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Title: October 2005
Post by: ferretfan on October 10, 2005, 08:43:14 AM
Here are our monthly foster updates:

It's been a busy month for us.  We've had a number of adoptions and a number of the older foster ferrets have changed homes.

Sonny & Sniff, Hershey, Dilbert & Shully and Pantz were all adopted this month.  Yay!!!

Alice and Malfoy: Malfoy has a large right adrenal tumour and is now on Lupron.  Even after the first shot, he's showing a lot of improvement.  Alice is overweight, but still very active and curious.  Last week they moved to a permanent foster home where they'll get more care and attention (and excercise).

Pepi and Mindy: Moved to a permanent foster home a couple of weeks ago.  Pepi still has his good and bad eating days, but is maintaining a stable weight.  Both are very active, cute and fun ferrets and are enjoying their new home.

Lancelot and Buster are recent arrivals and are looking for a permanent foster home.  Both are over 6 years old and we're watching Buster closely for signs of adrenal problems.  They're both curious and active ferrets and crave lots of attention.

Howie and Willie: Were doing fine up until last night (why do animals always get sick on Sunday nights?).  Howie "crashed" real bad and had a seizure.  He's back up and around now and will soon be having surgery for his left adrenal and check for Insulinomic tumours.   Willie is doing fine.

More updates will be posted shortly.

Title: October 2005
Post by: ferretfan on October 12, 2005, 08:27:10 PM
Spitz is still a loveable ball of energy.  She still nips half heartedly and therefore, still requires experienced hands.  Too cute though!
Chelsea owns her foster mum's home.  She runs the roost that's for sure.  Still no go with other ferrets but is a terrific only ferret.  
Grace has a sock fettish and when Chelsea isn't in command, runs amok in the house.  She looks like one should feel sorry for her but looks can be decieving.  She's diagnosed right adrenal and is doing well on lupron.
Oscar is super loveable and gets along with anything.  A bit of a pushover with dominant ferrets but is being coached by Spitz.  Diagnosed left adrenal and will be receiving surgery this month.

Title: October 2005
Post by: ferretfan on October 13, 2005, 04:59:41 PM
Chase is wonderful, she loves to be held for longer periods of time now, she has not bit me to get my attention for 2 months now, when she play's, she play's rough but is so excited to be playing, you have to understand her needs to love her.
Mikey is just as great, loves to play rough with Chase, but Chase always wins...he loves to be held lots and lots, gives lots of kisses and has never attempted to bite me.
Proudly I've litter trained them both, they don't even miss the box anymore....they still don't get along at all with any other ferrets, I cannot keep them together at all....chase and Mikey know how to play rough with each other but do not know how to not play rough with other ferrets....I love them so much and I hope someday someone will understand Chase and Mikey and give them a good home.

Title: October 2005
Post by: egammell on October 14, 2005, 08:05:00 PM
Fosters Tika & Sock Bandit, Mocha & Skyler

Tika:  She reacted well to her Lupron shot, but in the last couple of weeks, her vulva has swollen again and she's starting to get more aggressive.  She is still the trouble-maker (goes after the others then runs squealing off).

Sock Bandit: status quo - sweet and gentle, somewhat put upon by Tika

Mocha:  some Pepto-bismol treatments helped his loose bowels off and on, would say he's down to 25% greenish soft, the rest more or less OK.  Litterbox still an issue.

Skyler:  in last few days has begun dominance mounting Mocha and hauling him around by the scruff.  Still best with litter box use.  Skyler goes after Tika (when harassed by her) and Sock Bandit (when riled up by Tika), so he and Sock Bandit have cuts and scrapes on their scruffs from squabbling.

All ferrets eating well and very friendly.

Title: October 2005
Post by: ferretfan on October 15, 2005, 12:22:07 PM
Hi! My name is Veronica and I recently became a member of the FRSO as well as a foster mother. I took in Pepi and Mindy a couple of weeks ago. They are so much fun! Pepi is doing really well. I've been experimenting with different feeding times and amounts and so far no vomiting for 4 days! Mindy loves to play with my dog Zoe. They've both seemed to adapted to their new home very quickly. It's been an absolute joy so far being a part of the foster program!


Title: October 2005
Post by: Weaselwoman on October 19, 2005, 08:44:00 PM
Kama has had a big month!  She just got two new roommates, big Dash and Angus!  Since she's previously had trouble getting along with other ferrets, we were thrilled to find two big, understanding males to coexist with.  They only have occasional squabbles, and Kama lets foster mom and dad calm her down when she gets upset.  Kama still nails certain visitors on occasion, but is comfortable with her foster family and healthy as can be, with the possible exception of an addiction to stealing cat food! :P