fingers!!!!  The foster mum will be sad but is going to keep helping us out so it all works out in the end............

Title: April 2006
Post by: ferretfan on April 10, 2006, 06:10:23 PM

Alice is adjusting to life without Malfoy. She is more attentive to her humans now that she is alone. She is enjoying our new routine of going for a walk together down the hallway each night to explore!!!! She contines to love to "attack play" with her stuffies.


Title: April 2006
Post by: ferretfan on April 14, 2006, 03:32:06 PM

Bear is doing well.  He has adapted well to his new environment.  Energy is better, and he is playing with Molly (our ferret).  I have not yet received the result of his test for insulanoma.  His teeth are in poor condition, and he is missing some. Therefore, we give him duck soup a minimum of 2x/day as its easier for him to chew.  We clean his teeth regularly also.


Powder had an exploratory surgery last week, with a tumour to the left adrenal gland removed.  Powder is gradually recovering from his surgery.  He now moves a lot more and getting more energetic.  Weve had to restrain him a little in the last 2 days, as he wants to play with the other ferrets a little rougher.  We give him duck soup daily and he also eats a little of his kibbles.


Title: April 2006
Post by: Weaselwoman on April 19, 2006, 08:27:59 PM
Spitfire- Sad news.  Eight year old, sweet little mouse-face girl had to be euthanized this week.  Her insulinoma had progressed quickly and was no longer controllable.  The hardest part is that she left her sister Mercedes behind.  

Mercedes-Her health seems pretty good.  She did spend a day looking for her sister, which broke my heart.  Unfortunately, she's a feisty one, and won't tolerated any other ferrets.  She's still active and adorable, and a Duck Soup monster!

Kama-Continues to be Kama!  Very active, curious and mischievious.  Diarrhea seems to be improving.  My cleanest ferret in her cage.  Much loved by Mom and Dad! :(