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Title: September 2005
Post by: ferretfan on September 05, 2005, 08:29:53 AM
Here is our monthy Foster Update:

Oliver:  Healthy and happy other than dx with Left adrenal and is on the surgery waiting list.  Does not bite and is now hanging with Pantz and Spitz.  Super sweet and loves to play with people.

Chelsea:  Just surrendered this week.  5 years, female, sable and 100% friendly.  Was originally with a male who they lost to kidney stones this spring.

Grace: She's dx right adrenal and is on lupron.  Healhty and happy and brave with her red bell collar on.

Spitz:  Still crazy, still bites, still beautiful and getting to love kisses and cuddles without knawing your fingers off.

Pantz: Loves Oliver and is getting lots of happy play time.  Looks good!

Sniff and Sonny:  Love them!  

Hershey:  Turned colours and is now charcoal.  Doing well.  Too friendly with people but has found his own with pounding on other ferrets....he still doesn't know how to bite but he launches his furry, fury at them and that's enough to scare Bruiser!

Alice and Malfoy: Are doing fairly well in their new foster home.  We suspect that Malfoy may be adrenal and will be arranging for him to see the vet this month.

Howie and Willie: Are both happy and healthy.  Willie has healed completely from her surgery and has the ability to strike the cutest poses when she wants attention.  Howie is on Lupron for his left adrenal until we can afford his surgery.  Both are very well behaved, cute, lovable ferrets who deserve a good home.

Pepi and Mindy:  Pepi's weight has stabilized as he's on liquid suppliments 3 to 4 times a day (made from 3 parts water, 1 part Wellness Kitten and some nutrical). He will have exploratory/repair surgery on his stomach once we clear the backlog of adrenal surgeries and have enough money to pay for his.  Mindy is a real cutie - especially when she's excited and running around at 100 miles an hour.  Both will nip for attention.

More updates will be posted shortly.

Title: September 2005
Post by: egammell on September 05, 2005, 11:34:51 AM
Sept 05 report for Tika & Sock Bandit
Sept 05 report for Misty, Mocha, Skyler

Tika - had a Luperon shot earlier this month. Her vulva is back down to normal and her pate fur is growing back well.  Still having serious litterbox issues.  She is still picking fights, then squealing/pooping.  She was having loose poop, but a dose of peptobismol seemed to put that right.

Socks - no change, all well.  Still having some litterbox issues.

Misty - no change.  Still has massive spleen.  Having trouble pusing poop past spleen, and anus becoming exverted.  Has a few good days where she goes about for about 15 minutes among mostly days when she mainly sleeps.  Still does not seem to be in actual pain (no teeth grinding, has bright eyes when she is awake, eating well).

Mocha - Loose poop been a problem, but several doses of pepto-bismol have improved condition greatly.  Still having major litterbox issues.  A Bad Human Who Will Not Be Named has been playing roughly with Mocha, getting Mocha back into the habit of nipping.  Am sternly retraining both parties to stop.

Skyler - no change.  Fur still slightly thin over nape of neck, still occasional Pop-eye effect around left eye.  Is behaving very well: no nipping and very companionable.  Best of the lot for litterbox use at over 50% success, but can be negatively influenced by Mocha.

Title: September 2005
Post by: ferretfan on September 10, 2005, 12:07:10 PM
Anna and Bandit: Lively female and male ferret! Very healthy.  They love to play hide and seek and follow the leader. Anna has learned to be picked up on queue.  Bandit still nips when extremely excited. Both are adorable and well behaved. They love to be held and stroked. Excellent companions.