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Title: December 2005
Post by: ferretfan on December 10, 2005, 01:58:22 PM
Here are the foster updates for December 2005....

Lancelot and Buster

It was Busters turn to visit the vet.  He is also diagnosed as right adrenal and is now on monthly Lupron injections.  Once his agression calms down we're going to try and integrate these guys with some of our other fosters.  Despite this, he's still a happy ferret who always enjoys his play time.  Lancelot is still on soup twice a day as he is not eating much dry food (although he really enjoys snacking on cat food while he's out playing).  He's maintaining his weight, but is still too thin.  He doesn't play much but does enjoy being cuddled.  Both are anxiously waiting for Christmas and the wonderful gifts their secret santa has sent them.

Max, Rocco, Mischief and Elmo.  

These four guys arrived with a group of 8. We split them up to make it easier for us to manage the workload.  All four are happy, healthy and very well behaved ferrets.  Max loves giving kisses and Rocco (who's a little overweight) will follow me around until I pick him up or tickle his belly.  I really hope these guys find a good home together as they are a great bunch of ferrets and are really easy to fall in love with.


Loves to play and is having a field day with the large group of fosters he's been plopped in with.  Obviously there are no issues and Scratch figures he's in ferret heaven.  He came with Snoopy but is available to be adopted with other fosters or as a single into an existing ferret family.

Snoopy has actually grown up with Scratch.  He's got a short pudgy face and round body that makes you want to cuddle him constantly.  He has other things on his mind though like eating and checking his new surroundings out.  Unfortunately, Snoopy had a brief history of abuse as a kit which left him with residual neurological deficits.  At first glance, there's nothing obvious but he does have an abnormal and voracious appetite like it's his last meal everytime and is weaker and slightly atrophied in the hind end.  This weakness is more pronounced when he's tired or first getting up. He's happy being cuddled by 10 other ferrets including Scratch and is starting to feel playful. He is a special needs adoption.

Anna and Bandit:

Anna loves to run and jump. She has these crazy times when she will run back and forth really fast for no reason then jump at you when you pass by.  She loves to go outside and play submarine in the sand or snow.  She also does that with the water bowl. She lets you know when she wants to be picked up.

Bandit is the little thief; he loves to relocate some of the stuffed toys that are on display on top of the sofa and chair in living room. He gets your attention by poking his wet nose on your ankle and does not like to be ignored. He is also Santa Bandit and loves to climb the Christmas tree all the way to the top!

Both are doing really well. They are on special food (MediCal) since Anna has a sensitive digesting system. They are charming and sweet and the gentle nipping only comes out when playfully being ruffled.


Title: December 2005
Post by: egammell on December 11, 2005, 09:35:50 PM
Fosters Tika, Sock Bandit, Mocha, Skyler

Seems to be major chow down season: more crunching in the night of the usual brand kibble.

All is well with Tika.  Lots of energy.  Lupron effect still holding strong: no adrenal symptoms.  Starting to pick fights now not just with The Other Ferrets, but also with the insoles of winter boots.

Sock Bandit: still his lovable wonky self.  Good health, active and playful.  Fur is good.  Thinner across his loins than when he came, due to much running very fast up and down stairs. (see general note below)

Mocha:  still having occasional tummy upsets, but he's fat and fur is thick and sleek.  Been sleeping in a doughnut posture recently.

Skyler: Most affectionate ferret to roll around and gently wrassle me on the paper of books, crosswords and newspapers.  His fur is thinning, not just on the nape of his neck now, but also over his withers (if he were a horse).  Tail fur and rump fur not affected.  He's starting some extra duck soup cubes for boosted nutrition.  Still wheezing off and on, and the best snorer.  Most interested to be carried on errands out to the garage in the freezing cold, then glad to be tucked into the arm opening of my sleeve and peep out my collar.

general note: Some good round-robin all-star ferret fighting on occasion, but proportionately more wary posturing between the two groups now.

Title: December 2005
Post by: Weaselwoman on December 14, 2005, 07:30:35 PM

Kamy is currently on Amoxil and a probiotic as she and several others have diarrhea.  Other than that, she's feeling fine and is as active and curious as ever.  For the most part, she succeeds in avoiding the other ferrets, and goes about her business, jumping in the tub, trying to get on the coffee table or stealing just about any food she sniffs!  

Mercedes and Spitfire

The old gals are fitting in pretty well with the gang around here.  They've pretty much stopped jumping on the others as a preemptive mesure.  Spitfire had blown her coat and was a pretty pathetic sight for the past few weeks, but is now covered with a suedey new coat!  Spitfire is a sweet little girl exept for her penchant to poop wherever she pleases (rugs, middle of the room, you name it!).  Mercedes is a teeny version of Kama, so we call her Mini-Kama or Pointy-Kama!  Too bad they hate each other!

