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Title: February 2006
Post by: ferretfan on February 06, 2006, 07:02:11 PM
It looks like it's going to be another busy month.  If all goes well, we could be finalizing the adoptions of up to 9 ferrets in the next few weeks.. yay!


Ty's heart meds have definately made a difference in his energy levels.  He now stays up and plays for at least 2 hours.  His rear end is still week and he falls over when he gets excited or takes a corner too sharp, but it's not slowing him down.  He still has occasional "accidents" when he's out and about, but hasn't missed yet in his cage.  At least the ear mites are gone now.

Temmu received another Lupron shot today.  His tail is still bald and the rest of his fur is still thin, but otherwise you wouldn't know he was adrenal.  

Temmu and Ty are both very gentle, loving ferrets who enjoy their play times and crave attention from their humans.

Title: February 2006
Post by: Weaselwoman on February 06, 2006, 07:15:30 PM
Kama is doing well, still happy and active being a "free roamer".  She has, however, been diagnosed with IBD.  Basically, she has diarrhea all the time.  The medication she is on will take a while to make a difference, so she gets regular snacks of Duck Soup to keep her peppy!  Luckily, she doesn't seem to think anything's wrong and is as michievous as ever.

Mercedes has had a few close calls with her insulinoma lately.  She seems to be stabilized on a very regimented routine of Duck Soup and Pred twice a day.  Still a bundle of trouble, picking on Kama whenever she can, then cuddling up with her sister in my pj drawer.

Spitfire was just diagnosed with a heart murmur.  She began heart medication last week, and immediately became more energetic.  She will chase the boy ferrets around and give them a run for their money any day!  Still the cutest little mouse face you'll ever see.

Title: February 2006
Post by: egammell on February 07, 2006, 09:56:49 AM
Tika and Sock Bandit; Skyler and Mocha

Tika is running around as usually, stopping in for a quick-pick-me-upper, then off again.  She was getting too rambunctious with her teeth from under the blanket of doom, so I've had to cool her down a bit.  She has developed what looks like a surface skin cyst or a boil on her back -- will watch to see.  Her Lupron treatment from earlier in the year is still holding on strong, with no obvious recurrence of adrenal symptoms.  Her broken fang (a pre-existing condition) is now starting to inflame her gum, so she'll need dentistry at some point.  Very good climbing up and down cage bars this month.

Sock Bandit is his usual honeybear-like self.  A good layer of padding over his ribs and his coat is good.  He's enjoying some rubber rings that some kind Santas sent him, plus a new (to him) crinkle bag.  After treatment for earmites, he still isn't scratching at his ears, but he does need lots of ear cleaning, so perhaps there's still a low-level infestation.

Skyler is looking in sad shape.  His fur still show no signs of growing back and I'm fighting a losing battle against dry-skin lesions.  He still looks very thin across his loins and ribs, but I'm keeping an eye that he continuies to eat well and he's getting extra calorie supplement.  He's still wheezing, which is an advantage when you're trying to find hidden sleeping ferrets.  He is active and nimble and otherwise lively.

Mocha still seems in good form, with good flesh, good soft coat and bright eyes.  However, he still has constant digestive problems.  He is scheduled to a vet visit to check for inflamed bowels.

Someone has a fur cough, but I haven't narrowed down who it is  (other than I know it's not me).

Title: February 2006
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on February 08, 2006, 09:14:28 PM
Okay....here goes....still 13 fosters to cover.....whew, I'm tired already! :)

Chelsea: still a eyebrow, hairy ankle and scalp cleaning fetish.  We're all pretty used to it now.  Hair loss on the tip of her tail but I think she is more energetic than ever so no one is worried.  She is a wonderful friend.  Lots of adoption interest in her and I would be soooooooo thrilled to match her with the perfect forever family!  But if not, she can hang around for as long as she pleases!

Mittens: You know, the more this beast hangs around, the more I like him.  Not a ferret, more like a puppy on cocaine.  He has boundless energy and is too cool to have helping you out with various chores around the house.  He runs all over the barn when I clean stalls.....yes, he does smell a bit like horse manure and shavings but I'm sure that will come out.....:), or when I'm vacuuming.....only sucked him up once which I think is a pretty good average.......He is sooooo interactive with his people and I believe he is actually a bit jealous of my affection.  That's cool too.  Mittens would be a perfect single ferret for a home with no kids and wants a dog-like ferrety friend.  He has his destructive moments, but he is so endearing, we forgive him.  He comes when he's called and is pretty darn good with the litter box.  I actually think he's a bit sharper than we first suspected. Atleast I'm not calling him as many names........

Grace: Looks like a rat still.....still on lupron and love.  She makes everyone feel sooooo sorry for her.  She just sits there, curled in anyones arms for as long as someone will hold her.  About when the tears start to flow for poor little Gracie, I plop her down on the ground and watch the bleeding hearts gasp at her instant wind-up toy-like antics.  She's bananas!!!!!  Gotta love her!  Tyson is back to keeping her warm and snuggly when the others give her a hard time.......

