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Title: March 2006
Post by: egammell on March 02, 2006, 11:41:21 AM
Tika and Sock Bandit:

Tika has a cyst on her back that the vet said was simple and could be lanced with a sterile pin.  She also has irrirated gums above one top fang, and I've been putting the tooth hygiene drops from the vets on them every so often to help prevent gingivitis.  Late in the month, Tika suddenly developed a swollen chin:  this was a tooth absees and she went to the vet to have a lower fang removed, root canal work and the abcess lanced.  She starts on antibiotic treatment, but was already frisky and eating hard kibble at the vets before coming out, so she's in good shape.

Sock Bandit still his honey-bear self - no health issues except needing ear cleaning more frequently.   Was a bit linely for Tika while she was away on her vet adventures.

Title: March 2006
Post by: egammell on March 02, 2006, 11:51:20 AM
Fosters Mocha and Skyler

Skyler was a pretty miserable looking ferret: his back fur off and his bare skin horribly dry and cracking.  He began to strain to urinate.  He was drinking lots but not much pee.  He went into the vet.  He tested negative for diabetes and had another Lupron shot.  The shot seems to have slightly helped his dry skin (although I continue to apply lots of Vitamin E and jojoba oil) and a little fuzz of fur was growing in along his spine by the end of the month.  Is eating and drinking well and the peeing getting back to more normal, although he remains too thin.  I regularly give him give him extra duck soup cubes and fattening-up paste.  He's quite lively and perky.  He will go back to the vet in March for follow-up.

Mocha was in to the vet for evaulation on his continuing diarrhea.  Fortunately, he does not seem to have the dreaded Intestinal Disease.  It seems to be a leftover bacterium and he was started on antibiotic treatment.  By end of the month his is quite better, but I continue the course of antibiotics until the end of prescription to ensure it's quite cleared up.

Mocha's left upper gums still ulcerated above his bad teeth, but vet gave some gun hygiene drops which will help soothe the inflammation and halt further damage and gingivitis.  Mocha's fur is very thick and sleek, and he's developing padded ribs since I've been adding Wellness kitten kibble to the food bowl for him and his thin cagemate Skyler.  He is getting more "Towel of Doom' exercise to help stay trim.

Title: March 2006
Post by: Flakyfreakyferretlady on March 04, 2006, 10:11:38 AM
Hi Egammel, if Skyler has adrenal and his prostate is swelling up and making urination difficult, a miracle worker is saw palmetto, a herb that they use to treat men with prostate troubles that is recognized by the medical community as a viable, effective treatment of swollen prostate.  It is faily cheap and comes in capsules that you can dump the powdered herb out off, just a pinch in some ferratone or petromalt, you can ask Dr. Auger about it for a go ahead.  Recently when I was there he gave my boys a spray called "Humelac" for their dry itchy skin, so maybe you can get some of that as well.