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Title: May 2005
Post by: ferretfan on May 08, 2005, 05:23:21 PM
We've had a few changes this past month.  

Hershey arrived in mid April and has been diagnosed as adrenal.  It's in the early stages, so there are few effects showing yet.  He will be scheduled for surgery in the Summer.

The following week, Anna and Bandit arrived.  These are a great pair with only one problem - they nip hard.  They will remain in our care until they've been trained better.

Grace (Who hasn't been posted on the website yet) joined us near the end of the month.  She wasn't in very good condition and is presently being nursed back to health by her loving foster mom.

Tika and Bandit returned to us yesterday and are once again available for adoption.


Title: May 2005
Post by: ferretfan on May 08, 2005, 07:07:28 PM
I almost forgot, Fred and Peanut have been adopted by their foster family! It's great seeing them go to a good home - especially since they integrated immediately with their other 3 ferrets.


Title: May 2005
Post by: Flakyfreakyferretlady on May 31, 2005, 02:33:42 PM
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, why did Tika and Bandit get sent back.  I gave those people a detailed list on them and my phone number to call if they had problems.  rrrrrrrr.  PS I'm back in Ottawa

Title: May 2005
Post by: egammell on June 04, 2005, 10:41:36 PM
Foster Skyler:  still very people oriented.  His earlier shot seemed to help lower the agression level and ease his urination, but recently I note his urination is slowing again.  Will monitor this.  Fur still a little thin on nape of his neck and still catch Mocha every so often pulling him around by the scruff so am assuming they are related -will continue to monitor.

Foster Misty: all well.  Does the most qtuiet sleeping of the three.  Re-learning not to nip bare ankles for attention.

Foster: Mocha recovered well from his Great Escape and the shampoo treatment cleared up his infestation of tick nymphs.  Had him in quarantine until after usual incubation period for symptoms of distemper.  No wounds, so wasn't worried about rabies.  Is a hefty weight.

Note:  all three ferrets ought to have distemper and rabies shots.  Was given go-ahead at least for Mocha.  Will follow up next time I'm vet bound.

Foster Tika:  Just came to live at my ferret condos end of May.  Vulva still swollen and very agressive to other ferrets through their cage bars.  Giving melatonin powder treatment.

Foster Bandit#4: Just came end of May.  Settling in quietly.  Dashes about for joy in the downstairs play area - especially likes the bare vinyl flooring and assorted pieces of PVC drain tile.

Elizabeth G.