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Title: March 2006
Post by: ferretfan on March 07, 2006, 09:13:12 PM
Wow, what a busy month it's been!

Bailey and Nicky, Chase and Mikey and Elmo, Rocco, Mischief and Max all found forever homes - Yay!

On a more somber note, Malfoy succombed to his tumours yesterday and had to be put to sleep to end his suffering.  

We were down to only 29 ferrets in our care - until Monday night when we received 8 more.  They will be added to the website in the next week or so.

Following are the updates on the other fosters:

TY and Temmu

There has been little change in these two.  Ty still has lots of ambition and energy, but is frustrated at times by his weak rear end.  He still leaves random pee spots on the carpet when he's out playing and still cannot handle bare floors (not enough traction).  Temmu is still mostly bald and has some red sores from scratching.  We're getting them checked this week to make sure it's nothing serious.

Howie and Willie

Howie has been diagnosed with a bladder infection and has not regrown any of his fur from his adrenal surgery in the fall.  He's on meds to fix the infection and we're hoping he'll recover his fur in the spring.  When he's out, he happily dooks all over the house exploring and torturing the cats.   Willie has lost weight over the past while and has been put on suppliments to regain some as she's too thin right now.  This impacts her energy so she doesn't play much while she's out.


Title: March 2006
Post by: ferretfan on March 08, 2006, 09:16:15 PM
Pepi and Mindy are essentially the same. Pepi went through a rough patch where he was vomiting almost everyday, but seems to have gone back to normal now. Mindy is her same old rascally self.

Exciting news with regards to Lancelot and Buster. Buster is no longer bald! He is growing back pretty much all of his hair. It is still a little sparse at the base of his tail and on top of his shoulders, but it's a major improvement nonetheless. Lancelot is steadily gaining back some body mass. His coat is no longer wiry and coarse, but rather soft and silky like it should be. Both ferrets have ten times more energy and are much more alert when out playing.

Title: March 2006
Post by: Weaselwoman on March 12, 2006, 06:47:50 PM
The ladies, Mercedes and Spitfire are doing well.  Spitfire now has insulinoma, but is doing very well on medication and Duck Soup.  They still like to pick on Kama and Angus, but get chased by Dash in return.  Kama is doing well on her medication for IBD.    She seems to be picking up a bit of weight and is very active, curious and adorable.  Lately she's taken to napping on the couch with Mom!

Title: March 2006
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on March 18, 2006, 04:01:32 PM
Hey everyone, sorry for the delay.......lots of things on the go!

As Lynn said, Nicky and Bailey are outa my home now and have lucked into a wonderful forever family who are loving them to pieces.  They are now members and will give us lots of updates on them!

Mittens is in foster care with someone who I believe is going to spoil his pants off.  He is living the life of Riley and from what I hear, already runs the show at his new home.  He is still available for adoption but I think he's not going to be in any rush!

Chelsea was diagnosed with a right adrenal tumour and is now on regular lupron.  No worries, she's looking pretty darn healthy and happy and I'm actually looking to get her on a little excersise regime to loose a few fluffy ounces......:)

Bear and Powder are also in foster care with a new young girlfriend to hang with.  Bear is being investigated for possible insulinoma though neither boy is looking ill in the least.  Actually, they're alittle on the round side as well.  Maybe playing with the younger lady with help thin them out a bit.......we'll keep everyone up to date on their health.

Tyson is cool.  He has so many friends and he loves the ladies.  He and Buttercup still squabble but I think it's cause he likes her.........He's super healthy and his weight is perfect.......

Buttercup's new name is butterball......she's just a head and belly with stubby legs.  I've never seen a girl get so darn fat before.  She's happy though, so who's to complain.

Tinkerbell may have adrenal and is on trial lupron for a bit.  She's perked up and has a terrific, thick, soft healthy coat.....I actually need to get a picture of her to post since the other one is so horrid. She's beautiful and doing great.  She and Butterball, I mean Buttercup, remain the best of friends in amoungst 20 ferrets...

Angel is too small and too cute and packs the smartest nip if I don't move quick enough to meet her big demands.  She has been tentatively diagnosed with Irritable Bowel or something of the sort and is on low dose trial pediapred to see if her weight improves.....which it has.....now she's happier, more active and more bossy......I oughta leave her a little lethargic......:)

Snoopy is looking pretty fit.....no, he's round.  But he's playing nightly now.  I make sure I take the time to play his favorite games.....I like getting him all worked up......He's actually using the litter box when I put him in....Yeaaaaahhhh!!!!

Grace is still a beauty and sweet as ever.  The lupron is doing nothing for her hair growth but she's perky........

I have a lots of new fuzzies;  8 surrendered, one stray and two young ones being given in next week so check the website for the new postings!

Our family is happy and healthy and loving life!!!!!!!

Talk to you all soon!