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Title: January 2006
Post by: ferretfan on January 07, 2006, 10:07:53 AM
Wow, there have been lots of changes over the past month.  Buster and Lancelot joined Pepi and Mindy at their foster home in Prescott.  Elmo, Max, Mischief and Rocco moved to the foster home where Howie and Willie and Chase and Mikey are staying.  Ty and Teemu came to my place and Alice and Malfoy moved to a brand new foster home.  Also, Sadie, Sassie and Hershey were adopted the week before Christmas!  Hopefully we'll be able to do some more adoptions this month as there are a couple of families looking for new fuzzies.

Ty and Teemu
Ty is a cute cinnamon ferret who is around 6 years old (then again I love cinnamon ferrets so I think they're all cute).  He went to the vet yesterday and has been diagnosed with a grade 3 (out of 6) heart murmer so we're trying him on heart meds to see if we can control it.  He was also diagnosed with a major case of ear mites so we're going through the fun of treating all the ferrets in the house.  Last, but not least, he has an unexplained weakness in his rear end which causes him to fall over when he's out and about.  It may be from the heart murmer or even from scratching for mites for too long so we'll see how he is in a couple of weeks.

Temmu is a silver ferret who is also around 6 years old.  He's adrenal so we took him in for his monthly Lupron shot yesterday.  He's a lot more active than Ty and loves to explore new things.  Both Ty and Teemu are very well behaved with absolutely no nipping at all.  When they arrived, they were pooping and peeing everywhere when they were out of their cage (no accidents in the cage), but things have started improving as they get used to where the litter boxes are.  I'm hopeful that within a week or so that their hit rate will be up around 90%.


Title: January 2006
Post by: fuzzyfostermum on January 07, 2006, 08:11:12 PM
Wow.....these updates always take a few minutes to do since there's still quiet a few fosters at my house.......

Chelsea looks wonderful!!!!  She is so much a part of our family.....she especially loves my father.  Apparently his ankles and eyebrows have been especially dirty as of late because she has kept busy chasing him around and climbing up to help out.....again, it's best just not to ask.......

Grace is still happy from her special Christmas presents and her last lupron shot.....:)  She is so loved by all, humans and fosters included.  She has a way of taking your heart with her petite frame and sweet look....just before she rolls over and attacks your hand......Go Grace!!

Sid and Tyson are too cute....course I'm like Lynn and think they're all cute....if they are a ferret, then they are cute.....Anyway, these two beautiful boys are like the big brothers of the bunch.  If you can wake Sid up, they are fun to watch when they play......Big and bumbly but the girls can take 'em.  

Powder is a sweetheart but I've got a few concerns about his health.  I get the impression he's a bit older than we thought.  His coat is not terrific and I don't like the size of his belly......he may need a trip to our infamous Dr. Auger this spring....we'll keep everyone up to date.

Bear's weight has improved quite a bit but like Powder, he's obviously a bit older and a bit quieter than the rest.  He's such a lovebug as well.  He and Powder are 100% with the litter box and love lots of attention.  They no longer get along with mittens......go figure.....

Snoopy.....Yeah Snoopy!  He's doing much better.  He no longer acts like an abused child and instead resembles a ferret.  He loves belly scratches and when he hears my voice, he perks up and dives for cover so he can attack me when I go to fetch him...we're so proud.  He's loving his out of room excersise. He has a 0% litter box average because of his weaker hind end but we applauded him the other day when I set him in the box and he used it......whoohoo!  Snoopy has already stolen our hearts and my family works together to give him a little extra....

Scratch is so mellow. He plays but he's like everyone's friend.....the guys are his pals and the girls love him.....he's a cool dude!  His weight is terrific and his coat is getting super soft.

Nicky and Bailey are like wonderful.  They love to play and they love to cuddle.  They get along with all the ferrets and are super gentle with their people!

Angel's weight and energy level were not great as of late but she's been on and demanding regular duck soup feedings and things are looking better even after a week.  She loves to have the full body scratch and doesn't mind the odd cuddle either.......