Tyson:  Apparently has the potential to give a whee nip that smarts a bit when you're not expecting it.  He's seems to do it when I've my back turned and have allowed the fleshy part of my arm to stray too close.  He's super loveable and playful and looks great but I guess he'll require a slightly more experienced family to have patience with his infrequent behaviour.  He's Gracie's big brother.......

Angel:  So petite and delicate but packs a good nip when she doesn't get what she wants.  I've got it all figured out now and rarely get bitten.  Yup, I just give her what she wants.  She's quiet and loves lots of scratches and snugglies.......Cute old girl!

Scratch:  He's a pretty cool dude is all I have to say.  Loves to play and super gentle!  Still trying to teach him that ferretone is good.  Nail clipping offers some excitement.......Put some on his belly and watch him go..........

Snoopy:  His coat is soft and his face is still the cutest.  Snoopy seems happy and content and I still try to let him out for extra enrichment in the rest of the house.  He has his favorite hidey holes and is learning to put up with me kissing and hugging him all the time......Did you know ferrets can roll their eyes....:)

Bear:  What a beautiful ferret.  So sweet and soft....he has little doe eyes that tug at your heart and force you to pick him up and cuddle him.  No worries with weight or coat now.....he's looking and feeling pretty darn good.....he and Powder have been stalking me......

Powder: This ferret is so crazy.  He has a perpetual startled look and he may very well be a few friends short of a party, but boy is he fun.  He loves to play and still goes crazy for full body rubs.  His weight is terrific and he's trying to get little sweet Bear in trouble all the time.......

Nicky and Bailey:  Pretty much the perfect pair.  Soft, healthy, sweet playful with a little psycho edge to them. They get along with everyone and are feeling great.  Lots of interest in them presently as well, and I can't wait to set them up in a forever home.  Any family would be blessed to have this pair join them.  They are terrific!

Tinkerbell and Buttercup:  These girls have put on the pounds and are cute and round and soft.  Yup, Tinkerbell now has fur.  Still a bit short but downy soft.  These girls are adorable and sweet.  They still very much hang around each other but seem to get on okay in the herd.  They love kisses and cuddles.  Buttercup is the energy ball and Tinkerbell prefers to snuggle......probably alot warmer now with hair.........They no longer go with Mittens and sleep with the big foster group.

Well, that should be it for another month.  Lots of ongoing adoption interest so wish us all luck!!!!!!!

Me :)


Title: February 2006
Post by: ferretfan on February 15, 2006, 02:26:20 PM
Chase and Mikey:
Chase is still very territorial and will go after the other ferrets at any opportunity.  She's the only one of our foster ferrets that isn't integrated with the rest.  Obviously, she's fine with Mikey but it seems she'd rather be left to her own devices, and so often gets her own playtime.  She's very affectionate and absolutely loves her stuffed animals, which she hoards feverishly.  Mikey's taken to rattling his cage when he feels it's time to come out and play, and then starts making happy noises nonstop the instant he's released.  He's very sociable, and usually goes straight to the other cage to see if anyone else wants to come out and play.  He's so cuddly and happy and friendly.  Just a pleasure to have around.

Howie and Willie (aka Wilhelminha):
Howie's recovered very well from his surgery, but his fur is taking a very long time to come back in.  He's still pretty bald where he was shaved.  Doesn't affect his demeanour at all, though; he's just as active as the rest of them.  He sometimes gives Elmo a hard time, but nothing serious.  He's found love in a small pink Barbie pillow that Deb's daughter, Jamie Leigh, has.  Doesn't seem very interested in any of the other toys, but when he finds that pillow there's no getting it away from him.

Willie's as cute as ever.  She's not as active as the rest of the lot, but she does come out with the rest of them.  She loves hogging the dryer tube, blocking it so no one else can get through, and loves sneaking up on our cat, acting so sweet and gentle, then taking a good nip out of him when he least expects it.  She seems to like that game a lot, though she never bites anyone or anything else.

Elmo, Rocco, Mischief and Max:
These guys are great, and I suspect we won't be able to let them go.  They're all so mellow and affectionate, and integrated very quickly with the rest.  Elmo and Rocco are a little more independent than Mischief and Max, who follow us around and beg to be picked up.  E & R sometimes get a bit of a rough time from Frank, Guiseppe, and Howie, but it's not too bad and they seem to deal with it ok.  All four are a playful bunch, and seem to have more energy than the rest of the ferrets, staying awake longer and waking more often.  It seems they're almost always ready for playtime.


Title: February 2006
Post by: Flakyfreakyferretlady on March 04, 2006, 10:32:17 AM
I just love your guy's descriptions, they are great, i actually laugh out loud sometimes, esp. "A few friends short of a party", I never heard that one before, made me laugh, I have two boys that fit that description!