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Title: A new toy?
Post by: Kalimata on February 06, 2006, 12:32:04 PM
So yesterday while chasing Luna and Comet the house, and being chased in turn, i came up with an idea.  Now I'm not as young as i used to be, nor as lean, and that is some tiring work!  Wrestling with them and playing hide and go seek in a pile of blankets is cool, but i just can't spend hours running around the house.  Has anybody here ever tried using a remote controlled car as a ferret toy?  I know that if i was to tie a jingly toy on the back of a remote controlled car and drove it around, they would chase it for hours.  It would only be a parent supervised event, but i think it would be fun.  Has anybody else tried this for of fuzzy entertainment?


Title: A new toy?
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on February 08, 2006, 09:16:34 PM
No, but I'm liking the idea............:)

Title: A new toy?
Post by: Canucklehead on April 11, 2006, 04:37:03 PM

A remote controlled car is a great idea for the ferrets.  Ours come running at the sound.  However, I have some advice:

1)  Get one that's very maneuverable
2)  Get one that's fast.  Our four are intent on catching it and dragging it under the futon.
3)  Keep an eye on the tires.  Ours love to try to chew on them.

It's a blast to watch them chase the car around.  You can almost see the joy in their faces when they finally catch it!

Title: A new toy?
Post by: Viper on April 11, 2006, 09:34:53 PM
I'm having fun just thinking about it!  :P  

Title: A new toy?
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on April 16, 2006, 07:39:57 PM
OOOOOO.....my birthday's coming up.....guess what I should ask for......... :P  

Title: A new toy?
Post by: Viper on June 28, 2006, 01:21:44 PM
A friend from out-of-town came for a visit yesterday and bought this gift (http://www.megatech.com/product_detail_surface.php?ID=8350) for her "honorary" nieces and nephews.  :P

They had fun chassing it and we had just as much fun with the show!  :lol:  

Title: A new toy?
Post by: Snuzanne on July 05, 2006, 09:53:31 PM

Does that ever look like a cool toy. :o   Have they caught it and destroyed it yet?  Does it look sturdy if they should catch it & drag it away before I can get to it first? How about small children - will it withstand an occasional accidental grab by a 2 year old?  It looks like so much fun.   Does it run on carpet by any chance? Ever since Natasha got out, I don't like giving the ferrets free range of the entire house anymore, so upstairs is carpeted.   Let us know how they make out with it.  Also where was it bought?  Oh, so sorry for all the questions..I'll stop now. :P  

Title: A new toy?
Post by: Viper on July 06, 2006, 07:02:24 AM
She bought it at The Source by CC (http://www.thesourcecc.com/estore/Product.aspx?language=en-CA&catalog=Online&category=RCNovelty&product=6018415)...  <_<

I can't say if it run on the carpet as we don't have any.  :( But, depending on how thin the carpet is, it might still work.

They have caught and dragged it around but it's all hard plastic... So far so good. The wheels are plastic as well - not rubber. At the moment, our only concern is with the eyes which are tiny lights. The cool thing about it is that they light up red when activated.  :P

As for a 2 year old, well, all I can say it that the box says "Recommended Age: 6 to adult"...  :unsure:  

Title: A new toy?
Post by: Snuzanne on July 06, 2006, 05:20:57 PM
Thanks Viper, I will have to check it out 'cause it sure looks like fun.  :lol:  

Title: Re: A new toy?
Post by: ferretloverxx13 on August 07, 2008, 11:24:11 AM
i must get remote control car!!!!!!!!!!!

Title: Re: A new toy?
Post by: Marie on August 28, 2008, 10:27:57 AM
We bought a really cheap remote controlled car at Walmart this week-end and Rambo LOVES it!!  The car is very small and not fast, but it makes it even funnier as he is able to flip it upside down and drag it in his favorite hidding spot.  Is he ever proud to be able to win over this remote controlled 'monster'!!  This toy is the most fun we've had ever and the ferrets don't seem to ever get bored of chasing it around.  Definitely a must have, even if your purchase a cheap one at 12$!!!

Title: Re: A new toy?
Post by: Jessy on September 24, 2008, 05:34:01 PM
sounds like fun it may entertain my dog also ;D when i first got my puppy he loved the ferret so much i would walk him around the yard with the ferrets bell and harness it was the only way i could get him to walk he was a big chicken but loved the ferret and still does :D so would follow the bell anywhere