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Title: Fred and Peanut
Post by: Tzigane on March 12, 2005, 06:53:27 PM
Hi All

Just thought I would give everyone an update on Fred and Peanut.

As most of you know we took the kids in a few days ago and so far they are doing very well. Our own three; Gypsy, Gyles and Jaspyr, have lovingly befriended the newcomers with open arms. It is really quite something to see all 5 of them curled up together in a big pile napping away the exertions of an afternoons duking and pooping. Peanut has proven to be a bit of an instigator (not that we were'nt forwarned) but Gyles and Jaspyr have no problem keeping him in line. Our matriarch, Gypsy, of course rules the roost with nothing more than a look and a toss of her head. Fred seems quite happy and surprisingly energetic. He is keeping up with the others and even out lasts them on occasion.

Well, I guess that's about it. I will keep you all updated as time goes on.