Title: December 2005
Post by: ferretfan on December 20, 2005, 07:39:07 PM
He is loving his new existence and can be seen playing or lounging around like he has been here for ages.  He is having a field day with the large group of fosters he romps with in his very own ferret heaven.  Although Scratch came with Snoopy, I'm definately comfortable adopting him out as a single into an existing ferret family or with another foster.
This little pug nosed, dark sable male is a 21/2 year old cutie!  He has actually grown up with Scratch since being a kit.  He's too cute for words and all you want to do is cuddle him.  He's starting to look for my affection which is a definate improvement.  Unfortunately, Snoopy came from a brief abusive background as a baby that has left him with residual neurological deficits.  At first glance, there's nothing obviously wrong but he did initially, have an insatiable and voracious appetite like every meal is his last as well as slight atrophy and weakness in his hips.  The weakness is more pronounced on slippery floors or when he's tired.  The eating issues have resolved a bit with a great diet that leaves him feeling full and satisfied.  He's even starting to play and roll on his back to be "attacked" in ferret to hand combat.  We give him lots of extra enrichment and he gets the run of most of our home on carpeting for extra excersise as well.  He's loving the snoozing with 10 other ferrets.  Snoopy is a special needs adoption.
Sid and Tyson
Big beautiful boys with black eyes.  These two love everybody and all the other fosters want to cuddle up next to them at nap time. Heck, even I do.  They would be terrific first time ferret pets because they come with all the perks, like playing and cuddling, without getting into alot of trouble if left to their own devices.  They need to be adopted together.  They actually came with Sadie and Sassy but they could never keep up to those two crazy balls of energy.
Sadie and Sassie
Adopted!!!!! Yeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!!!  Good luck new family!  These two are craziness!
She was also adopted with her two new best friends, Sadie and Sassy.  She's supposed to be 31/2 but you should have seen her keep up with those two.....makes you proud.......
Nicky and Bailey
They are beautiful, with soft, healthy coats.  They get on with anyone and fancy those that are coloured just like them (Bear and buttercup).  They are planted in amoungst 13 other ferrets and are content.  They look for cuddles constantly and love to be held and kissed.  They came with a group of 8 and were with 2 other of their cagemates at the foster home.  They atleast need to be adopted together.
She is  a 5 year old albino female and the prettiest albino I've ever seen. She has such petite features and looks like a little princess.  Looks are decieving, because this old girl has no trouble holding her own. She always has first dibs to all the best sleep spots.  The only thing with Angel is she has quite a sharp nip when she's playing, though not in the least is it related to aggression.  With experienced hands, she'll be fine.  She does love to be held and loves to play with toys....though apparently it's best to avoid the ones that squeak?  She  also came with a big group of 8 and is still hanging with 2 of them.  As far as how to label her for adoption, we'll have to keep her options open for now.
Ah yes, our little Grace.  From being entirely reluctant to accept any ferret near her to being buried 90% of the time, and happily, under 10 other warm furry bodies.  She still looks funny but she is acitve and playful with all her new friends.  She loves Sid and Tyson because they make her feel warm and safe. We lost her little red bell collar so she's had to cope without her special powers.
I love Chelsea.  Her weight is great and she owns my home.  She gets out a few times every day to terrorize my family and play and get into things. I'm so proud of her!  Chelsea has this thing with cleaning hairy ankles and eyebrows vigorously......we don't ask........

Title: December 2005
Post by: ferretfan on December 25, 2005, 09:11:09 AM
Bouncy, bubbbly, itchy white boy with black eyes.  Powder needs to be a part of what everyone else is doing and loves a bigtime body scratch. Gets along with any ferret or human alike and just seems to take everything in stride.

Mittens drives me crazy because he never sleeps and likes to stay busy helping his human friends out.  He's a round, whitish ball of fur and is so gentle with people when he plays.  Loves to talk alot and can be heard dooking all over the house.  Mittens initially mixed well with my big group of fosters but has become rather bossy.  

This one is just such a sweetheart.  We're pretty sure she's a dark sable since she's missing most of her fur.  It is  believed she has just 'blown' her coat instead of
suffering adrenal.  She is very playful, gentle and crazy cuddly. Initially she mixed well with my big group of fosters but recently Tyson has been pushing her around so she's seperate with Mittens and is to be at least adopted with him.  We'll keep everyone up to date on the progress of her fur growing.......

Buttercup needs to be on your shoulders, back, lap, arms, feet........she just has to be a part of whatever her humans are doing and is incredibly energetic and inquistive. She's a light petite sable.  She initially went with my big group of fosters but has been picking on big Tyson recently.....probably to look out for her cagemate, Tinkerbell.  Buttercup can go with Mittens and Tinkerbell or one of the other 2.  Buttercup has a bit of hair loss at the end of her tail, but like Tinkerbell, we do not believe she is adrenal. We're working on growing it back......

This is the sweetest ferret in my bunch.  He's content to be held forever.  Bear can play but most enjoys hanging out and checking everything over with all his new friends.  He mixes well with other ferrets and is quite the pacifist.  Bear is a tad underweight right now and is recieving duck soup supplements to boost his waistline.  
Watch for future updates to see how Bear is doing.  He's so loveable and is available with atleast one of his group.  He is in with my big group of fosters presently and prefers to be buried under atleast 6 furry bodies at bedtime......