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Title: July 2005
Post by: ferretfan on July 20, 2005, 08:36:06 PM
Hi there!  Here is a monthly update on our foster ferrets:

Bandit and Anna
Not much new to report.  They have the nicest, softest coats I have ever seen.  If you can tolerate some foot nipping, these are the ferrets for you!

Is a dainty lady, although she's been putting on weight lately.  She doesn't play as hard as other ferrets due to her blindness, and is very skittish around most other ferrets (although will tolerate non-agressive ferrets).  We have someone who is interested in adopting her, and are hoping she will be placed in a suitable home at the end of the month.

Howie and Willie
Willie is recovering from Left Adrenal surgery and is doing very well.  She is active, cute and gentle.  Unfortunately, Howie is also Left Adrenal.  Since we cannot afford sugery for him right now, he will be put on monthly Lupron injections until we have the money to pay for surgery.

We now have 4 pairs of ferrets waiting for foster homes.  If you can help by adopting or fostering ferrets, we would really appreciate it!

More updates to follow...


Title: July 2005
Post by: egammell on July 21, 2005, 02:05:11 PM
Mocha, Misty, Skyler + Tika, SockBandit

Mocha:  Loose bowels - improves off and on to doses of live-culture no-sugar yoghurt.  All well.  Using litter box so long as my stern eye is on him 0 otherwise, doesn't.  Quite companiable and ready to play.

Skyler:  Loose bowels - improves more off than on to doses of live culture no-sugar yoghurt.  His raspy breathing is much improved: I hear him more just as a pick him up (the G-force effect) and he's more likely to snore when sleeping.  Nape fur thin, but believe this is from Mocha licking and grabbing there.  His left eye still occasionally a little weepy.  Most likely to use litter box even when I'm not looking, but usually 55% success rate only.  He is most likely to enjoy being held on an arm and patted, is most interested in being companiable and also ready to play.  Skyler will lick a forearm affectionately, but then also gives a soft nip if it's a man holding him.  I haven't noticed him doing it so much to women and he's learned not to nip me at all (except placing his teeth without biting on my fingertips if I'm wrestling with him bare handed)

Misty:  Loose bowels - rarely improves, yet not the full greenies.  Her spleen is huge.  Very rarely comes out from sleeping expect for food, water and litter box.  Even when she does come out, for very very short time to see what I'm doing, but never plays.  Neither does she nip any feet, which she used to do for attention.  She does not seem to be in pain (no teeth grinding or wincing when she moves or I move her), and when she's awake, her eyes are not dull.  Will use litter box in her cage, but will not use litter box when waking up from sleeping outside the cage.  Seems comfortable sleeping and being joined by her cagemates, but isn't living much of a life.

Tika:  Lively, climbing, playing.  A middle strip atop her head is now bald - reminds me of Art Garfunkel.  No loose bowels.  Uses litter box 55% of time.  Has been known to nip (gently) still for attention, but not often now.

SockBandit:  delightful and gently friendly in all ways.  good health and behaviour.

Tika vs. Mocha and Skyler:  Tika used to be quiveringly outraged at seeing the other ferrets. Now they have frequently been out together and maintain armed neutrality.  Tika recently squeezed into the upper three's cage one night and I heard no shrieking.  Found her among them then next morning.

Mocha vs. SockBandit:  They have had some big fights -- Mocha going after SockBandit and SockBandit giving him as good as he gets.  Now armed neutrality.

Skyler vs. SockBandit:  Skyler is most aggressive to Sock Bandit, attacking him, but SockBandit trounes him thoroughly every time and then leave him alone.  Skyler now is usually quite wary of SockBandit now, but very occasionally will start something and get trouinced again.  To relieve his feelings, he chases Tika around until they both lose interest or breath.


Title: July 2005
Post by: ferretfan on July 22, 2005, 08:11:59 AM
Alice & Malfoy
Are the same, no big changes.  Malfoy no longer has the red area around his mouth - Dr Auger thought it had something to do with his immune system. He is great - playful & affectionate - does not like to cuddle - he's quite active/hyper.
Alice is a chuncky diva.  She is beautiful.  Not your typical markings around the face.  She does not climb unless absolutely required.  She is not affectionate but will cuddle for a short time. Playful, loves toys that are soft & furry.  Neither get along with other ferrets.   They eat, drink, play, sleep & have no problems peeing or pooping.

is still a bundle of energy-for about 20 minutes twice a day!  She does her little "Duck Soup Dance" to get out of her cage twice a day.  Her cagemate, Dash, cuddles and sleeps with her in their favourite hammock.

is a very happy, single ferret.  The most omnivorous ferret ever, loves begging for veggies, fruit, meat, cheese, and cat food to steal away and eat in private.  She still will bite (hard!) if you aren't careful, but does very well chasing and being chased by cats!