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Title: Fosters and comings and goings
Post by: nykki on March 25, 2005, 09:36:36 PM
Where do I start?  
We had Calamity come in, 5 month old ball of energy!  She is terrific and gets my older guys really moving again!  She is such a hoot to watch and I have someone coming to meet her with her two 7 month old boys.  I am hoping for a good match here as now that she is used to being with other ferrets, I prefer she go to a home with other ferrets.

Dakota came and went two weeks later which is great news.  I just spoke to her new human and they are both thrilled with the adoption.  Yeah!

Luna and Nyx.  Luna will outlive them all at the rate she is going.  Adrenal for over a year now, on lupron shots and still full of herself!  She is a memorable ferret.

Nyx is still the quiet one, she tends to put herself back in her pen earlier that the rest of the group she is with but she still manages to run lots before doing so.

Alex.  Well, he scared me good last month with his sugar levels not being so good.  Since he has stopped using his back legs.  Dr took xrays and nothing was found.  He still has feeling in the legs and feet but just doesn't use them.  Apparently Dr has seen three such cases in past months.  Ashton has adapted and using his front legs to get to where he wants to go.  Takes him a little longer but he hasn't stopped.  He is still full of kisses which I find incredible.  

Isis.  You can't tell she has any health problems when you watch her play.  She is adrenal, enlarged liver, heart and spleen but I see nothing of that while she is ripping through the tunnels and checking where her toys are hidden.  Still loves to cuddle with Ashton when she is finally tired out, only about 3 hours after first being let out.........

Smudge, Bruiser, Cicero, Roxy and Pheonix.  They were all adopted by ONE person!!  I am thrilled they get to stay together and go to such a wonderful home.  They went last night and I do miss them but I am happy with their forever home!


Title: Fosters and comings and goings
Post by: Flakyfreakyferretlady on March 31, 2005, 08:49:51 AM
Wow, Nykki, I never knew you had so many ferrets!!  Are you still sane :lol: ???  It sounds like your finding good homes for them.  I'm just wondering if you or anyone else has heard if Tika and Bandit are doing Ok in their new home??  I think about them often, wonder if their happy :huh: ?

Title: Fosters and comings and goings
Post by: nykki on April 16, 2005, 10:20:34 AM
Sorry for not checking the postings sooner.  No, I have not heard about Tika and Bandit but I can ask at our meeting this weekend and hopefully get some news for you.

Yes, I was nuts for a while.  My numbers have drastically reduced and right now we only have my gang of six and 3 fosters.  It is really quiet now.

Title: Fosters and comings and goings
Post by: Flakyfreakyferretlady on April 17, 2005, 03:15:56 PM
Ha, quite!!  I think that would be relative ;)