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Title: November 2005
Post by: egammell on November 03, 2005, 01:29:10 PM
Fosters Tika & Sock Bandit, Skyler & Mocha

Sock Bandit remains unchanged and perfectly healthy, the big lovable sweetie with his funny stiff hop hop hop to play.  He is being very companionable these days - possibly because Skyler is aggressing him.  Sock Bandit doesn't seem to get fluffed up about these confrontations.  Rather, as a peace-loving kum-ba-yah ferret, he sticks by me in the non-conflict zone.  His claws are growing very quickly these days - I have to do him more often than the others.

Tika Tika had her Lupron shot at the end of October and already her behaviour is better and the vulva swelling down.  Her last shot was, I think, early summer, so the shot treatment is quite manageable cost- and convenience-wise.  She is happy - never more than when starting something with the other ferrets and running away shrieking blue murder.  Go go go, then sleep sleep sleep.  She still refrains from play nipping, and only very occasionally gives a light "you're not paying attention to me by picking me up although I've been asking you" nip - I'm hissing in response and doing better at pre-emptive attention, so this is has mostly stopped.

Skyler had his first Lupron shot:  from what I can see, he has stopped mounting and dragging his cagemate around by the scruff.  He is lively and, as always, the most companionable and interactive, the best lap ferret of all this bunch, especially cute if he can roll around and under the pages of a newspaper of book with a little gentle wrassling.  Very helpful this month in folding laundry.  Still wheezes on occasion but it doesn't seem to slow him down.  He's the loudest snorer which helps me locate him and any others in the same hidden sleep knot.  His fur is still thin over his shoulders.  His eye was a bit weepy, but fine now.  He is due for his beauty salon treatment for ears and teeth.  Remains the best at litterbox.

Mocha settled and normal - tummy problems cleared up - and left more in peace since Skyler stopped dragging him around the cage by the scruff.  The most observant and curious.  His fur coat is thickening as the days wane.  His teeth on one side still not great, but trying to keep up on the cleaning without hurting him.  The Formerly Bad Human Who Was Not Named pledged to stop playing with Mocha in a way that was encouraging him (the ferret) to start play biting.  The formerly Bad Human is gradually learning not to mess around Mocha and Mocha is gradually relearning not to bite the Formerly Bad Human.  Mocha never so much as nips me, so the proverb hold true in this case: if a ferret bites you, it's your own fault...

Title: November 2005
Post by: ferretfan on November 04, 2005, 09:34:40 PM
Howie and Willie
These two are still the cutest, well behaved ferrets in my home.  They're going to have to find a forever home soon or I'm not going to want to let them go!  Howie had his adrenal surgery this week and is slowly recovering.  It was a small tumour on the left side which was difficult to remove, so his recovery time is going to be longer than normal (lots of bruising and a big scar).  Having said that, he's taking it all in stride and never complains.

Chase and Mikey
If you're looking for ferrets with energy, these are the ones for you!  Chase and Mikey go non-stop for 3 hours when they'res out and get into all sorts of trouble.  Chase still nips occasionally - usually when her humans are not paying enough attention to her.

Lancelot and Buster
Lancelot saw the vet last week and had his first Lupron shot (he's right adrenal).  He's still underweight and is now been giving some "soup" twice a day to help.  He's very curious, but also likes to cuddle when he gets tired.   Buster is still half bald and is full of energy.  When he's out playing, he dooks constantly - he's just one of those happy go lucky ferrets.  These guys deserve a good forever home for the few years they have left.

Update: Howie and Willie, Chase and Mikey all moved to a new foster home on the weekend.  They are adjusting well and enjoying the new toys and new areas to explore.

Title: November 2005
Post by: ferretfan on November 08, 2005, 07:44:14 AM
New fosters;

Sadie and Sassy:  1year old females, silver sable and cinnamon sable.  Happy, healthy and crazy playful.  Without vices and mix well with other ferrets and people.

Sid and Tyson:  4 and 3 year old boys, off white and white with black eyes.  Big and loveable, Tyson is so named for his potential for a rare bite, though none with his foster family so far. Sid prefers the position of unconciousness in our arms for as long as we can hold him.   They have both effectively mastered the "puppy dog" look and get anything they want.

These all came as a foursome and the surrendering family have requested they stay together if possible.  If not, the girls and boys can be split.

Previous fosters;

Elmo: Elmo has had the easiest post surgery recovery I have ever dealt with.  This has simply been a hiccup in Elmo's happy existence and he is ready to go with only one more week of unavailabilty for mandatory recovery and 100% bill of health.  Elmo is probably deaf but he's not concerned.  He's playful and funny and is the sweetest chum for other ferrets.  If he can share a sleep sack with Grace, little miss picky-pants, then he can swoon the shyest of ferrets.

Grace:  Ah Grace.....she still runs the house with her little red bell collar that is believed to give her special powers.  Grace has been busy punishing plant life in her foster home and not a sock pair remains.  My favorite thing about Grace is how she'll curl up to sleep in the palm of my hand after a hard day of torturing tropicals.  Grace is picky about who she accepts as a friend but has been tamed into sharing hammocks with Sid the Sloth and Elmo.....I think deep down inside she likes to feel safe with these big cuddly boys.  She still has thin hair coverage on her tail and continues to get regular lupron for right adrenal.  Grace is a special needs adoption but this doesn't slow her down.

Chelses:  Chelsea is a cat.....atleast that's what she's been telling us for some time.  She is quite the voracious defender of her territory  and not even the sweet talking Elmo can change her preferences.  The inevitable conclusion is that Chelsea is a single adoption.  She has the run of our home, uses the cat litter box, and can be found sleeping in small garbage cans or discarded clothing.  She is quite spry for an older girl and is comically vocal in hand to ferret combat.  We all love Chelsea and she has tons of free roam time because she is so bossy and quite frankly, I fear her.

Spitz:  This beautiful, active and nippy ball of love has hopefully found a forever home with her foster family and adoption is pending.

Title: November 2005
Post by: Weaselwoman on November 09, 2005, 08:52:23 PM
Kama continues to blossom with her new roomies.  She hasn't gotten completely riled up in quite a while.  She prefers cats and people, anyway.  Yesterday, she stole a broccoli flowerette right off her mama's plate, and bounded away like it was the greatest treasure ever!  Between that and bathtub drinks, she's a happy little gal.  We'll see what happens when two more girls join the fray this weekend.