Mittens is still nuts.....he has infinite energy and never stops dooking.....too much of a pain with other ferrets but if I want to tire him out, I let Spitz out with him in the main part of the house and they do about 20 laps taking turns chasing each other.......it's like 2 balls of fur streaking around the house.....whoooooossshhhh....

Tinkerbell has hair on her tail now but still is a bit naked on the body....there's some baby fluff starting on her hips and stuff so we'll just have to be patient.  Her weight's great and with that her energy level. She and her group of 3 get to run the house.....

Buttercup is too cute.  She runs with Mittens and Tinkerbell and loves to play with anything.  Her hair did grow back on her tail!!! Yeah!!!!

I think that's all of them......whew.....that's tiring....now try to remember all their names when you're collecting them for shift change.......

Me :)

Title: January 2006
Post by: ferretfan on January 08, 2006, 09:45:05 AM
Pepi and Mindy
These are two of the sweetest and smartest ferrets I've ever known. It took them a bit to get warmed up to me, but once they did we've never looked back. They both respond well to their names and come when they're called. Mindy is a wily girl who loves to run and chase humans. She also likes crinkly balls and Ferretvite as a treat. Pepi is a little more laid back- he's definitely the king of this pair. He really enjoys being snuggled in sleep sacs and rattly crotcheted eggs- he hides them. Pepi does occasionally have trouble keeping food down, but since I've had him on a regular scheduled diet it rarely poses a problem. They both love soft Bandit treats and lots of love. A great pair!

Buster and Lancelot
These two gentle boys came to me just a few weeks ago. Buster and Lancelot both have right adrenal problems which are being controlled by monthly Lupron shots. Buster is very bald, Lancelot is missing some toes, and both are under weight, but they both have sweet spirits. I'm hoping that by experimenting with their diet and showing them lots of TLC these boys will make a come back and no one will be able to tell the difference. Lancelot loves to be close to you. He likes soft, snuggly toys and being held. Buster is a little more rambunctious and likes to run through long dryer tubes. Both love Bandit treats, chew sticks, and Ferretvite.  

Title: January 2006
Post by: egammell on January 14, 2006, 12:13:19 PM
Fosters Tika, Sock Bandit, Skyler, Mocha

Tika:  still well, with no renewal of adrenal symptoms
Sock Bandit: still well and sweet
Both ferrets accompanied fosterer over holidays to house with wall-to-wall white wool carpetting (!!!).  Am amazed to report 100% no-poop success rate, with strategy of instructing "Litterbox" before releasing them from travel cage.  Wouldn't have believed it.  Ferrets enjoyed themselves immensely without any scratching of carpets or chewing of upholstery buttons (perennial problems during visits by previous ferrets).   Both were very matter-of-fact with large friendly golden retriever.  
Before travelling, ears were swabbed and one of them at least had ear mites (as I suspected of Sock Bandit).  Both had mite medicine applied to nape of neck and neither shows signs of itchy ears.

Skyler & Mocha: went to winter camp over the holidays.  Apparently this was a wrestling camp and they acquitted themselves well in that sport.  After holiday travel and return to shared quarters with above two fosters, both had preemptive ear mite medicine treatment.
Skyler: While at winter camp, Skyler had his loose fur preemptively removed, with the assurance it would grow back better.  He looks very peculiar with naked back but fully furred white sides.  He reminds me of former PM Sir Charles Tupper with a fringe of white fluffy side-whiskers.  His bare skin is prone to severe dryness and he licks at it.  He licks even harder when I apply most lotions or oils, but he doesn't if it's jojoba oil or honey wax hand cream.  Either he continues thin, or seeing his loins without fur reveals his thinness more to me.  He still wheezes, but is eating and drinking well and ready to play and be companionable as I go about my tasks.  Still best litter box use, including while on roaming mode.
Mocha:  Continues well.  He discovered door-knob jingle bells and is quite pumped up about them.  Poop still too loose for perfect bowel health.  Starting some pepto-bismol doses to see if this will respond.